Marketing Metrics - The Smart Marketer's Advantage


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In this webinar, join Zach Bailey, Sr. Director of Engineering at Pardot, An ExactTarget® Company, as he gives us an overview of how marketing metrics can give us the tools that we need to work in a smarter and more efficient manner.

Marketing Metrics - The Smart Marketer's Advantage

  1. 1. MARKETING METRICSTHE SMART MARKETER’S ADVANTAGEZach BaileySenior Director, EngineeringPardot, an ExactTarget
  2. 2. WHO ISTHIS GUY?And why should I listen to him?Everybody loves babies, right?Last but not least: I’m a huge nerdAt Pardot since 2011Digital Marketing ProductsVeteran
  3. 3. Why are metrics so awesome?What should I be measuring?How can I measure it?AGENDAQuestions
  4. 4. “Five years from now, aCMO will spend moreon IT than the CIO”Gartner, 2012METRICS = AWESOMEHuge shift enabled by technology
  5. 5. Who would you rather your boss think you are?We should be a mix of both!METRICS = AWESOMEApplying science to our work!
  6. 6. HypothesizeDesignExperimentCollectResultsSynthesizeMETRICS = AWESOMEThis is wherewe get betterApplying science to our work!
  7. 7. Analysis paralysis aka the cereal aisle“What getsmeasured,gets improved”Peter DruckerWHATTO MEASURE?
  8. 8. ✓ Specific✓ Measurable✓ Achievable✓ Relevant✓ TimelyWHATTO MEASURE?S.M.A.R.T. Metrics
  9. 9. Let’s get prescriptive:optimize your “critical path”Visitor Prospect Opp WinsSpending Money! Making Money!WHATTO MEASURE?
  10. 10. On a regular basis, assess:how many/effectively/quicklyVisitor Prospect Opp Wins13,435 1,087 199 12818.3% 64.3%8.1%26 days 43 days 19 daysWHATTO MEASURE?
  11. 11. Set a goal and lather, rinse, repeat03875113150Q1 2012 Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2012Visitor to Prospect Prospect to Opp Opp to WinExample Goal:Visit to Revenue in <110 daysWHATTO MEASURE?
  12. 12. 01345May 2012 June 2012 July 2012 Aug 2012 Sept 2012 Oct 2012 Nov 2012ConversionExample Goal: PPCVisitor to Prospect Conversion >4%Set a goal and lather, rinse, repeatWHATTO MEASURE?
  13. 13. “One metric to rule them all”Campaign Spend Revenue ROIAdwords $25,000 $45,000 80%Webinars $3,500 $9,000 157%Tradeshows $100,000 $92,000 -8%Whitepapers $8,500 $23,000 171%Optimize your spend - ROIROI = (Revenue - Spend) / SpendWHATTO MEASURE?
  14. 14. Optimize your spend - ROIAllows us to ask and answer,on a per channel/campaign basis:Have we hit diminishing returns?If we double spend, will revenue double?What is going well and what needs improvement?Is the channel right but the message wrong?WHATTO MEASURE?
  15. 15. Inter-team metrics orgetting sales & marketing alignedFollow-up response SLAsMarketing sourced lead quotaLead Qual: Marketing qualified vs. Sales accepted“Gone cold” or competitive nurtureWHATTO MEASURE?
  16. 16. Marketing Automation PlatformSpreadsheetsWeb Analytics + Email Marketing + CRM PlatformB.I.ToolHOWTO MEASURE?
  17. 17. Pardot is pretty nifty!HOWTO MEASURE?
  18. 18. Pardot is pretty nifty!HOWTO MEASURE?
  19. 19. SUMMARYBe an artist AND a scientistSet SMART goals and iterate as fast as you canROI is kingMetrics/Goals align vertically and horizontally
  20. 20. QUESTIONS?