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How Vision Critical Uses Parature Chat to Shorten Response Times and Decrease Cost
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How Vision Critical Uses Parature Chat to Shorten Response Times and Decrease Cost



Use Chat to Improve Service, Increase Retention Rates & Reduce Costs...

Use Chat to Improve Service, Increase Retention Rates & Reduce Costs

Incorporating chat into your multi-channel service offering might be the next most important move you make to differentiate your customer service and improve first contact resolution. Chat is having one of the biggest impacts these days in every sector, for both pre- and post-sales service and here are a few reasons why:

1. In today's world of IM communications, more and more customers simply expect it
2. Users with live chat support are far more likely to come back to purchase more
3. Chat can be leveraged as a way to distinguish different levels of support within your customer base
4. It provides an ideal opportunity for additional revenue by empowering CSRs and sales reps to generate sales leads, increase Web sales conversion rates and boost revenue by inviting prospects or customers to chat with them

Attend this webinar to learn how Vision Critical has leveraged Parature Chat™ to keep average customer response times consistently hovering in the minutes and why their customers regularly cite chat as a key component of their support offering.



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How Vision Critical Uses Parature Chat to Shorten Response Times and Decrease Cost How Vision Critical Uses Parature Chat to Shorten Response Times and Decrease Cost Presentation Transcript

  • How Vision Critical Uses Parature Chat to Shorten Response Times and Decrease Cost
    Shane Singh, VP IT & Support Services, Vision Critical
    Leon Doell, Account Manager, Parature
  • Parature
    Parature is a global leader in on-demand software (SaaS) for customer service and support
    Parature enables organizations to:
    Reduce the cost of supporting their customers
    Have a 360 view of customer issues
    Retain their customers
    Improve customer loyalty
    Generate more revenue from their base
    Deliver “great” customer service
  • 850 Customers Across All Industries
    Gaming and Digital Media
    Business Services
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  • Parature: An Integrated Support Suite
    Delivering Multi-Channel Support
    For your CSR’s to Manage All Customer Interactions
    Metrics &Reports
    Deploy Surveys
    Your CSR
    Your Customer
    Knowledge-base and FAQ’s
    360º Customer History
    Intelligent Workflow
    Service Desk
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  • How Vision Critical Uses Parature Chat™ to Shorten Response Times and Decrease Cost
    December 2010
    Shane Singh – VP IT & Support Services
  • About Vision Critical
    • Market Research Software and Services
    • SaaS Products
    • 600 Clients with 25% of the world’s top brands
    • 10 Offices Globally with 500 Employees
    • 2409% Revenue Increase from 2005 to 2009
  • Before Parature – Pre 2007
    • Email
    • Spreadsheets
    • No Technical Support between Services and R&D
    • No ticketing system = no metrics
    • Avg. Response time?
    • Avg. Resolution time?
    • Time Spent?
    • # of Requests?
    • Self Help: forget it
    • Demanding Clients
  • Parature Implementation – Sept. 2007
    • Requirements included chat
    • Internal and External
    • Bakeoff and selection
    • Quick setup
    • No IT costs
    • Very little staff training required
    • Pass through authentication from our SaaS products implemented
    • Self-help materials developed and published
    • Chat, phone, email and request submission decided upon
    • Go live
  • Post Parature Implementation Findings - Chat
    • Clients Chat
    • Phone or Request/Email submission good for long winded issues whereas chat is great tactically
    • Chat helps keep Avg. Response Times in the minutes – consistently
    • Techs able to support multiple clients with chat tool simultaneously
    • New staff can monitor in real-time and get up to speed quicker
  • Post Parature Implementation Findings – Chat Cont’d
    • Management are able to monitor and jump in
    • Techs able to collaborate amongst themselves and reach resolution faster
    • Ticket conversion a great addition
    • Transcripts sent to clients post-chat and stored in portal are very useful
    • Did I mention clients chat???
  • Since 2007 Implementation: Chat Accounts for ¼ Incoming
  • 2010 Metrics
    • Average Chat Duration: 15 minutes
    • Average Resolution Time of Chat Issue: 37 min.
  • 2010 Metrics Cont’d
  • What our Customers are Saying
    • “Live chat, in my experience, has always been excellent”
    • “I always use Chat because I find it both effective and personal and if ever an issue is too complicated to resolve over chat I get a call”
    • “We have another software vendor that we deal with and they are so incredibly difficult - it's like night and day. Your tech support is great”
    • “It was exactly what I needed, super fast, and definitely above and beyond”
    • “They have always been extremely responsive”!
    • “Prompt, quality service”
    • “This is the best support experience I have EVER had on any type of project”
    • “Superb customer service experience”
    • “Very fast response and thorough solution. I couldn't be happier with the support”
  • Conclusion: Win - Win
    • Chat provides us many efficiencies
    • Provides clients with a high-touch, instant avenue for assistance
    • Average Response Times consistently in the minutes in large part due to chat
    • Clients and Techs love the tool
  • Follow Parature On