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  • According to research firm Gartner, by 2010, that’s expected to jump to 4 billion, roughly triple the number of personal computers. As the mobile device market grows, so does the audience for mobile applications. In terms of device penetration Nokia represent 37% of the total market share (as of 2008 Q4) in devices with over 1 billion Nokia handsets in use around the world Nokia is uniquely positioned to connect more people to compelling mobile applications than any other company in the world. Over 150 million S60 devices have shipped by all licensees, including Nokia
  • Forum Nokia’s mission is to create lucrative business opportunities for mobile developers globally. At the same time, we also add value to Nokia’s business. For developers and content providers, Forum Nokia provides the front door to working with Nokia at every level. Forum Nokia cuts across all Nokia Business Groups, supporting their business and goals. It is extremely important for Nokia to work with a rich base of developers, who can help us ensure that consumers have a wide range of applications and content to enhance and personalize their devices, and businesses can improve their performance through extended mobility. For operators, the consumption of mobile applications and services bring more ARPU (average revenue per user). Over 4 million (2M in ‘05) Forum Nokia community members 1.8 million + (600K in 1H07) Unique visitors per month
  • Symbian C++, OpenC, Java™ technology, Python, Flash Lite, and Web technologies including Nokia’s Web Run Time. Refocusing energy on Web 2.0 to address the long tail New Audience: Creative Professionals, Web Developers, Flash Developers, Open Source Developers, Prosumers New Technologies: AJAX, WRT, Flash and Silverlight In the past o ur developer community, although large, was essentially made up of mobile developers who spent time and invested heavily in becoming familiar with Java as well as C++ and Symbian native programming. And they were extremely attracted to the sheer volumes that Nokia represents (many more eyeballs on mobile devices than PCs of course). T hat’s been the case for a long time, however those sheer numbers are not enough today, and we have found that the technology palate needs to support a wider variety of tools and technologies that enable developers to leverage what they know on top of Symbian. Web 2.0 technologies in a general sense have meant to us is that the readily accessible technologies like AJAX, and various web run times in a mobile context, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, have opened up brand new communities for us to talk to including the creative professional and traditional web developers for whom the PC was once their only outlet.
  • Noticable growth in Americas, India, and China. 2008 – Americas 14%, India 5%, China 5% WESTERN EUROPE 33.3% ASIA 17.4% EASTERN EUROPE 14.5% NORTH AMERICA 10.4% INDIA 6.7% CHINA 6.7% SOUTH AMERICA 5.7% AUSTRALIA 2.6% AFRICA 2.5% ANTARCTICA 0.1% UNCLASSIFIED 0.0%
  • Business Opportunities Facilitate pre-load of apps on millions of devices Help drive opportunities with Nokia services (Ovi Store, Share on Ovi, Maps on Ovi) Foster partnerships with Operators Technical support Consultancy Tools and Remote Device Access SDKs Device Prototypes Developer Programs Forum Nokia Pro Forum Nokia Pro Accelerator Forum Nokia Launchpad FN Champions Programs Marketing Programs Information Exchange An active developer community with over 1.5 mn unique visitors per month on Specialised eLearning and Webinars FN Discussion Board and Wiki Newsletters Industry expert guest bloggers
  • Forum Nokia provides developers and content providers the front door to working with Nokia at every level. Forum Nokia cuts across all Nokia Business Groups, supporting their business. It is extremely important for Nokia to work with a rich base of developers, who can help us ensure that consumers have a wide range of applications and content to enhance and personalize their devices, and businesses can improve their performance through extended mobility. For operators, the consumption of mobile applications and services bring more ARPU (average revenue per user). Forum Nokia’s Technical services and Consultancy, which are aimed at helping developers complete applications and get them to the market fast and with minimum efforts, comprise an important part of our offering. We provide a full range of free and fee-based developer services to assist developers in creating, testing, and deploying mobile applications. Some of our developer services are available only to Forum Nokia PRO members or Nokia Business Units. Tools and SDKs are the core, complemented by technical documentation . The technical documentation includes a comprehensive document library, example application codes as well as other resources. Documents vary from introductory white papers and FAQs dealing with platforms and Nokia supported technologies in general through to detailed documents covering specific technologies such as C++ APIs or Java™ technology JSRs. Example applications and example codes provide guidance on the use of key Java™ and C++ APIs. The knowledge base provides access to technical answers to questions Nokia technical support has already solved as well as known issues and FAQs. In case developers need more services, we provide: Technical support: a pay per request service to resolve specific technical queries. One Technical Support case voucher costs 170 EUR for Forum Nokia members and 145 EUR for Forum Nokia PRO members. PRO members can also buy Expedited Support (a targeted 1-10 days response), which costs 340 euros per case voucher and gives them the option to define the right balance between the urgency to have a problem solved and the investment they are willing to make. Technical consultancy: project lifetime support to (Series 40) S60 platform licensees, Nokia Business Units, operators, tier-one independent software vendors (ISVs), and Forum Nokia members. The Technical Consultancy offers a personal and in-depth service that can be involved at every level of and throughout a project. Its aim is to ensure these projects are successful by providing timely and accurate technical advice. University & Training: made-to-order and off-the-shelf training suitable for both companies and individuals. Nokia works with selected Certified Training Centers and universities around the world, providing easy access to leading-edge mobile-development expertise. In addition regular Forum Nokia Tech Days, workshops and seminars are offered several times a year throughout the world. Device Access: Forum Nokia TSC team provides early and easy access to hardware for Forum Nokia members . The goal is to provide easy and fast access to the latest software and hardware versions through one channel. Forum Nokia Communities: FN Wiki, Discussion boards, and Blogs: These services allow members to tap into the strength of mobile experts worldwide to broaden their knowledge, get solutions from their peers, and communicate their requirements and feedback to Nokia. Forum Nokia Wiki was launched in March 2007, and it has received a warm welcome from Forum Nokia community. It is an open Wiki for all Forum Nokia members. Already by now, there are hundreds of articles and code examples related to various developer needs. Developers use also the Discussion Board to post questions, share answers, and participate in online discussions. Forum Nokia Blog hosts are Nokia employees and Forum Nokia Champions. Blog topic areas range from Java and Symbian all the way to vertical application segments and development tools. FN Wiki, Discussion Boards, and Blogs are available 24-7. Application testing : We provide guidelines for testing and signing mobile applications as Symbian Signed or Java Verified™. In addition, we provide access to device hardware for testing applications on your target platform.
  • Developer Programs PRO Accelerator : Offers exclusive technical tools and services that enable Nokia's vested developer companies to accelerate their product and application development. Program members receive numerous benefits, including: specialized design consulting and custom development, dedicated business development support, early access to SDKs and APIs, and funding to facilitate mutually beneficial marketing campaigns and development initiatives. Invitation-only, dedicated BDM, dedicated TSC, and development and marketing funds to support companies funded by NGP Forum Nokia PRO — is an invitation-only program for the top innovative companies operating in the mobile world. Invitations to become a member of Forum Nokia PRO are extended on a project-specific basis, depending on how long the project will take to complete. For those companies that are selected to join this unique program, there is no membership fee. D edicated BDM and proto devices access to support key developers Forum Nokia Launchpad –The "fast track to success" for mobile application developers. It's designed to accelerate mobile application development and elevate business visibility in the mobile world. It is ideally suited to companies that operate in the mobile space and work on Nokia platforms. Access to FN Launchpad is available for only 300 euros per year. For Finnish companies, the annual fee is subject to a 22% VAT charge. Exclusive access to alpha and beta SDKs, platform roadmaps, discounted devices, marketing visibility . Forum Nokia Champions — Recognition and reward program for individual developers
  • Information Exchange Discussion boards, Wikis, Blogs Real time chats Podcasts New content Forum Nokia newsletter Technical events, Code camps and seminars, Web casts, Mobile Application Summits, Developer competitions, Tech Days, Events e.g. 3GSM, CTIA,
  • Publish to Ovi A self-service publishing tool that provides developers an easy way to distribute and monetize their applications and content to millions of consumers using Nokia devices worldwide via the new Ovi Store . We help drive opportunities with Nokia services (Ovi Store, Share on Ovi, Maps on Ovi) Aggregators Handango, Glu, Jamster Operators Foster Partnerships with Operators ALSO: Will promote Ovi Store as primary channel and business opportunity for developers Will ensure availability of wide range of quality applications working on Nokia devices within Ovi Store Will work directly with operator developer programs (e.g., AT&T DevCentral, Orange Partner) to provide developers with multiple go-to-market models Will channel best applications to Nokia TPO projects
  • The global 4 billion subscriber subscription mark was reached in the beginning of the year 2009 according to the industry association GSMA. Around 1 billion people have placed their trust in Nokia devices and services every day and we take this trust extremely seriously. “ Connecting People” is at the heart of the Nokia brand. One of the core principles we hold to create everything based on consumer needs and place the consumer in control of our devices and services at all times. Nokia provides the services for you to join the connected world. You can choose to use services like Ovi Share, Ovi Maps , Ovi Mail, Comes with Music and so on. Or if you prefer to use other social networking sites, navigation, email, photo-sharing and other services you can with Nokia i.e. the Facebook application for Nokia phones, Flick’r feed in Ovi and Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail plus direct access to over 90 percent of corporate inboxes (Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveller) through Nokia Messaging.
  • Forumnokia 090414032259 Phpapp01

    1. 1. Forum Nokia’s Value Proposition
    2. 2. Why Choose Nokia? <ul><li>#1 Global mobile device manufacturer since 1998 </li></ul><ul><li>More than 4 billion mobile phones worldwide </li></ul><ul><li>Nokia represents 37% of the total market share in terms of device penetration globally </li></ul><ul><li>More than 1 billion Nokia handsets are in use around the world </li></ul><ul><li>#1 in the world’s fastest growing economies </li></ul><ul><li>#1 in converged devices </li></ul>Nokia is the Global Leader in Mobility Source: Nokia Public Messaging
    3. 3. What is Forum Nokia? <ul><li>Forum Nokia partners with third-party software developers to maximize the value of Nokia devices by: </li></ul><ul><li>Fostering the creation of engaging applications and services </li></ul><ul><li>Create additional revenue flows for operators </li></ul><ul><li>Provide exciting business opportunities for developers and web designers </li></ul>
    4. 4. Who Belongs to Forum Nokia? <ul><li>Forum Nokia is composed of talented developers with various backgrounds and skill sets: </li></ul>Mobile SW Developers Web Developers Operators Flash Developers Students Creative Professionals Prosumers Consumers Open Source Community
    5. 5. Developer Mind Share - Breakdown Nokia (61%) Motorola (39%) Palm (39%) Sony Ericsson (33%) North America Motorola (42%) Nokia (36%) RIM (32%) Apple (30%) Palm (27%) Latin America Source: Wireless Development Survey 2008: Volume 1, © 2008 Evans Data Corp.
    6. 6. Forum Nokia Members Around the World EMEA 50.4% Americas 16.1% Rest of Asia 20% China 6.7% India 6.7% Source: Evans Data, March 2009
    7. 7. What Forum Nokia Offers Technical Support Developer Programs Information Exchange Business Opportunities 3 rd Party Software Developers Forum Nokia provides technical and business resources:
    8. 8. World-Class Technical Support & Services
    9. 9. Developer Programs Forum Nokia provides developers with dedicated support and additional resources through developer programs: Pro Accelerator PRO Launchpad Champions
    10. 10. Forum Nokia Community An active developer community with over 1.5 million unique visitors per month eLearning & Webinars Developer Newsletters Discussion Boards Wikis, Blogs
    11. 11. Creating Business Opportunities Forum Nokia provides valuable opportunities for developers to distribute their content globally: Ovi Store Content Aggregators Operators
    12. 12. The Consumer is in Control <ul><li>In 2011, we estimate the market for these service areas to be 40 Billion Euros </li></ul><ul><li>For 2012, Nokia targets 300 million unique users of Ovi services </li></ul>
    13. 13. Browser Progression