Corporate chanakya final


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Corporate chanakya final

  1. 1. ABOUT THE AUTHOR  Radhakrishnan Pillai studied the ancient text “Kautilya’s Arthashastra” at Chinmaya International Foundation, Kerala, under the guidance of Dr. Gangadharan Nair.  Educated in the field of management and consultancy, he later proceeded to do his MA in Sanskrit and obtained a doctorate degree in the Arthashastra.
  2. 2. CHANAKYA  Chanakya, who lived in 3rd Century BC, was a leadership guru par excellence. His ideas on how to identify leaders and groom them to govern a country has been well documented in his book Kautilya’s Arthashastra.  He was responsible to bring down the Nanda dynasty and establish his able  student Chandragupta Maurya on the throne as the emperor. Hence he is called a King Maker
  3. 3. POWER Intellectual power, man power, financial power, power of enthusiasm and morale “For the king there is danger of revolt in the interior or in the outer regions.’’ “Control over the senses, which are motivated by training in the sciences,should be secured by giving up lust, anger, greed, pride, arrogance and overexcitement.’’ If the king is energetic,his subjects will be equally energetic.If he is slack, his subjects will also be lazy, thereby eating into his wealth.’’ “The king,the minister,the country,the fortified city, the treasury, the army,and the ally are the constituent elements of the state.’’-Seven pillars of business. Success is threefold-that attainable by the power of counsel is success by counsel, that attainable by power of might is success by might,that attainable by power of energy is success by energy.’’
  4. 4. QUALITIES OF A LEADER• “He (leader) should constantly hold an inspection of their works, men being inconstant in their minds.’’• “Just as an elephant, blinded by intoxication and mounted by an intoxicated driver, crushes whatever it finds, so the king, not possessed of the eye of science, and blind, has risen to destroy the citizens and the country people.’’• “He should hear every urgent matter,not put it off. An affair postponed becomes difficult to settle or even impossible to settle.’’• “Bravery, resentment,quickness and dexterity – these are the qualities of energy.’’
  5. 5. COMPETITION “After ascertaining the relative strength or weakness of powers, place, time, revolts in rear, loses, expenses, gains and troubles, of himself and of the enemy, the conqueror should march ahead.’’ “The enemies should not come to know of his secrets; he should, however, find out the weakness of the enemy.He should conceal as a tortoise does his limbs, any limb of his own that may have become exposed.’’ Time comes but once to a man waiting for an opportunity; that time is difficult for that man to get again when he wants to do his work.’’
  6. 6. TO AVOID Reasons for dissatisfaction of subjects : discarding the good and favouring the wicked. By starting unrighteous injuries not current before, by indulgence in impiety and suppression of piety, by doing acts that ought not to be done By ruining rightfull acts, by not giving what ought to be given and securing what ought not to be given to him. By doing harm to principal men and dishonouring those worthy of honour, by opposing the elders, by partiality and falsehood. By the negligence and indolence of the king and because of the destruction of well being decline, greed and disaffection are produced in the subjects.
  8. 8. EMPLOYEES Safety and Security  Security Above Salary Selecting the Right Managers  Command Promotion Deciding Rank  Make People Accountable Stopping Attrition  Safety in any Deal Making Changing Jobs  Welcoming back Ex Workers The First Step  Don’t Beat Around the Bush Death on Duty  Total Quality Control Taking Care of Employees  Take Initiative  Want to be a good boss?
  9. 9. FINANACE Net profit Counts  Proper Accounts Take Care of Treasury in  Advance Money Difficult times  Paying Your Taxes Wages  Making Timely Payments Budgeting  Dirty Money Paying Taxes on Time  Money for Wealth Creation Profit Margin  Money for More Money  Road to wealth
  10. 10. TEAM WORK Security and Monitoring Systems  Want To succeed? Right Business Partner  Working Together Effective Meetings  Get Everyone Involved Planning a Business Trip  Power of Communication Public Relations  Stopping Fights Honour Men with Qualities  Team Work A Good Meeting  Brainstorming Finish what you have Started  Teaming up to Succeed  Common Purpose
  11. 11. STRATEGY Requirement of Information  A Stable Organization Principles of Management  Working in New Regions Keep an Open Mind  Intelligence Management Managing Multiple Projects  Organizational Planning Politics and Politicians  The Best and the Better Constantly Educate Yourself  Time Management Disaster Management  Ensuring Growth Timing it Right  Land as an Alternative Asset Corporate Social Responsibility  Crime Planners
  12. 12.  Trainees Boss Organisation Advice
  13. 13.  Training children. • The right attitude. Catch them young. • Learning something new. Do not corrupt. • Are you really an active Degrees alone are not person. enough. • Advice to modern Trainees. Mixing up the old and new.
  14. 14.  Asset to the Boss. Identifying Potential Leaders. Choosing Right Path. Working with powerful person. Never force anyone.
  15. 15.  Self Discipline. Cleanliness at Work. Setting up System. Decision Making.
  16. 16.  The Correct Advice. The Power Behind The King. Advice of Consultant. Greatest Opportunity.
  17. 17. THANK YOU