Bridging the Gap Between Government and Citizens for Support


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  • An “Information-Centric” approach – Moves us from managing “documents” to managing discrete pieces of open data and content which can be tagged, shared, secured, mashed up and presented in the way that is most useful for the consumer of that information.A “Shared Platform” approach – Helps us work together, both within and across agencies, to reduce costs, streamline development, apply consistent standards, and ensure consistency in how we create and deliver information.A “Customer-Centric” approach – Influences how we create, manage, and present data through websites, mobile applications, raw data sets, and other modes of delivery, and allows customers to shape, share and consume information, whenever and however they want it.
  • We’ve been a leader in the customer service software industry for over 10 years and known as a leader in the industry. Not only do we provide a leading SaaS solution we also support our customers with a world-class support experience. We live our mantra, Customer Service Software that Revolves Around You, our customers. Through our experience not only building the tools but also using them ourselves, we’ve been able to develop a wealth of best practices. Which is why I’m here today, I want to share our knowledge on building a repeatable process to source content for a successful knowledgebase in a multi-channel experience.[SLIDE][45 seconds]
  • It is crucial for government agencies to adapt to current and emerging citizen engagement methods by embracing a multi-channel support approach that allows the public to reach out via the channel of their choice and (2) allows government agencies to manage multi-channel connectivity efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • This is a chart demonstrating the industry trends in evolution of customersupport channels. As we all know, the phone has been in use for decades as a customer-support channel and continues to be used still. At the same time, latest technology trends are also driving expectations in customers service. In this day and age, you really have to be able to handle most if not all of these channels for support, and Parature will help you do that.
  • Let’s define what a multi-channel support experience is. The multi-channel experience is an important part of any service strategy. It defines how your customers look to interact with your company, whether through, for example, web, phone, chat, search, or social. The goal is that the experience for you customers should be consistent regardless of the channel they choose. This is important because it needs to influence how you think about knowledge management. Throughout the next couple of slides, you should be thinking about each channel your customers use to reach out to you, and how delivering content through each of these channel affects what people are looking for, how the content should be formatted and to what audience the content should target.You want to ensure you’re delivering a consistent message but tailoring it appropriately for the channels you support.[SLIDE][1:30]
  • Full-Service Online Support: For those who cannot find the information they need via self-service content, they can easily submit a help desk ticket, track its progress at their convenience, and receive an automatic email notification when their help ticket is resolved.
  • Self-Service Online Support: The Parature Portal provides comprehensive and secure 24/7 support presence that matches your agency or department’s unique branding and needs.From the cloud-based support portal, visitors have immediate access to an intuitive and searchable knowledgebase where they can easily access the information your agency wants or needs to provide, including answers to frequently-asked questions, policies and procedures, downloadable forms, laws and regulations, fact sheets, the latest information updates and more.
  • Increased Efficiency: When the public can find the answers and information they need without contacting a member of your service and support staff directly, it significantly reduces the number of phone calls and emails, increasing productivity.
  • Bridging the Gap Between Government and Citizens for Support

    1. 1. Bridging the Gap BetweenGovernment and Citizens for Support Duke Chung Co-Founder, Parature, Inc. @parature
    2. 2. OPEN GOVERNMENT & 21st CENTURYCitizens Federal GovernmentLearn and become active Createparticipants in how the transparency, participatiogovernment functions n and collaboration• Customer-centric approach provide easy, multi-channel communication with citizens• Information-centric approach• Do more with less
    3. 3. WHO IS PARATUREHeadquartered in Herndon, Virginia40 government offices, 10 federal agencies, 5 system integrators3,000 commercial brandsSupports 50 million end usersProvides award-winning, cloud-based customerservice software6 consecutive years on Inc. Magazine’s 500 | 5000 List
    4. 4. WHY DO CUSTOMERS COMPLAIN? 66%70%60%50% 35%40% 29% 23%30%20%10%0% Time to issue Consistency Cost of Lack of self- resolution of experience service service information Source: Aberdeen Group, 2012
    5. 5. POWER SHIFT TO CITIZENSCitizens are now looking to new service channels before picking up the phone email knowledgebase Why other channels? • Long hold times • Multiple contacts to resolve one issue • Inconsistent answers from different people
    6. 6. WHAT THE CUSTOMERS WANT 70% 89% 91% 50% of customer go to an would use an online of “How do I …?”decisions begin on organization’s knowledgebase if it calls and emails could search engines. website for were available and be deflected to self- answers and tailored to their service channels information. needs. accessible through web support portals.
    7. 7. WHY GO MULTI-CHANNEL? 58%60%50% 35%40% 22%30%20%10%0% To provide service and Changing customer To improve customer support where expectations engagement customers are active Source: Aberdeen Group, 2012
    8. 8. YOU’LL NEED A MULTI-CHANNEL STRATEGYUnderstandAdaptEmbraceEngageContinuously Adapt
    9. 9. ORGANIZATIONS ARE PLANNING NOWPLANNED IN 12 MONTHSSelf-service knowledge base 52% Email 45% Voice 44% Social Media 38% Live Chat 36% Communities 29% Mobile Apps 28% Mobile Web 25% Voice Self-service 21% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Source: Aberdeen Group, 2012
    10. 10. HOW WE GOT HERE TODAY• Support channel preferences are evolving with each generation. 2012+ Mobile• New technology trends can Social Customer impact customer service 2009+ behavior. Service Facebook, Twitter, Other Social Channels• Understand who your end users are and determine how they 2005+ Web Channels prefer to be supported. Ticket, Chat, Feedback, Communities• A combination of channels will be most effective. 2000+ Self-Service Source: SSPA and Wikipedia knowledgebase 1996+ Email Support Pre- 1995 Phone & Fax Support
    11. 11. MULTI-CHANNEL SERVICE EXPERIENCE email Self-service Businesses Agency knowledgebasein person Citizens fax Open Government
    12. 12. CITIZENS GO TO THE WEB FOR INFO • The public needs to feel they can contact the organization if needed • Most people go to the web to look for phone numbers already • Submitting online inquiries is becoming commonplace among citizens looking for help • Responsiveness is important • No one wants their question to get lost in a black hole • Provide updates for the status of the issue
    13. 13. SELF-SERVICE KNOWLEDGEBASE • Information-centric approach • Always accessible and available 365/24/7self-serviceknowledgebase thru on online support portal • What to include? • FAQs, Policies, Procedures, Downloadable Forms, Laws, Regulations, Fact Sheets, Updates, News, Etc… • Don’t worry, it will grow! • Through new inbound questions, you’ll have an opportunity to harvest new content quickly • Understand what your citizens are looking for
    14. 14. LIVE CHAT SUPPORT• Provide real-time, personalized response• Increase staff efficiency • Able to handle multiple interactions at once• Allows citizens to get immediate help if they can’t find the answer they’re looking for• Chat is flexible, and can be incorporated throughout your website for a seamless end user experience• Increase time to resolution • Immediate resolution improves satisfaction ratings
    15. 15. UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA• Monitor and respond via Facebook and Twitter• Increasing public adoption of social media• People don’t just use it to connect with friends • Viewed as a direct access channel to organizations• Public perception is influenced by others• Create brand ambassadors• Unanswered questions cause a snowball effect• Create keyword-based monitoring for actionable issue escalation, as a filter for social noise
    16. 16. SELF-SERVICE IN FACEBOOK • Extend 24/7 self-service to Facebook • Use the same external support FAQs within your social pages • The public is comfortable here, don’t send them somewhere else • Reduce negative comments with a support presence • Give the official answer, rather than letting others give wrong advice
    17. 17. GATHER FEEDBACK AND COLLECT DATA • Survey says: • Proactively collect opinions • Uncover trending issues in support processes • Provide valuable opinions for the entire agency • Immediate feedback: • Collect feedback during or right after any support interaction • Engage the public in their opinion when they are mentally engaged in a support issue • Provide a simple, quick way to rate experiences
    18. 18. INCREASE EFFICIENCY Moreknowledgebase = Drives up to 90% self-service adoption content Citizens are Reduce repetitive able to find their own = inbound phone calls and emails for staffanswers online Citizens find Increase customer their answers within a few = satisfaction, time to resolution clicks
    19. 19. UNDERSTAND YOUR CITIZENSA 360 degree view:• Metrics provide the roadmap for improvement• Understand the end user experience• Report on each step in the support loop to address efficiencies• Drive customer satisfaction and close costly loopholes
    20. 20. SUMMARY• Customer-centric approach provide easy, multi-channel communication with citizens• Information-centric approach• Do more with less
    21. 21. IT’S WHAT THE CUSTOMERS THINK 80% 8% of CEOs think they of their customers deliver a superior actually agree. customer experience. - IBM Corporation Parature’s experience with both our Public Sector and Commercialcustomers has led to our multi-channel support philosophy, with a strong focus on the end-user experience.
    22. 22. CONTACT USThank You! Chung Corporate Suite B Dulles Technology Dr.Herndon, VA 20171