The Dynamic You


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The Dynamic You

  1. 1. The Dynamic You<br />The lively, vibrant, self-motivated you<br />
  2. 2. The Dynamic You<br />It is always self-motivated people with a zest for life who are able to garner enough resources to succeed. Almost everyone has a word for their personality – Dynamic. <br />Personality develops with life’s experiences, self-belief in spite of adverse situations, our responses to state of affairs, and the environment that we encounter during our growing up years.<br />“What you are is God’s gift to you, what you make of yourself is your gift to God.” - Jewish Proverb<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  3. 3. The Dynamic You<br />If we used the word game as a metaphor for life, there are three things one should master in order to achieve massive results.<br />Inner game<br />Outer game<br />Game plan<br />In order to succeed, one must  have a strong desire inside, charismatic persona on the outside and must know what it takes to be a winner.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  4. 4. The Dynamic You<br />The Outer Game is played against opponents, environment, and situations; but the Inner Game is played not against, but within the mind of the player, and its principal obstacles are self-doubt and anxiety.<br />This is where unstoppable self-confidence, actual skills to succeed, and a clear goal become important.<br />The Dynamic You is a resource to design a game plan for life, and master your Inner & Outer Game.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  5. 5. The Dynamic You<br />Personal Coaching Programmes:-<br />Nail your Inner Game.<br />Design your Best Year.<br />Power Persuasion.<br />Master Communicator.<br />One Year Success Plan.<br />These are personalised coaching programmes that include lectures, detailed notes, workbook completion, field exercises, yoga, meditation, and visualization exercises.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  6. 6. The Dynamic You<br />Short term group workshops:-<br />Power Personality.<br />Total Self Confidence.<br />The Leader in You.<br />Happiness.<br />The Law of Attraction.<br />Happy Relationships.<br />These are intensive crash courses filled with lectures, detailed notes, self image elicitation , yoga, meditation, and visualization exercises.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  7. 7. The Dynamic You<br />Nail your Inner Game<br />Learn how to use your body, your mind, and your language to feel confident.<br />Create a healthy self-esteem.<br />Develop a positive focus of mind.<br />Achieve remarkable concentration, leading to work of highest quality.<br />Build the inner emotional muscle that will allow you to break through fear, doubt, and uncertainty.<br />Develop a firm self-belief in your abilities.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  8. 8. The Dynamic You<br />Design Your Best Year<br />Learn the necessity and rewards of having a purpose in life.<br />Learn techniques to set short-term and long-term goals.<br />Identify your basic values.<br />Discover your true motivation and desires.<br />Develop a vision for your life.<br />Write an action plan to achieve the desired outcomes.<br />Learn techniques of task management.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  9. 9. The Dynamic You<br />Power Persuasion<br />Master the 6 principles of Influence.<br />Become a Jedi master of persuasion who can get anyone to say Yes! Anytime, Anywhere!<br />Learn how to effortlessly close more sales.<br />Know how to impress your future employer and land your 'Dream Job'!<br />Asking right questions for gaining ‘Yes’ responses. The Yes! ladder.<br />Model the killer persuasion attitude of top professionals.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  10. 10. The Dynamic You<br />Master Communicator<br />Develop the confidence to address groups of people.<br />Master your English language skills to gain the edge in corporate world.<br />Learn how to communicate charm, confidence, and charisma.<br />Learn the secrets of body language communication to impress anyone.<br />Nail any interview, group-discussion, or presentation.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  11. 11. The Dynamic You<br />One Year Success Plan<br />Learn effective communication skills. Gain the confidence to become a master presenter.<br />Develop intrinsic leadership potential, learn to gain automatic respect and faith.<br />Discover your strengths, develop a strong belief in them, gain tremendous self-belief.<br />Develop an action plan to realize your goals.<br />Develop positive and long-term focus.<br />Develop lasting friendships, healthy, fulfilling relationships.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  12. 12. The Dynamic You<br />Power Personality<br />Reignite your ambitious self.<br />Learn how to become self-motivated.<br />Discover your purpose and direction in life.<br />Enhance self-worth and self-belief.<br />Strengthen your values & develop a code of ethics.<br />Become aware of your strengths.<br />Reprogram your brain to shut down self-doubt, and anxiety.<br />Learn to project a Positive Personality.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  13. 13. The Dynamic You<br />Total Self Confidence<br />Get to know yourself, shift to empowering beliefs, build your courage muscle, and celebrate your progress.<br />Learn to be comfortable expressing your opinions.<br />Become confident in negotiating, selling, and persuading people.<br />Realise that you can confidently lead others.<br />Become more spiritual by having more faith in yourself.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  14. 14. The Dynamic You<br />The Leader in You<br />Create a vision of the future that people will respect and believe in.<br />Communicate your vision, and get people work to the best of their abilities.<br />Build a strong, flexible and highly effective team<br />Keep people on target and performing well together in a "firm but fair way".<br />Learn to inspire and motivate team members.<br />Become a truly inspirational leader.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  15. 15. The Dynamic You<br />Happiness <br />Learn the secret of being Happy.<br />Master techniques that help remain calm, happy, and satisfied irrespective of outside situations.<br />Find a sense of meaning and purpose that is larger than yourself.<br />Know how happiness leads to better health.<br />Learn the greatest secret of this world – Happiness leads to success – not the other way round.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  16. 16. The Dynamic You<br />The Law of Attraction <br />Learn the greatest secret of the functioning of this Universe - Energy flows where attention goes!<br />When you focus on a thought, it forces your mind to look in the direction of that thought.<br />When you focus on it for a minute, you push your mind in that direction for a minute.<br />When you consistently focus on it for weeks and months, your life moves in that direction. The focus of your mind expands into your life.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  17. 17. The Dynamic You<br />Happy Relationships<br />Healthy social contact is essential for happiness. <br />Family relationships and close friendships are important to one’s growth and success.<br />We don’t just need relationships: we need close ones.<br />The presence of all three components of relationship: Passion, Intimacy, and Commitment; characterizes consummate love, the most durable type of love.<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />
  18. 18. The Dynamic You<br />The Dynamic You is a magnificent resource for you to help take charge of your life Now!<br />If you want to improve your communication skills, master your inner self, or set and achieve magnificent goals in life, these workshops and courses will offer a variety of ways to make that happen.<br />Enrol today, and see what difference it makes in your life! – Parag Garg<br />Copyright (c) 2008-2010 All rights reserved.<br />