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PAD 4878 Capstone

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Final presentation

  1. 1. EDISON STATE COLLEGE ANALYTICAL RESEARCH PROJECT CAPSTONE PAD 4878TITLE: Lee County EMS Workload Solutions SUBMITTED BY: Adam Thompson PROFESSOR: Dr. Richard H. Worch, Jr DATE: 07-14-2012
  2. 2. Problem Statement The best method for Lee CountyEMS to meet the needs imposed by theincrease in call volume and medicaltransport requests in order to improveresponse times and unit availability.
  3. 3. Historical Background 784 sq. miles – 600,000 citizens 300 Personnel – 90,000 responses About 25,00 calls per ambulance FY2012 $45,309,000 NFPA 1710 & 1720 COPCN & CAAS standard IAFF Local 1826 CBA
  4. 4. Case StudiesGlobal Information Systems911 Dispatch, case for triage?Simulation models
  5. 5. Scholarly Reviews Education on appropriate ambulance use Geospatial-time-analysis High performance management system Dispatching based on acuity Paramedic referral program
  6. 6. Four Potential AlternativesBased on: historical background case studies literature review
  7. 7. Four Potential Alternatives MPDS & Tiered Response Structure Optima Live & Tiered Response Structure The addition of ambulances and personnel Alternative prehospital care plan & destination guidelines
  8. 8. Methodology of Quantitative &Comparative Analysis A decision must be objectively made to determine which proposed alternative is best. A quantitative and comparative analysis was conducted to score each potential alternative.
  9. 9. Methodology of Quantitative &Comparative Analysis A comparative analysis begins with a frame of reference or basis for comparison. The problem statement. Each of the factors are compared and contrasted with each other. The similarities and differences are analyzed. A quantitative analysis then follows. This includes a numerical scoring system.
  10. 10. Methodology of Quantitative &Comparative Analysis Several factors were considered when analyzing the best possible alternative for improving response times. 11 concepts were analyzed and scored. The four main criteria are Legal, Financial, Organizational, and Political. Benefits and negative impacts were assessed.
  11. 11. Alternative 1 MPDS &Tiered Response Structure
  12. 12. Alternative 2 Optima Live &Tiered Response Structure
  13. 13. Alternative 3 AdditionalAmbulances & Personnel
  14. 14. Alternative 4 Alternativeprehospital care plan & Destination guidelines
  15. 15. Chosen Alternative Alternative 1: scored 139 (MPDS & tiered response structure) Alternative 2: scored 137 (Optima Live & tiered response structure) Alternative 3: scored 119 (Additional ambulances) Alternative 4: scored 136 (An alternative prehospital care plan and new destination guidelines)
  16. 16. Project Implementation The implementation of MPDS & a tiered response structure will include both Operational and Training components. Operational – The logistical and procedural aspects. Training – the appropriate use of the new system.
  17. 17. Project EvaluationThe data points to be analyzed during continuousevaluation by the Lee County EMS administrative staff andCQI committee shall include, but will not be limited to:  Response times  Unit allocation and availability  Accuracy of the MPDS to appropriately triage 911 calls.
  18. 18. Project Evaluation Weekly reviews: Electronically generated reports to all administrative personnel. Monthly reviews: For first year, the CQI committee will conduct monthly evaluations. Quarterly reviews: Conducted by the administrative staff & CQI committee. Yearly reviews: Report to Lee County administration & BOCC.
  19. 19. Project Evaluation The implemented alternative will be subject to change based on the evaluation process. The administrative staff and CQI committee will set the parameters of full acceptance or rejection of the implemented alternative.
  20. 20. Thank You!This course has provided me with allthe tools necessary to complete thisproject.