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How IGN Entertainment Increased Self-Service Rates to Over 90% Using Parature Customer Service Software
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How IGN Entertainment Increased Self-Service Rates to Over 90% Using Parature Customer Service Software






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  • Script to come.
  • Your support site should not look like a data dump. Your customers want to feel like you care about their questions and not think you just want them to read and go away.
  • Customers most often complain “there is no way to contact anyone”. Don’t fight it. Put the Contact Us up front, handle the rest in the backend as explained in later slides.
  • Customers most often complain “there is no way to contact anyone”. Don’t fight it. Put the Contact Us up front, handle the rest in the backend as explained in later slides.
  • You do not need to pay CSRs to answer simple questions like “how to change your password”. Assertive use of auto responders allows you to use your CSRs for what we call “human intervention” questions. Where a CSR is required and no FAQ can answer that issue.
  • It’s important that you check back. Customers do not always realize that was your final answer. They “skim”.
  • #’s Taken from one of 9 departments – Direct2Drive

How IGN Entertainment Increased Self-Service Rates to Over 90% Using Parature Customer Service Software How IGN Entertainment Increased Self-Service Rates to Over 90% Using Parature Customer Service Software Presentation Transcript

  • “How IGN Entertainment Increased Self-Service Rates to Over 90% Using Parature Customer Service Software”Chris Henderson, Senior Manager, Customer Service, IGN Entertainment Bob Rosenau, Director Sales, Western Region, Parature
  • Parature
    Parature is a global leader in on-demand software (SaaS) for customer service and support
    Parature enables organizations to:
    Reduce the cost of supporting their customers
    Have a 360 view of customer issues
    Retain their customers
    Improve customer loyalty
    Generate more revenue from their base
    Deliver “great” customer service
  • 800 Customers Across All Industries
    Gaming and Digital Media
    Business Services
    View slide
  • The Customer Has Never Been More Important!
    In light of sales teams selling less - organizations are focused on:
    Customer retention
    Customer upsell and cross sell opportunities
    Lifetime value of a customer
    Overall revenue from the customer base
    View slide
  • Service Has Become A Major Differentiator
    Improving the customer experience
    Multi-channel support
    Providing support in the manner by which the customer wants it
    Reducing customer effort
    Delivering on the promise of first contact resolution
    The result is reduced frustration
    Increasing customer loyalty
    By reducing customer effort you increase customer loyalty
    Increased loyalty is a game changer
  • Parature: An Integrated Support Suite
    Delivering Multi-Channel Support
    For your CSR’s to Manage All Customer Interactions
    Metrics &Reports
    Deploy Surveys
    Your CSR
    Your Customer
    Knowledge-base and FAQ’s
    360º Customer History
    Intelligent Workflow
    Service Desk
  • Helping Customers Help Themselves
  • …Backed by an Intuitive, Intelligent System
    Parature lets you:
    • Define hierarchical ticketing queues and personalized routing rules
    • Program auto-responses for repetitive inquiries
    • Establish an integrated internal knowledge base
    • Manage tasks and time-based alerts to ensure adherence to SLA thresholds
    • Report upon CSR productivity
    • Incorporate customer data to ensure “One View of the Customer”
    • Collect and analyze customer feedback
    • Integrate ticketing data with customer records and chat windows
    • …update your customer portal with each and every mouse click
  • Support for Every Facebook Fan Page.
    Parature for
    • Monitor, listen and engage with your customers on your Facebook Fan Page.
    • Your Customers can get Support right on your Facebook Fan Page.
    • Your Customers can share their positive support experiences through their friend’s streams.
    Confidential - Parature
  • IGN Customer Service
    Great Service within the budget.
    Customer Service in a growing marketplace needs to keep the costs of support down while increasing the level of customer satisfaction. See how IGN aligns Great Customer Service with a budget that suits business needs.
    Presenter: Chris Henderson
  • 12
    Who is IGN Entertainment?
    IGN Entertainment is a network of sites in the video game entertainment industry. We provides sites and services as well as digital product. We offer subscription services and ecommerce retail sites for Digital Distribution.
    We capture one of the top concentration of men ages 18-34 online*, driving over 37.2MM unique views and 532MM page views each month with leading sites including IGN and AskMen. For millions of guys, we have cemented our reputation as an authoritative voice on games, entertainment and men's lifestyle by delivering sharp opinions and ground-breaking visual content.
    You might have caught a few of our brands on the first slide footer:
  • What are the moving parts of Great Service?
    Creativity, technology and a clear strategy to provide optimal service.
    • Design for success – Customer friendly, brand friendly and easy to use support sites.
    • What powers support:
    • Queues that make sense of priorities.
    • Ticket Actions – Efficiency is key!
    • Routing Rules that do all the work.
    • Time Sensitive Alerts (TSA) that act as additional staff.
    • Tracking and reporting – Find out what works and what doesn’t.
  • 14
    Design for Success
    Does your support site look like your brand or is it a generic looking place that is cold and unfamiliar? Does it immediately welcome customers and offer easy to use features?
    Branding is important. Your customers feel connected to you and not pushed to a third party.
  • 15
    Design for Success
    Is your support site easy to use and customer friendly? Most customers do not want to read, they want a person to help them. Do you offer them an alternative and entice them in to your support?
  • 16
    Design for Success
    Give customers what they need. Articles that make sense and are worth looking at. Pictures do speak a thousand words!
    Be creative. Use as little text as possible. We don’t use links, we use buttons! Buttons are more likely to get a click than a text link.
    Pictures that give direction and point out what the customer should see are much easier to follow than paragraphs of words.
  • 17
    Powered by Parature
    Parature provides a backend ticket management system that enables your CSRs to work at their highest level of efficiency . Parature also allows you to lower your hiring needs by performing “as a CSR”.
    With proper use of the system you increase customer satisfaction by serving customers more efficiently.
    Tools include:
    • Ticket Queues
    • Custom Work Flows
    • Routing Rules
    • Auto responders
    • Time Sensitive Alerts
  • 18
    Powered by Parature – Ticket Queues
    Your ticket queues are for you and your team. Use them wisely. They can be used to prioritize issues for your CSRs. Your queues save you time and give you a quick view of what issues are open.
    Our CSRs work from the top down. Clearly understanding the priority of our support issues. This enables CSRs to work efficiently and be successful in their SLA* goals.
    *SLA – Service Level Agreement is the time it takes to respond to a customer ticket. You set this goal in Parature to measure.
  • 19
    Powered by Parature – Custom Work Flows
    Ticket Actions are what help your CSRs work efficiently and dictates how that ticket is routed. At IGN use a unique method for handling these. We use a “solved status” and “reopen” to take the ticket out or bring it back in to queues.
    Many customer service teams keep all tickets open until closed. If you do this, you are forcing your CSRs to manually recheck each ticket for a response when there may never be one. Let Parature do the work and let your CSRs work on truly “open” tickets.
    These are samples of our Ticket Action buttons. The first are Admins only, the second is what a CSR sees. These are custom actions for our specific needs.
  • 20
    Powered by Parature – Routing Rules
    After Custom Work Flow, the most important thing you will do is write routing rules with auto responders. This is how you reach your customer that didn’t choose to read but whose issue is simple without using CSR time. Some important tips:
    Clearly state “This is an auto response”. Don’t insult your customer or try to trick them into thinking a CSR responded.
    Be brief. In your auto response point to the articles your customer *should* have read. Too long and they won’t read your auto response either.
    Keep your roadmap in mind as you route these into certain queues. (roadmap sample in upcoming slide)
    MOST IMPORTANT: If you have this auto response go to solved status, prompt your customer to respond immediately if the answer did not help. Customers need to know you think this solves their issue and if not, they need to reply. (more on this in the next slide)
  • 21
    Powered by Parature – Time Sensitive Alerts
    TSAs not only move your tickets into queues and change statuses but can act as extra staff by communicating with your customers.
    How IGN uses TSA’s:
    • Check with a customer in “solved status” to see if they need anymore help.
    • Prompt customers to come back and give us feedback.
    • To send a warning a customer that we are about to close their ticket due to lack of response.
    • To move tickets using a timer. Example: Reopened tickets over 6 hours old are moved into a PRIORITY queue.
    • Up to the minute communication without needing a CSR to take action. Such as setting a TSA to communicate to a group of customers based on criteria. The TSA will respond to them all if you set it to.*
    * TSAs can be set by almost any criteria. Based on ticket fields, key words, anything in your system. You can customize TSAs for specific customers, issues, whatever you choose.
  • 22
    Ticket Management - Roadmap
  • 23
    Feedback and Reporting
    We’ve covered the action items that power your support. Now you need to know if they are effective and what you need to improve on. Reporting is the most comprehensive way to find out.
    This is not a lesson in how to run reports though. What we want to impress upon you is the importance of using reports to know where you fail your customers and where you succeed. For example, customer feedback:
    We track what customers think and what we can improve on as well as how we are doing week after week.
  • 24
    Reporting to improve performance
    We track our SLA and what impacted it. Here you can see one of our support sites and the queues as we prioritize them.
    Using SLA reporting we re-examine how we can improve our service and recommendations. For example:
    • Did we need to update an auto responder with more current information?
    • Do CSRs need coaching on efficiency in their work flow?
    • Are there issues that customers report that we can share with Product Managers that drive customers to support? We can provide important insight into service issues that can be addressed by engineering and reduce customer dissatisfaction.
  • 25
    Results that illustrate our success
    Our auto responders handle more than 30% of our support requests.
    90% of visitors never opened a ticket. It’s all about presentation!
    Reporting allowed us to reduce incidents more than 50% by showing product managers the impact of site issues on our support which translates into poor experience on the site. This helped drive change!
  • 26
    Q & A
    Summary of what drives costs down and satisfaction up:
    • Design for success
    • User Friendly
    • Brand Aware
    • Easy and inviting to use.
    • Behind the scene:
    • Queues that help your CSRs work more efficiently.
    • Ticket Actions that route “no brainers” into solved status.
    • Routing Rules that make sense to customers.
    • Time Sensitive Alerts (TSA) that keep the communication open.
    • Reporting – knowing what does and does not work and making appropriate adjustments.
    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me: chenderson@ign.com
  • Questions?
    Follow Parature on