How Your Sales Team Can Benefit from Marketing Automation


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Join Adam Dewey, Sales Manager at Pardot, An ExactTarget Company, and someone who has the "inside scoop" on how sales team members can benefit from the features and functionality of marketing automation.

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How Your Sales Team Can Benefit from Marketing Automation

  1. 1. How Your Sales Team Can Benefitfrom Marketing Automation!Adam Dewey, Sales Manager!
  2. 2. A little about me !•  Sold Knives door to door"•  Sold to Celebrities "•  Big Batman Fan"
  3. 3. The Traditional Components!•  Email Marketing"•  Lead Nurturing "•  Paid Search Marketing"•  Social Messaging"•  Campaign ROI and Reporting"•  ….what about sales? "
  4. 4. What will we talk about?!5 ways Marketing Automation can Help Sales"•  Lead Capture"•  Lead Qualification"•  Email Automation"•  Lead Intelligence"•  Real Time Lead Alerts"
  5. 5. Lead Capture!Identified Companies & Leads!
  6. 6. Lead Capture!•  Identify Companies on your site"•  Identify and capture actual leads "•  Cross reference leads with database"•  Augment data uses 3rd party sources"
  7. 7. Lead Capture!Identified Companies ""•  Based on IP Address"•  Location"•  Page Views/Interests " BigNetwork Corp." Green Paperworks" Sea Brands"
  8. 8. Identified Companies !“Instead of waiting for a prospect to fill out a form or respond to an email,we created a lead score methodology based on their interaction with ourwebsite. Our inside reps would get into Pardot and go after the prospectswith the highest scores.”!
“Time after time, we connected with prospects who knew who we were,but didnt take the time to respond to the our emails or forms. Once weconnected over the phone setting appointments that led to opportunitiesand sales was easier than ever.”! - Henry Schuck, DiscoverOrg"
  9. 9. Lead Capture!•  Forms/Landing Pages"•  Lead Management"•  Page Views/Interests" qualify  
  10. 10. Data Augmentation!Identified Companies"•  Find Contacts
 "Leads"•  Pull in missing data points"
  11. 11. Lead Qualification!Implicit vs. Explicit Behaviors!
  12. 12. Lead Qualification !Scoring"•  Implicit behaviors and activities "•  Track web and email activities"•  Rank leads based on these behaviors"•  Pass only high scoring leads to sales"
  13. 13. Lead Qualification !Grading"•  Explicit data & demographics """ CEO" vs." Bad Fit "
  14. 14. Email Automation!
  15. 15. Email Automation !•  Personal email tracking"•  Rep-driven nurturing programs"•  Personalized mail marketing campaigns ""
  16. 16. Personal Email Tracking!•  Reps can track their own emails"•  No more blind prospecting !
  17. 17. Rep Driven Nurturing Programs! •  Sales can pass leads back to marketing" 5 days" 15 days" 30 days"Hi  %first_name%,      I  just  missed  you  in  the  office  and  wanted  to  connect  regarding  Product  XYZ,  a  benefit  driven  soluAon  that  would  be  a  game  changer  for  %company%.  Here  is  a  white  paper  on  Changing  the  Game  I  thought  you’d  enjoy  reviewing.  Game  changing  has  become  one  of  the  fastest  growing  ways  to  dominate  the  compeAAon  and  becoming  a  game  changer  is  easier  than  you  think,  you  just  need  to  call  me  back!      
  18. 18. Personalized Marketing Campaigns !•  Email marketing blasts come from sales reps"•  Reps get all replies and notifications " Marketing" Sales" Replies" Alerts" Reports "
  19. 19. Lead Intelligence!
  20. 20. Lead Intelligence!Track all online behaviors"•  Website, email social media and more" Visits Page Views Google AdWords Google Keyword Searches Yahoo Keywords Site Searches Drip Nurturing Email Clicks Email Opens Email Link Clicks Webinar Responses Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Website Chats
  21. 21. Lead Intelligence!•  Allows reps to profile and frame the conversation " Showed interest in these whitepapers " Prospect attended thought leadership webinar" Viewed case studies Viewed product A of product line A" information page and pricing page" Now that’s music to ears, sales guy!"
  22. 22. Lead Intelligence!•  And follow-up emails "
  23. 23. Real Time Lead Alerts!
  24. 24. Lead Alerts !•  Real time by email"
  25. 25. Lead Alerts !•  Real time by pop-up" Tamara Smith! Doug Trenvor! Victoria Case! Kelly Hinton! Spliance! Wellness Health! Pilot Sofware! Edward Miloske! Ed Childress! Tom Hapstead! Miranda Belsen! Drenderen Search Teams! Circle Networks! Cranmer SEO!
  26. 26. Lead Alerts !•  Daily Summary Reports" Tamara Smith! Abbott Company" Gaston Tri-Marketers" Parketi InteriSecure" Gimbel Software" Heuseman Merchants Corp." Delego CPerson" Tramore University" MerSolutions Inc."
  27. 27. Lead Alerts !•  Mobile Alerts"" Dillares Software!" Miriam Teller! Tri-State Paper Works!" Brian Formant!" Gibson MarketVibe" Thomas McKinley!
  28. 28. Lead Alerts !•  Allow your sales reps to act faster" •  Real time" •  Daily summaries" •  Mobile alerts"
  29. 29. Lead Alerts !•  Don’t be creepy!"
  30. 30. Stats !•  451% increase in qualified leads"•  47% larger purchases than before implemented"•  7-10% adoption rate by B2B organizations"   *provided  in  industry  study   ©  2012  Focus,  Inc.   hPp://  
  31. 31. Wrap-up !
  32. 32. Wrap It Up !To recap:"•  Lead capture"•  Lead qualification"•  Email tracking"•  Lead intelligence"•  Real time lead alerts"
  33. 33. Questions!
  34. 34. Contact Info! Adam Dewey ! Sales Manager"   @adamdeweypardot   " " " " "Pardot™, An ExactTarget® Company
950 East Paces Ferry Road, Suite 300, Atlanta, Georgia 30326"  404.492.6845 | 877.3B2B.ROI |!