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ParaScale At The HostingCon Show


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Best practices in creating a cloud storage offering. Designed to assist service providers in evaluating cloud storage platforms.

Best practices in creating a cloud storage offering. Designed to assist service providers in evaluating cloud storage platforms.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Cloud Storage Trends
    Making Money in 2009
    Cameron Bahar
    Founder & CTO
    August 12th, 2009
  • 2. Cloud Storage – The Big Picture
    Cloud Applications
    • Growing rapidly
    • 3. Well understood
    Cloud App
    Cloud Compute - Crowded
    • Relying on the heavy lifting from VMware and Xen
    • 4. Scale commodity compute
    • 5. Flexibly slice and manage
    Cloud Compute
    Cloud Storage
    Storage Intensive App Ecosystem
    Cloud Storage - Emerging
    • Analogous to cloud computing
    • 6. Scale commodity storage
    • 7. Flexibly slice and manage
    ParaScale - the VMware / Xen of Cloud Storage?
  • 8. Thinking about Cloud Services? Storage is the Starting Place
    “Cloud storage is the low-hanging opportunity; cloud compute is harder” Tier-1 Research
    There is no recession for data growth
    Customers are open to the conversation
    It’s about saving money, an economic, not a technology sale
    Tier-1 Research – Cloud Infrastructure Services 1: Managed Hosters
  • 9. Cloud Storage – Provider Segmentation
    Potential Entry Models
    Average Monthly
    Compete on
    © 2007--2009 ParaScale, Inc. Cupertino, California; CONFIDENTIAL; Page 4
  • 10. Integrated Cloud Service Providers
    Speed adoption – Go to where the data is today
    Standard protocols enable development-free transitions to cloud storage
    Move legacy data and applications to a hosted model
    Economic sale, not technology
    Help customers avoid storage CAPEX
    Custom REST APIS
    Standard WAN
    Standard LAN
    Worldwide Unstructured Data Capacity
    Conceptual Representation
  • 11. Integrated Cloud Service Providers Differentiate on Support
    Full service and support
    Become a cloud transition advisor to your customers
    Perform the installation and application migration
    Deliver enterprise SLAs
    Provide excellent support
  • 12. Integrated Cloud Service Providers Differentiate on Offerings
    Build shared or dedicated clouds, offer application services, the customer decides
    Host dedicated clouds for security
    Offer on-premise managed storage clouds
    Offer multi-tenant clouds for economy
    The “Mass Providers” only offer one-size-fits-all
  • 13. Carpathia Hosting
    Hosted Private Clouds
    Different cloud services vs. Amazon’s one-size-fits-all megacloud
    Enterprise and government customers get cloud economies – without owning the infrastructure, but with the isolation they want
    “We see tremendous demand from our customers for ‘cloud bursting’”
    “We have been working closely with ParaScale to allow us to blend the benefits of traditional hosted solutions with cloud technology.”
  • 14. Integrated Cloud Service Providers Example Use Cases
    Disaster Recovery
    Customer off-site backup storage
    Shared storage for cloud compute
    Massive repository for customer and golden VM images
    Healthcare record storage
    Enables access from anywhere, with appropriate physical security, isolation, work processes
    Video file storage with transcoding
    Automated system integrated with compute
    CDN origin storage
    A practical, affordable alternative to mainstream $$$ CDNs
  • 15. Cloud Storage Components
    You Need to Consider All Three Components
    CloudStorage Infrastructure
  • 16. The Data Access Layer
    You need both WAN and LAN access
    HTTP, WebDAV and FTP are the current standards
    REST is the future; but which REST?
    Fast LAN access to “where the data is today”
    The quickest path to revenue is standard protocols
    Don’t try to force your customers to change for your infrastructure
  • 17. The Data Access Layer
    Avoid Proprietary Interfaces
    Custom REST APIs require custom clients
    Ask yourself who is building and maintaining these clients?
    Will they keep up with changing operating systems and devices?
    Will my customers accept installing this software on their systems?
    Will backup and application vendors write to this API?
    Stick to standards and avoid regrets down the road
  • 18. The Storage Infrastructure Layer
    Cloud Storage is about storing data in a flexible and economical way
    Without storing data, it’s not cloud storage
    Software running on commodity hardware
    Leverage your preferred vendor relationships
    Repurpose existing hardware
  • 19. The Storage Infrastructure Layer
    Cloud Storage requires simple scale out and automated data management
    Look for a solution that can grow with your business
    Plan for end-to-end multi-site management
    Secure multi-tenancy is a must
    Consider the ramifications of massive growth
  • 20. Billing and Provisioning API
    The solution should integrate with your environment
    Don’t be forced to implement yet another portal interface
    Consider how you will automate the end-to-end customer lifecycle
    Leverage SOAP or REST APIs
  • 21. Cloud Storage Deployment Strategy
  • 22. Understand Your Market
    Take a hard look at your customers and your capabilities before you decide on how to play in the cloud market
    Avoid “build it and you will get run over” strategies
    Focus on your core competency and current customer base
    Understand the amount of data you intend to store for your customers
  • 23. Determine the Scope of Your Offerings
    What other cloud services are already available and how will you compete?
    Will you use different performance characteristics and SLAs to create different clouds or services?
    Will you replicate data to distributed sites?
    When you succeed will the architecture scale?
  • 24. Differentiate Your Offering
    It’s about more than storage
    In the end customers have applications driving storage requirements
    Integrate the complete stack and reduce your infrastructure spend and provide increased value
  • 25. Always perform a proof of concept within your environment
    Don’t believe the hype
    Your team will be deploying and using this solution for many years
    Vendor performance and scale benchmarks are often corner use-cases
    Simple to manage is easy to claim, proving it requires hands-on testing
    Download the free version today
  • 26. Simple Standard Data Access
    Provisioning & Billing
    Changing the Economics of Bulk File and Content Storage
    Storage Infrastructure
    Differentiated Offerings
    For more information: