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Webinar 2009 Service and Support Metrics Survey Results: A Look Behind the Scenes in Today's Support Organization
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Webinar 2009 Service and Support Metrics Survey Results: A Look Behind the Scenes in Today's Support Organization


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As a service and support professional, you hear a lot about best practices in the support center. But what is really happening behind the scenes in today's service center? To find out, Parature and …

As a service and support professional, you hear a lot about best practices in the support center. But what is really happening behind the scenes in today's service center? To find out, Parature and conducted the 2009 Service & Support Metrics Survey. Respondents shared valuable data on metrics directly related to running their support operations, as well as providing humorous insights about some of their most challenging customer interactions.

In this webinar, narrated with industry insight and analysis, Pete McGarahan of McGarahan and Associates, and Gary McNeil, VP of Marketing for Parature will deliver the results of the survey with practical advice and a recommended course of action for all support centers. Attendees will be able to benchmark their own organization's performance against what others are doing today. All participants will also receive a full copy of the survey results.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. “ Customer Service Survey Results Pete McGarahan, President, McGarahan and Associates Gary McNeil, Vice President, Marketing, Parature Inc.
    • 2. Our Business
      • Parature is a leading provider of on-demand (SaaS) software for customer service and help desk.
      • Parature enables organizations to:
      • Reduce the cost of supporting their customers
      • Have a 360 view of customer issues
      • Retain their customers
      • Improve customer satisfaction
      • Generate more revenue from their base
      • Deliver “legendary” customer service
    • 3.
      • One stop shopping
      • One integrated software suite – on-demand
        • Parature Portal
        • Parature Ticket
        • Parature Knowledgebase
        • Parature Reporting
        • Parature Chat
        • Parature Forum
        • Host of other modules
      • “ With Parature, we do not have to increase our CSR headcount…we would have needed two to three additional CSR’s with the rate that JobFox is growing.”
      • - JobFox
      Parature - One Integrated Suite
    • 4. Parature Reduces Support Costs By 5X *A survey published by the Association of Support Professionals compares the high cost of phone support to email and web self-service support.
    • 5.  
    • 6.  
    • 7.  
    • 8. ________ _ __ _________ ___ ____ 750+ Customers In All Industries and Sizes Technology Business Services Gaming and Digital Media Education Associations Healthcare
    • 9.
      • No unified customer service suite to manage all customer care
      • Lack of metrics for the service team and executives
      • Not enough customer self-service options
      • Static web sites and FAQ’s are frustrating and not worth the time
      • Service teams are underappreciated by executives
      • Overburdened with repetitive questions
      • The answer is not about adding headcount
      Customer Service Challenges
    • 10.
      • Macro-economic conditions warrant a review of how a service team can decrease costs without decreasing customer satisfaction
      • Customers want many service options:
        • Customer self-service to look up the answers themselves
        • Log a chat session with a quick question
        • Go to a forum to have another customer help them with their answer
        • Look up their ticket history or see the current status of their ticket submission
      • This all leads to a richer service experience, higher retention rates, more opportunity to upsell or cross-sell and a happier customer service team
      • Technology can reduce the support burden significantly
      World-Class Service and Revenue
    • 11. 2009 Service and Support Metrics Survey Results: A Look Behind the Scenes in Today's Support Organization Peter McGarahan Gary McNeil
    • 12. Our Sponsor
      • This year’s survey, sponsored by Parature Inc., a provider of on-demand customer service and help desk software, reveals that, while support organizations are evolving processes and adopting technologies to improve service delivery, they continue to face characteristic challenges.
    • 13. About Our Speakers
      • 12 years with PepsiCo/Taco Bell IT and Business Planning.
      • Managed the Service Desk and all of the IT Infrastructure for 4500 restaurants, 8 zone offices, field managers and Corporate office.
      • 2 years as a Product Manager for Vantive.
      • Executive Director for HDI.
      • 6 years with STI Knowledge/Help Desk 2000.
      • Founder, McGarahan & Associates.
      • 2 years as Chairman, IT Infrastructure Management
      • 19 years of marketing experience
      • VP of Marketing for Vocus Inc.
      • Helped grow Vocus from almost 8 million in revenue to over 40 million
      • VP of Marketing for Authoria Inc.
      • Director of Marketing Programs for Kronos
      Pete McGarahan, McGarahan & Associates Gary McNeil, VP Marketing, Parature
    • 14. The Agenda
      • Executive Summary
      • Current State/Summary/Highlights
      • Challenging Times/Opportunities
      • Risky Business
      • Measuring Up
      • Marketing Your Value
      • Supply/Demand/Service Levels/Funding
      • Access Channels
      • A Diversified Portfolio
      • The “Bake-Off”
      • Fostering Relationships
      • I Can Help You!
      • Customer Collaboration
      • Gathering Customer Feedback
      • Summary and Conclusion
      • Questions and Answers
    • 15. Executive Summary
      • Survey Respondents comprised of high-level executives representing all vertical sectors responsible for:
        • Senior-level managers (105)
        • Enterprise help desks / customer-facing service desks / contact centers
          • 45% manage customer-facing support operations
          • 16% oversee internal help-desk functions, 39% do both
        • Company size ranges in size from SMBs to those with more than 10,000 employees (15%).
        • Nearly 30% have service and support budgets of $1MM plus
        • The technology sector (30%) is the largest vertical industry represented in the survey .
      • conducts an annual survey (March, 2009) designed to explore the state of enterprise service and support:
        • Current industry trends, funding, demand for services, future plans, technology adoption, workforce issues, benchmarking strategies, metrics and other areas.
    • 16. Current State/Summary/Highlights
      • Reduced budgets.
      • Constantly selling/proving their value proposition to all stakeholders.
      • Investigating why demand continues to rise.
      • Implementing more proactive, call deflection/elimination activities.
      • Expanding the ‘channel access funnel’, valued service offerings and the customer conversation and relationship through social networking, collaborative environments and face-to-face gatherings.
      Today’s service and support organizations continue to deal with:
    • 17. Current State/Summary/Highlights
      • Improving/optimizing support operations.
      • Racing to deliver cost-effective, quality, scalable and leveraged services.
      • Designing/enhancing services that are customer-centric.
      • Creatively trying to grapple with ever-changing customer expectations
        • Faster, better, cheaper, easier……
      Today’s service and support organizations continue to deal with:
    • 18. Self-service Benefits What has been the primary benefit from implementing Web-based or self-service technologies in your support organization?
    • 19. Service and Support Opportunities
      • Focus on what’s important.
        • Metrics that matter.
        • Nail the fundamentals (back-to-basics)
        • Quality, scalable, strategic & leveraged services.
      • Reduce operational costs.
        • Generate a quick return on your tool investments.
        • Automate, integrate, process mapping & continuously improve.
      • Enhance the customer experience.
        • Design services that are customer-centric.
        • Leverage knowledge for customer self-service.
      • It’s the end-result that matters.
        • Constantly observe, measure and report.
      A challenging economy. Budgets are tight. Cost reduction opportunities
    • 20. Service and Support Challenges
      • A service delivery sense of urgency.
        • Processes (efficiencies and effective).
        • People (utilization and knowledgeable).
        • Tools and technologies (automation and integration).
        • Metrics and reporting (operational and financial).
        • Customer Service (survey and satisfied)
      Indentify pain points, bottlenecks and create opportunities. Leverage Industry Frameworks / Best Practice Processes (ISO, ITIL, Cobit, CMM, SOX, Six Sigma, etc.)
    • 21. Risky Business
      • Customer’s monitor was on fire – called customer service
        • Response – Get an extinguisher
      • Customer could not remove a message on screen
        • Response - CSR went on site – pulled a post it note off the monitor screen
      • Help get husband out of jail
        • Response – Can’t help you there
      • Sir, you need a cable
        • Response from customer – can you fax it to me?
      • Customer wanted a refund on his new computer
        • Response – just send it back to us. Customer response – I smashed it to bits…
    • 22. Average Cost Per Email/Phone Support What is your average cost per email-based support contact? What is your average cost per phone-based support contact?
    • 23. The “Shift-Left” Service Strategy
      • Execute a “Shift-Left” service strategy.
        • Target repetitive, low-value work to a lower-cost channel/team.
        • Resolve more complex technical issues at L1.
      • Address repetitive issues/“How-To” questions.
        • Know demand. Know relevance.
        • Explore. Investigate. Ask your customers.
        • Content doesn’t always have to be technical.
      • Track/measure every self-service interaction.
        • Know and manage usage/usefulness/utilization.
        • Know the customer experience firsthand.
        • Integrate into tracking tool for measurement/easy escalations.
      z Mean time to resolution Cost On-site support $100 + $35+ $18-$23 $2 - $12 Categorize Call Types in Level they are Resolved in Escalated call Call Elimination Automated self-service First contact resolution Cost savings, SLA & Cust. Sat improvements Level-2 Level-1 Level-3 Level-0
    • 24. Measuring Up
      • First contact resolution
      • Time to resolve
      • Cost per transactions
      • Customer satisfaction
      • Resolution quality/consistency
      • High cost per resolution
      • Average Speed of Answer/Abandons
      • Call Elimination
      • Knowledge Base Utilization
      Create a high valued/measurable/cost-effective service strategy.
    • 25. Operational Report
      • Does Your Reporting…
        • Determine Success/Failure?
        • Tell a story or “Paint a picture”?
        • Validate beliefs or assumptions?
        • Measure performance?
        • Determine your organizational worth?
        • Trend analysis?
        • Measure Business Impact?
    • 26. R U Selling Up/Across?
      • Marketing/Selling your value proposition to all stakeholders (especially senior management and customers)
        • Educate them on your value-add in supporting business goals and objectives.
      • As CEO of the Support Business, you must articulate your:
        • Value proposition. - Scope of Services.
        • Your current demand, supply, cost structure and adherence to SLAs.
        • Key business value metrics depicting the ‘health of your business’.
        • Key projects and initiatives aligned with the business.
        • Customer advocates/testimonials, business leader testimonials.
      • Leverage into an elevator speech
        • Practice, deliver, push-down to team.
    • 27. Demand, Supply & Funding
      • Given your funding and demand, you will need to build a best-in-class support organization that effectively utilizes resources to create a valued customer and business relationship!
    • 28. Access Channels
    • 29. A Diversified Portfolio What is not defined cannot be controlled , What is not controlled cannot be measured , What is not measured cannot be managed , What is not defined, controlled, measured and managed cannot be IMPROVED ! Ultimately…
    • 30. The “Bake-Off”
    • 31.
      • Hosting/On-Demand/SaaS
        • Organizations are rushing to these hosted systems and services in hope of decreasing cost of ownership, simplification, flexibility and staying current with releases without incurring the pain of an upgrade/rollout.
        • Offering both suite and best-of-breed solutions, the customer is attracted to it’s on-demand calculator that charges for use only!
      • Enterprise suites
        • Target a portfolio of product modules that address a broader strategy and marketplace.
        • Product modules leverage integration points and work to put all the necessary functionality/process to deliver against the strategy.
      • Best of Breed solutions
        • Targeted solutions to properly address pain point and realize opportunities.
        • Product//investment/expertise is laser-focused on market pain points and addressing them with a robust product/professional service offering.
      Choices - Advantage You!
    • 32. Fostering Relationships
      • Organizations are opening-up multiple communication/feedback channels looking for honest/open feedback, opinions and advice!
      • Organizations are facilitating discussions with their customers, partners, analysts, media, analysts in online forums, social networking, Wikis, blogs and texting!
        • What works, what doesn’t and what’s next?
      • Monitoring with transparency and accountability!
      • Risks vs. Value
        • The ecosystem of the company participates in chatting, texting, twittering and posting anything that might be on their mind (truth or consequences?)
      • Is this the new CRM, customer satisfaction strategy, customer advisory board of the future? What do you think?
    • 33. I Can Help You!
      • Engaging Customers.
      • Digital characters are changing the face of the web.
      • Utilizing digitized, conversational, intelligent avatars to:
        • Carry their corporate brand or persona.
        • Optimize customer functional objectives on the web .
        • CodeBaby Characters in action!
        • The Guiding Light
    • 34. Helping Your Customers!
    • 35. Customer Collaboration
      • Efficient
      • Integration
      • Collaboration
        • A seamless and transparent customer experience
      • Cooperation
      • Customer
      • Simplify
      • Prioritize
      • EZ to do business with?
    • 36. Gathering Customer Feedback
      • Be the “voice of the customer”.
      • Listen to your customer.
      • Listen to calls.
      • Ask what you are NOT doing, not just what you are NOT doing well.
      • Know why you win customers, why you lose them and what can you do to not lose them and win them back.
      • Survey the customers who are NOT using your services.
      • Identify customer champions (external) and senior customer sponsors (internal).
      Be the “voice of the customer”. You are the customer advocate. Listen to your customer.
    • 37. Questions and Answers
      • Contact our presenters with any feedback or questions:
      • Gary McNeil, VP Marketing, Parature
      • [email_address]
      • Pete McGarahan, McGarahan & Associates
      • [email_address]