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How Pardot Uses Pardot for Sales - Pardot Users Conference

How Pardot Uses Pardot for Sales - Pardot Users Conference






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    How Pardot Uses Pardot for Sales - Pardot Users Conference How Pardot Uses Pardot for Sales - Pardot Users Conference Presentation Transcript

    • How Pardot Sales Uses PardotTips and Tricks to Maximize Sales Effectiveness
      Presented by:Derek Grant, VP of Sales
    • We Drink Our Own Kool Aid
      Sales is a Power User of:
      Lead Qualification
      Lead Activity Tracking
      Lead Management
      Social Profile Building
      Sales Alerts
      Visitor Alerts
      Prospect Alerts
      Rep-Driven Nurturing Campaigns
      Email Plug-in
      We Drink Our Own Kool Aid
    • A Little About Us
      A Team of 7 awesome sales pros
      • …and me.
      It’s Easy Being Green
      • All Pardot sales people have under 3 years experience
      • No bad habits
      Open Territory Model:
      • Like herding cats
      • Unlimited Opportunity
      • Eliminates “Bad” territories
      • Can be a management headache
    • Total Professionals
    • Lead Qualification
      Not Just Score… Score+Grade
      • Identify the most active / best “Fit” prospects
      Scoring Model
      • Simple Customizations such as “Test Drive Form”
      • Priority Pages + Score Increases
      • Our “Ideal Customer” profile
      • Not all grading data is automated
    • Lead Activity Tracking
      Pardot Doesn’t Make You a Mind Reader…..
      • Focus sales cycles on the most obvious activities
      • “Buying Signals”
      • What did they call it?
      • Captures Intent (e.g., “Pricing”)
    • Lead Management
      Not All Leads Should Go to Sales
      • Exclude Tire Kickers / Suspects
      • Sales is drinking from a fire hose
      • ROI will impact your bottom line
      Simple Lead Management:
      • Send an Alert when a lead meets the definition of MQL / who show “Buying Signals”
      The “Eyeball Test”
    • Assigned Lead Alerts
      Check out Comments and Notes
      • Comments are Prospect provided
      • Notes are Lead Management Provided
    • Handoff to CRM
      You’ve got the lead…now what?
      • We track the “Lead Status” of each marketing generated lead
      • This is compared to the “Pardot Lead Created” Date
      • If not changed from “Open”, Why did we not follow up on Marketing Generated leads?
      Just because Marketing says they are qualified…
      • Take a look at the lead
      • If not good, mark Unqualified
      This syncs with Pardot
      No more nurturing
    • Lead Prioritization
      Once a lead passes to the CRM, adjust your Lead / Contact View
      • Add Score, Grade, Last Activity as sorting criteria
      • Suggestion - Start with Grade, then Score, then Activity Date
    • CRM Provides More Data Points
      We sync CRM data to Pardot
      • Data points gleaned by Sales can help target email campaigns
      Things you wouldn’t get on a form
      • Provide a single location for call information
    • Social Profile Building
      Better Understand the Prospect
      • Check Out their Profiles
      • Validate Information through LinkedIn & Jigsaw
      Social provides another Touch Point:
      Twitter – Follow Them
      LinkedIn – School & Prior Positions?
      Facebook – Family?
    • Sales Alerts
      Respond to Prospect Activities
      • LeadDeck
      Did you call and they not answer?
      Jump into CRM
      • Prospect Report
      Did the Prospect Respond to a Nurturing Campaign?
      Did they return unsolicited
      Best Practice for Alerts
      Never Indicate that you “Saw they were active”
    • Sales Alerts – Visitor Capture
      Visitor Report
      • Used as a Lead Generation Vehicle
      • Validation of response
      Scan Quickly
      • Number of pages?
      • Location?
      • Search Term?
      Who do you call?
      • You know your prospects
      Who Gets What?
      • First Letter of Name
    • Rep-Driven Nurturing Campaigns
      Triggered inside the CRM
      • Non-Responsive / Longtail prospects
      • Examples of Campaigns
      Use Light HTML
      • Reps don’t create HTML messages.
      • “From” address branding, makes it appears to have come from Outlook
      • Brian Carroll – Nurturing with the “Human Touch”
      Heavy HTML is for Marketing
    • Email Plug-In
      Track Ad-Hoc Emails
      Our Rule:
      • All Voicemails must be accompanied by an email
      • Links Include:
      • Demo
      • Analyst Report
      • 3rd Party Sites (Blog, ecosystem)
      Best Practices:
      • Mask the Link with Anchor Text
      • Only 1 Recipient per email
    • Gaining Sales Buy-In
      Run a couple of campaigns
      • Have meaningful data available for sales
      Don’t Expose too soon
      • Otherwise, it’s just an annoying blank section in the CRM
      Phase in Reports
      • Visitor Reports may not be appropriate for all prospects
      • Once prospects are tracked, enable Prospect Reports/LeadDeck
      • Don’t make CRM Processes more complex (simple options)
      Find a success story
    • Sales Do’s and Don’ts
      • Focus the conversation on the prospect’s interests
      • Respond in a timely manner
      • Nurture leads who are not ready to buy today / don’t engage
      • Leverage the CRM as the primary way to get data
      • Be Creepy
      • Let the prospect know that you are responding because of their activity
      • Jump on anonymous visitors
      • Give Info to Sales too soon
    • Thanks for Your Time
      950 East Paces Ferry Rd
      Suite 3300
      Atlanta, Georgia 30326
      Derek Grant
      VP of Sales