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explained about malls management taking mantri mall as an example from operations management perspective.

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  • Mantri mall by param

    1. 1. Mantri Square Mall -By group members Priya laxmi mohanta Priyanka sen Priyanka singh Parameswarao Pankaj
    2. 2. Play video 1st one
    3. 3. Mall management @ India• The Indian retail market is expected to continue its growth trajectory into 2011. Mall management has been identified as a critical factor for the success of malls and the retail industry across the world.• Mall management broadly includes mall – positioning, zoning, tenant mix, promotions/ – marketing and facility/finance management.• Currently, the Indian retail market lacks designated mall management firms.• Large real estate developers and retail chains either have their own mall management arms operating as subsidiaries or have contractual agreements with international property consultants.• Till recently, mall management was limited to facility management by a majority of developers in India, leading to gaps in mall management practices.• Given the high future supply of malls and increasing competitiveness within the Indian retail market, developers must correctly address these gaps to ensure success.
    4. 4. What is Mall Management?• Globally, mall management broadly includes: positioning a mall zoning – formulating the right tenant mix and its placement in a mall promotions and marketing facility management – infrastructure, traffic and ambience management finance management
    5. 5. Positioning a Mall - location of the shopping mall Positioning a mall refers to defining the category of services offered based on demographics, psychographics, income levels, competition in neighbouring areas and extensive market research of the catchment.• For example, if the market research indicates that the average number of households living in a particular area belongs to the upper middle class, then a high- end retail mall would suit the location.• Positioning also refers to the location of the shopping mall. A good location defined in terms of factors like ease of access via roads, good visibility, etc. is considered as one of the prime prerequisites for a mall.
    6. 6. Zoning – the division of mall space into zones for the placement of various retailers• Tenant mix refers to the combination of retail shops occupying space in a mall.• A right tenant mix would form an gathering that produces optimum sales, rents, service to the community and financiability of the shopping mall venture.• Generally, there are two types of consumers visiting malls : 1).focused and 2).impulse buyers• The time spent by focused buyers in malls is relatively lower compared with impulse buyers who also enjoy window shopping.
    7. 7. • Formulating the right tenant mix based on zoning not only helps attract and retain shoppers by offering them multiple choices and satisfying multiple needs, but also facilitates the smooth movement of shoppers within the mall, avoiding clusters and bottlenecks.
    8. 8. Promotions and Marketing• Promotional activities and events in a mall form an integral part of mall management.• Activities like food festivals, handicraft exhibitions and celebrity visits increase foot traffic and in turn sales volumes.• Organising cultural events has time and again proved vital in attracting consumers to a mall.• Such activities may also act as a differentiator for a mall.
    9. 9. Facility Management• Facility management refers to the integration of people, place, process and technology in a building.• It also means optimal utilisation of resources to meet organisational needs.• It broadly includes: – 1. infrastructure, – 2.ambience and – 3.traffic management
    10. 10. 1.Infrastructure Management• Infrastructure management refers to the management of facilities provided to the tenants within the mall.• This includes: – provision of adequate power supply, – safety issues in case of emergency and – miscellaneous issues related to signage, water supply, sanitation, etc.
    11. 11. 2.Ambience Management• The overall shopping experience provided for consumers becomes an important factor for the success of any mall.• Ambience management includes management of parks, fountains and overall look of the mall.• A mall is not just a place for shopping but is alsoa place where people spend their leisure time.• Infavourable, lush green landscaping with seatingfacilities and the presence of food and beverageinside or outside the mall can increase foot traffic.
    12. 12. 3.Traffic Management• Traffic management includes managing foot traffic into the mall and parking facilities.• Foot traffic management involves crowd management inside the operational area of a mall.• The flow of people is related to the design of the mall and the spatial distribution of its tenants.• For example, a star-shaped mall tends to have a problem of crowding in the centre of the mall, as everyone has to pass through the centre while moving from one side to the other
    13. 13. Finance Management• Mall management also covers financial management, which involves monitoring and controlling of various issues such as: – cash receipts and collection of income including rentals, service charges, car park receipts, electricity and other utility income – developing accounting systems to track the ageing of debts, payment delay patterns, bad debts and payment of all invoices and expenses – developing standard financial templates so that a detailed annual property budget is prepared – at times, organising resources to deliver an efficient and effective annual external audit
    14. 14. Issues Related to Mall Management• Lack of Feasibility/Market Research: – Prior to the Development of a Mall – In the past, some malls were constructed without carrying out a rigorous due diligence exercise on their feasibility. The market scene is gradually changing wherein more and more developers are approaching property consultancy firms to conduct feasibility and positioning studies for their projects.• Design Issues : – At present, most of the popular malls have long queues and congestion outside their main entry points during weekends and festive seasons. Having only one entry and exit points also leads to overcrowding. Similarly, the visibility of retail units from all vantage points is poor in many malls.
    15. 15. Cont……• Facility Management – – Good infrastructure/facility management of common areas becomes a problem in malls where retail outlets are sold as strata title.• Parking – – Many malls in India do not have adequate parking. Since most malls are being built in the city, developers typically provide basement parking facilities. However, these parking spaces are inefficient due to low ceiling heights, bad lighting and single entry and exit points.• Few Promotional Activities – – There are very few promotional activities organised in the majority of malls at present. Developers perceive that these events only help increase foot traffic and not revenues.
    16. 16. • At 1.7 million sq.ft., Mantri Square is the largest mall in India and South Asia, developed by Mantri Developers and is located on Sampige road in Malleswaram.• The mall opened on March 1, 2010.• It has over 250 outlets, A 6-theater multiplex with a 71 seater Gold Class screen, operated by Inox Cinemas and a bowling alley by Amoeba.• Over 2,00,000 sq.ft. of food, leisure & entertainment! 39 Options in F&B - from the largest food court in Bangalore with over 1,000 seats, 4 fine dining restaurants, fast food outlets, coffee shops, to juice bars and lounge bars. Over 10,000 brands across apparel, footwear, accessories and other lifestyle products.• Over 250 outlets selling a wide variety of merchandise and offering the best of national and international brands.• The only mall in Bangalore to have 5 department stores - Lifestyle, Marks & Spencer, Reliance Trends, Pantaloons and Shoppers Stop, all under one roof.
    17. 17. Services and facilities offered at Mantri Square Mall are:• Wheelchairs • Bill payment machine• Baby care room • Key making• Family toilets • Shoe repair• Toilets for differently abled • Bag and suitcase repair• Interactive digital mall • Birthday cakes directories • Birthday party organiser• Wi-Fi • Instant photo / passport photo• Kids play area service• Ambulance and first aid • Laundry• Emergency room / first aid room • Chemist / Pharmacy• Hi-tech security with CCTV and • Watch repair and service sensor based footfall cameras • Drinking water• Florist • Valet parking• Gift wrapping • ATMs• Travel desk • Foreign exchange desk• Lost and found counter
    18. 18. Lower ground floor - layout
    19. 19. Upper ground floor layout
    20. 20. Inside mantri mall
    21. 21. Upcoming services & facilities• Public phone booth • Shoe shine service (coming soon) (coming soon)• Mobile charging station • Courier (coming soon) (coming soon) • Car cleaning (coming• Laptop charging station soon) (coming soon) • Reserved parking slots• Bank (coming soon) for women and senior citizen (coming soon)
    22. 22. Fire Safety• Mantri Mall is equipped with the latest safety and preventive measures against fire and damage.• The Mall has two sets of automatic fire hydrant & sprinkler systems with adequate electric & diesel driven back-up pumps.• Smoke and heat detectors are installed in all sections of the mall including the food court and the shop areas.• Additionally, there are 17 raising mains and 70 hydrant boxes with 16 yard hydrants, each with two canvas hoses. Sprinklers and drenchers have been installed in the mall and the basement car parking, respectively, as per norms.• The water main pressure is maintained at a constant of 7 kg/cm2 and adequate water storage is available exclusively for firefighting purposes
    23. 23. Precautions• Fire alarm system• Lift fire operations mode• Public address system• Eight fire exit staircases• Medical center with First aid room• Fire dampeners in AHUs• Automatic switch off in Air Handling Units in case of fire• Roof extension fans• Staircase pressurization fans• Emergency lockers at four locations with fire fighting tools• 24 hours ready Emergency Response Team• Trained Manpower• Dedicated Fire & Safety officer with trained staff• Adequate Signage indicating locations of yard hydrants, emergency exits and floor plan for exits• Adequate portable extinguishers of different types, i.e. DCP, CO2 & water• Insurance cover
    24. 24. Shop Safety• Fire insurance cover for each shop establishment• Smoke detectors and sprinklers• Individual clearance by Mall Management for fire safety• Portable extinguishers
    25. 25. Its amazing parking system• Klaus Multiparking Systems at Mantri Square Mall Bangalore IndiaPlay video 2nd one
    26. 26. Problem - Solution• Problem- traffic, • Provide extra space for parking little far away from mantri mall• high cost, mid-class stay • Open one sasta bazaar in out from shopping desi style at ground floor so that even middle class visits mall • arrange metal detector• Terrorist prone area, doors., extra gun mans at vital check points, body scanning equipments.
    27. 27. Thank you