Why YOU should join Wingify!


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What makes Wingify one of the best startups in India to work for!

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Why YOU should join Wingify!

  1. 1. Dear candidate, why should you join a bootstrapped software company? Hint: to do what you never thought could be done by mere mortals… June 2014
  2. 2. Wingify growth over last 3 years! Without any external funding
  3. 3. Unstoppable Growth! Website Visitors Free Trials
  4. 4. 3700+ active paying customers in 75+ countries We have a handful of Indian customers too :)
  5. 5. Key Wins! A sample of interesting stuff we’ve done. We concentrate mostly on inbound, content based marketing…
  6. 6. https://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com/what-is-ab-testing/ Animated Landing page: 20,000+ visitors and 500+ shares!
  7. 7. http://bit.ly/9dqYYD Blockbuster blog posts: 1000+ shares on twitter!
  8. 8. Who tweets about us?
  9. 9. Organic growth on Social Media! Twitter followers: 3300+
  10. 10. Economic Times, (April 2011) Red Herring Asia Finalist ‘11 Mint full page coverage (April 2013) Story by TechCrunch (Sept 2010) Times of India, (May 2011) NASSCOM Emerge 50 Finalist ‘11 Who writes about us?
  11. 11. All this was done by______ A team of 20 people with zero external funding! Today, as of June 2014, we are 50+ strong And doing many more interesting things.
  12. 12. Why are we doing all this? We want to be the most respected software product company to come out of India Honestly, Milky Way is the real limit :)
  13. 13. Happy Souls: 50+ Customers: 3700+ Send your CV to: careers@wingify.com Interested in joining us? Revenue: $X,000,000 Funding: cos(π/2)
  14. 14. Need more reasons to join us? • Above-market salaries • No dress-code, no fixed office-timings, work from home any day • Annual company sponsored trip to Beach city (Bangkok in 2011, Goa in 2012, Sri Lanka in 2013) • Free health insurance for the family • 4.5 days/week working (Friday evenings for fun) • Hackathons and training sessions • Company sponsored lunch Send your CV to: careers@wingify.com
  15. 15. Thanks! See you in our Delhi office :) http://www.wingify.com/
  16. 16. Useful Resources • Team Blog: http://team.wingify.com/ – Full of glimpses into our culture • Careers @ Wingify: http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com/careers.php – Open positions at Wingify • Engineering blog: http://engineering.wingify.com/ • Visual Website Optimizer: http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com/ – Product website and blog • The story behind Wingify: http://www.slideshare.net/paraschopra/wingify-story