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Why would someone want to hire an engineer to prepare a design when a c...
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  1. 1. Professional Engineers For Home Inspection Service Why would someone want to hire an engineer to prepare a design when a contractor can do it? Engineering costs more, right? With cost effective engineering, the total cost of the project can be less – much less. Take the example of the mansion with 1st floor framing damaged by insects under the dining room and sloping living room floor. The contractor’s proposed fix-up was to place new beams under the entire first floor and relocate the water supply and heating piping to accommodate the new beams at a cost of $40,000. When our engineering team looked at the project, our reaction was that a new beam was needed only under the insect damaged area. Several new columns at strategic locations were also needed. They did not need beams under entire floor and certainly did not need to relocate the plumbing. Estimated cost to do this work, including engineering: $5,000. Now that’s cost effective engineering inspection! During a recent home inspection service our engineering team’s licensed professional engineer discovered a crawl space that needed inspection. It was a 6,000 sq. ft. house in three sections – though neglected, the construction was solid. The lower level consisted of a walkout finished basement, a basement utility room and this crawl space. There was no obvious access to the crawl space from the outside, basement or interior. Chasing crawl spaces is above and beyond the standards of practice for the average home inspector (law effective January 1, 2010). This home inspection is a good example of the difference between hiring a home inspector vs. a professional engineer for your home inspection service – the professional engineer will go the extra mile. Buying a house will be the biggest personal investment that most of us make. Professional inspection engineers are legally qualified to provide opinions of structural adequacy, something regular home inspectors are prohibited from doing. So when you buy a house, getting it evaluated by is the best way to insure you get the most qualified inspection possible. Our home inspection engineering team will help you understand the current condition of the home and also establish a 10 year maintenance plan. In my lifetime, there has been no better time to buy a house. The combination of low market prices, low interest rates and a high inventory of good quality homes makes this an ideal time to purchase your new home. Please contact us for more information about ParamountCE home inspection services at