23 Startling Social Media Statistics


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23 Startling Social Media Statistics

  1. 23 Startling Social MediaStatistics
  2. Gartner predicts that by year’send, more than 60% of Fortune500 companies will “activelyengage” customers withFacebook marketing, up from20% in the fourth quarter of2011
  3. of the world’s online population is reached by social networkingsites, representing 1.2 billion users around the world (Source: comScore)
  4. LinkedIn boasts more than 150 million members, includingexecutives from all 2011Fortune 500 companies (Source: LinkedIn)
  5. Twitter has 140 millionactive users, who post a total of 340 million tweets every day (Source: The Next Web)
  6. Nearly 1 in every 5 minutes spent online around the world is now spent on social networking sites (Source: ComScore)
  7. Only 25% of business-runsocial media accounts aredefined by meaningfulcustomer engagementand consistent contentdistribution(Altimeter Study)
  8. of customers have used social media in the past year to get a customer service responseOf the seventeen percent: 50%- Seek a response from a company to help you with a service issue 48%- Praise a company for a great service experience 47%- Share information about your service experience with a broader audience 46%- Vent frustration with a bad customer service experience 43%- Ask questions of other users about how to get better service 35%- Seek rec. from others about great service establishments 33%- Praise an individual for providing a great service experience (American Express 2012 Customer Barometer)
  9. Most companies that use social media use Facebook or Twitter (Source: JD Power and Associates Study)
  10. Customers who engage with companies over social media spend 20% to 40% more money with those companies than(Bain & Company Report)other customers.
  11. 40% of the consumers who click the“like” button on a company’s Facebook page do not think that their action should give that company the right to market to them via their News Feed
  12. An average of460,000 new Twitteraccounts are created every day
  13. Over a third of online respondents who interact with brands on the internet do so to complain
  14. Customers on Twitter directly requesting assistance 20% 17% voicing general discontent voicing general praise5% voicing a possible request for assistance 19% 39% posting for other reasons (Source: CSI/YouGov/Brandwatch Study)
  15. More than 20%of consumers use social mediato seek information or to find deals or recommendations (Source: JD Power and Associates Study)
  16. For customers the most widely adoptedtype of social media is social network sites. Facebook has the highest adoption rate, followed by LinkedIn. (Source: JD Power and Associates Study)
  17. Half of companies surveyed respond tocomments, regardless of whether they’re positive, negative, or neutral (Source: JD Power and Associates Study)
  18. More than 25 % of globalcompanies havea closed wall on Facebook (Source: SocialBakers Study)
  19. 55% of businesses I-G-N-O-R-Ecustomer feedbackprovided over social media (Source: Satmetrix Study)
  20. 60% of customers feel companies have generally improved their response timesover social media channels(Source: American Express 2012 Customer Barometer)
  21. Global corporations are struggling to manage an average of 178 business-relatedsocial media accounts (Source: Altimeter Study)
  22. Facebook hasover 845 million monthly active users (Source: Facebook)
  23. 79% of 86% European of U.S.online adults engage with social media (Source: Forrester)
  24. 68% of customers in the UK and 61% of customers in France believe thatcustomer service departments should be responsible for social customer service (Source: Eptica Study)
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