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Introduction to Lead Scoring and Nurturing

Introduction to Lead Scoring and Nurturing



Pardot VP of Sales Derek Grant walks thorugh the basics of B2B lead qualification and lead nurturing.

Pardot VP of Sales Derek Grant walks thorugh the basics of B2B lead qualification and lead nurturing.



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    Introduction to Lead Scoring and Nurturing Introduction to Lead Scoring and Nurturing Presentation Transcript

    • A B2B Marketers Guide to
      Lead Qualification
    • Introduction
      Lead Qualification &Nurturing: Overview
      • What is Lead Qualification?
      • How Does Qualification Increase Sales?
      • How Can Nurturing Reduce Spend?
    • A Day In the Life of the B2B Marketer
      The Anatomy of a
      Marketing Campaign
      • The Campaign
      • The Execution
      • The Leads
      • The Results
    • The Need for Lead Qualification
      Should All Leads Be Assigned to Sales?
      • 80% of inbound leads never have a meaningful conversation with sales
      • Finding a needle in a haystack
    • The Need for Lead Qualification
      The Awful Truth
      • A large number of the leads who were assigned should have never crossed the into the Sales arm of the organization.
      • 70% of your mishandled leads will buy from a competitor within 24 months.
    • The Need for Lead Qualification
      Aligning Sales and Marketing
      • Defining a “Marketing Qualified Lead” (MQL)
      • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
      Greater alignment means:
      • Less Lead Loss
      • Higher Opportunity Conversion Rates
    • The Need for Lead Qualification
      What is a MQL?
      • Traditional Methods
      • BANT – Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline
      • Explicit Factors (Title,
      Company Size)
      • Activity Level
      • “Eyeball” Approach
    • The Need for Lead Qualification
      Finding the right 20%: A Blended Model
      Implicit Factors: What they do
      Explicit Factors: Who they are
    • The Need for Lead Qualification
      Example Implicit Lead Scoring Model:
      • Form or landing page conversion: +50 points
      • Site search query: +3 points
      • Link Click in an Email: +3 points
      • Visitor page view of Standard Pages: +1 point
      • Visitor page view of “Buying” Pages: +5 to +25 points
      • Opportunity created: +50 points
      • Opportunity lost: -100 points
    • The Need for Lead Qualification
      Interest vs. Intent
      Research Phase
      • Views 25 pages on your website
      • Downloads 2 whitepapers
      • Attends webinar
      Buying Phase
      • Contact Me form
      • Searches for your company by name
      • Product Trial
    • The Need for Lead Nurturing
      Lead Nurturing 101
      • Most new, inbound leads should not be advanced to Sales.
      • Many buyers of B2B technology are taking longer to close.
      • 80% of the “Best In Class” companies will implement a Lead Nurturing strategy by 2010.
    • The Need for Lead Nurturing
      What’s in it for Me?
      Nurturing prevents leaks in the sales funnel:
      • Educate non sales-ready leads
      • Standardize Communication
      • Stay top-of-mind throughout the sales cycle
      • Reconnect After a Loss
    • Lead Nurturing How-To
      Education for Leads who are not yet a MQL
      • Nurturing leads before a sales call is considered to be the most critical form of nurturing.
      • Leads have shown interest but not intent
      • Content should be educational and come from Marketing
    • Lead Nurturing How-To
      Standardize Communication
      • Deliver a consistent message
      • Automate Delivery so Sales is not responsible
      • Adjust the message when the prospect responds
      • Turn Trial into a Customer
    • Lead Nurturing How-To
      Stay Top Of Mind In Sales Cycle
      • Automate Delivery of “Sales-y” content
      • Inject Personal Notes from Rep
      • Trigger Rep-Driven follow up processes
      Reconnect after a Loss
      • Send Keep In Touch content as contract expires
    • Lead Nurturing How-To
      Do’s and Don’ts
      • “Nurture” your entire database
      • Assume that Newsletters nurture
      • Use Segmentation
      • Use an Introduction
      • Be Mindful of Timing
      • General to Specific
      • Know When to Stop
    • Lead Nurturing & the Bottom Line
      Show Me the Money
      • Companies that excel at lead nurturing attribute as much as 50% of new deals to older leads that have been nurtured.
      • Nurturing results in a lowercost per opportunity
    • In Closing
      • Lead qualification aligns sales and marketing to reduce lead loss and streamline the funnel
      • Leads that are not yet qualified should be nurtured until sales-ready
      • Research shows that companies using lead qualification and nurturing are closing more deals with less resources
    • About Pardot
      Pardot – No Hassle Marketing Automation
      Pardot is a user-friendly, month-to-month solution designed to simplify online marketing for B2B companies with a complex sales cycle.
      Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.