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Social Media's Influence on the Hospitality Industry
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Social Media's Influence on the Hospitality Industry


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Social Media’s Influence onHospitality Industry
  • 2. TITLE HEREIn recent years thesignificant increasein the use of socialmedia in thehospitality industryhas proved to bethe key marketingtool
  • 3. • It allows the brand to go viralSocial • It creates way for the industry to engage with potential customersMedia and current customers to identify their specific needs and desiresallows • Each channel generates a direct the connection with customers • This helps specific companiesbrand develop a better understanding of what the customers expects in .. his/her experience
  • 4. Hospitality industry is They are constantlycustomer oriented andsolely revolves around trying to discover the customer the best social networking strategies, tools, and marketing strategy policies to establish goal is to potential better and longer customers into loyal relationships with a customers client
  • 5. WHY SHOULD THEY USE SOCIAL MEDIA? It is the fastest1 growing category of Internet Marketing in terms of attracting new users
  • 6. WHY SHOULD THEY USE SOCIAL MEDIA? It allows you to establish a relationship with yourcustomer like no other media has previously allowed 2It enables you to establish a 1-1 relationship where you are getting regular feedback on how yourcustomers are reacting to your marketing messages
  • 7. WHY SHOULD THEY USE SOCIAL MEDIA?It offers an opportunityfor you to establishyourself as anexpert in your 3market
  • 8. WHY SHOULD THEY USE SOCIAL MEDIA? 4 Consumer reviews and usergenerated content still dominates hotelier’s view of social media
  • 9. WHY SHOULD THEY USE SOCIAL MEDIA? Lastly, social media optimization is the next5 generation of Internet Marketing (Source: Milestone Insights)
  • 10. Social Media Marketing concepts and techniques primarily consist of: Increase brand Improve customer awareness of service services Educate and Increase sales inform customers Monitor brand reputation (Source: UNLV University Libraries)
  • 11. People research This makes itonline before crucial formaking a companies inpurchase or the hospitalitycommitment industry toso they monitorknow they how theyare making are perceivedinformed educated on all social mediadecisions channels
  • 12. SOCIAL NETWORKING IN THE HOTEL INDUSTRYIn recent years hotels have started toutilize social networks, tools, andstrategies to showcase themselves“In 2011 the use of online reviews and social mediareached an unprecedented level of adoption within the hotel industry – becoming nearly universally embraced by hotel executives as a key source ofcustomer insight, a tool to achieve operational and service excellence, and a way to drive revenue growth” (Source: Review Pro)
  • 13. Social Media Online reviews presentseveral advantages…
  • 14. Social Media Online Reviews Present Several Advantages1. Guests can respond in away that is easiest for them
  • 15. Social Media Online Reviews Present Several Advantages2. Then theycan providefeedbackwhenever andwherever theywant (often viamobile devices)
  • 16. Social Media Online Reviews Present Several Advantages 3. They can talk about whatever impressed or annoyed them
  • 17. Social Media Online Reviews Present Several Advantages 4. For hotels that do a good job ofproviding an excellent guest reviews posted online can act as powerful sales messages
  • 18. Social Media Online Reviews Present Several Advantages5. Complete anonymity canencourage more honest and open feedback
  • 19. Social Media Online Reviews Present Several Advantages6. Surveys canprovide you withdetailed feedbackon specificareas of youroperations
  • 20. Guests use social media channels and online reviews torate hotels, give feedback, and criticize what needs tobe fixed or praise what the hotel executed well This industry has a very strong customer service relationship and fully caters to the customers feedback
  • 21. Focusing each channel on aspecific area of customer service: “We’re entering a new age in luxury hotel marketing. Top-tier hotels are now using Twitter for conciergeservices, social geo-locating platforms to unlock free gifts, Facebook for customer service and YouTube to showcase unique properties.” (Source: Business Insider)
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