The One-Two Punch - Marketing Automation and CRM

The One-Two Punch - Marketing Automation and CRM






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The One-Two Punch - Marketing Automation and CRM The One-Two Punch - Marketing Automation and CRM Presentation Transcript

  • The One-Two Punch – Marketing Automation and CRM Kathryn Honderd Client Services Manager
  • A Little About Me •  #10 employee at Pardot •  5 years of CRM & Marketing Automation •  Ironman World Championship (Kona, HI)
  • The Advocates
  • What Will We Talk About Today? •  Evaluation •  Visualize the win •  Scouting the right talent •  Implementation •  Plan of attack •  Keys to success •  Optimization •  Stay vigilant •  Empower sales •  Keeping score through reporting
  • The Evaluation Round 1
  • The Team – Support in Your Corner •  Who needs to be involved? •  Sales •  Marketing •  CRM Admin •  IT •  Client Services •  Big Boss •  Finance
  • •  What are your goals? •  What are the company’s goals? •  What are other people’s goals? **Heavyweight Hint: Rank them** What Does “Winning” Look Like?
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment Begins... •  Questions to ask •  Goals or concerns about marketing automation? •  How would sales want to use/interact with it? •  What is a qualified lead? •  Data to review •  Won deals – where did the leads come from? •  CRM reports – where are the gaps?
  • State of Affairs •  Start with goals…THEN look at current process
  • Power Punch - Checklist #1 q  When is a lead assigned & why? q  What does the “handoff” look like? q  How does sales follow up with leads? q  What if they aren’t ready to buy? q  What data are you collecting? q  What data is mission critical? q  How are your sales reps using the CRM? q  Who else uses the CRM & how? q  What are you reporting on? q  What custom set ups or workflows do you use? q  Other tools or integrations with your CRM?
  • Ask The Hard Questions •  Why do we do it this way? •  Where can it be improved? •  What’s working? (And what’s not?) •  How do we want it to work? •  How do we measure success? •  What are we going to report on?
  • Wants vs. Needs Wants! •  100% accurate address info" •  Swanky interface" •  Lead assignment happens exactly how you picture it" •  Mobile app" •  Instantaneous syncing" •  Every report" "" Needs! •  First name, last name" •  Working interface" •  Lead is assigned to correct person" •  Alerts to reps" •  Speedy syncing" •  Certain reports" **Heavyweight Hint: You MUST have some negotiables!**
  • For a Knockout... < 90%" > 90% "
  • Considerations •  CRM campaign sync •  Webinar connector •  Real time alerts •  Custom integrations •  Location look up •  Data validation options •  Reporting •  Individuals or companies •  Email sending by sales
  • Power Punch - Checklist #2 q  What version/type/plan of CRM do you have? q  What plan/package of Marketing Automation is needed? q  Set up? q  How long? q  Who helps? q  Documentation? q  Additional cost? q  De-duplication? q  What syncs? Modules, data, fields… q  What does “sync” mean? q  Screenshots, please!
  • The Implementation Round 2
  • Getting Ready for the Ring •  Who needs to be included? •  What are you responsible for? •  What is your vendor and/or implementer responsible for?
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment - The Power Combo •  What really makes a qualified lead? •  Anecdotal •  Look at won deals •  Assigned leads with no follow up •  What data does sales need? •  What new data could sales leverage? •  When and how to nurture? •  Data delivery •  Within CRM or marketing automation tool? •  Fields or embedded? •  Email or real time notifications? •  Mobile app? Phone call alerts? •  CRM tasks?
  • Finalize Your Game Plan •  Revisit your strategy •  Rank from most important to least important •  Give a rating •  Urgency or deadlines •  Amount of work needed •  Complexity •  Value to company/expected ROI
  • Consult Your Vendor **Heavyweight Hint: They are usually right!**
  • Shadow Boxing...Map It Out **Heavyweight Hint: Get visual – whiteboard, Visio, napkin** •  Overall lead flow between Marketing & Sales •  CRM & Marketing Automation specific
  • No, but seriously...
  • Flowchart - Example Win Deal Opportunity Pay-per-click" SEO" Trade show" Webinars" Forms" Emails" Lead Generation & Marketing Automation Cold Lead " Score <100" Hot Lead" Score >100" Nurture" Marketing Automation CRM
  • Power Punch - Checklist #3 q  Which system will be the master? q  What fields and modules sync? q  How do you configure or map the syncing? q  How does lead assignment and ownership work? q  What happens on the initial sync? q  How will it work after that?
  • Bad Data Got You Down and Out? This is not what I meant by data cleanup.
  • Clean Up Your Database! **Tip: The Super-Intern**"
  • Plan Your Attack •  Do it in phases •  What is going happen? •  Who does what? •  What order? •  When is this magic taking place?!
  • One Round at a Time •  Phase 1 •  Show value asap •  Sales buy-in •  Only 1 first impression •  General/broad is okay •  Phase 2 •  Advanced scoring •  Deeper segmentation •  More drip programs •  More granular ROI reporting
  • Be Brave – Don’t Throw in the Towel •  0% of integrations are perfect •  100% of integrations that don’t happen are not helpful •  Time = money •  Start somewhere
  • The Optimization Round 3
  • Review The Tapes – Where can you improve? •  Nurture your team for feedback •  Evaluate every 3-6 mo •  Use fresh eyes •  Account audit •  New features •  Put it on your calendar NOW!
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment - Part Three •  How are the leads? •  Favorites vs. left behind •  What is closing? •  Nurturing needs •  Content suggestions •  Meeting swap
  • Sales Engagement – Go for the KO •  Sales = best budget advocate •  Sales = world’s greatest efficiency test •  What are they using? •  What are they not using? •  And…WHY?
  • Sales Enablement – Bet on Your Sales Team •  But my sales team isn’t using it… •  Adjust the process or set up •  Train them (again) •  Train one rep à more $$ is contagious •  Sales = world’s greatest evangelist
  • Stay Vigilant (With Your Data) •  Better form experience = more accurate data •  Error messages in real time •  Fewer form fields, progressive profiling, conditional fields •  Validate email addresses •  Dropdowns •  Import Validation •  Internal Data Guidelines •  Required Fields & Dropdowns •  Data Cleanup Tools **Heavyweight Hint: Team effort – must use CRM and Marketing Automation Tool**
  • The Scorecard - Reporting
  • Questions
  • Client Services Manager Kathryn Honderd @PardotKathryn