Moodle Salesforce Integration


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Moodle and Salesforce, 2 of the most reliable systems of the market, this integration comes with features that will help you be more productive and efficient.

Read more about Moodle & Salesforce Integration here:

Some related services we offer include:
- LMS Themes
- Moodle for Webex
- Moodle E-commerce
- Moodle for Corporations
- Moodle Alfresco
- and the customizations you may need.

Please contact us for more info at or call us +1 800 513 5902

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Moodle Salesforce Integration

  1. 1. Moodle salesforce integration
  2. 2. Moodle and Salesforce, two of the most reliable, acknowledged, fully integrated, and well known online systems on the market, Moodle being the virtual classroom platform king, and Salesforce, the enterprise cloud-based computing leader company. Before discussing the integration itself, let us start looking at both systems individually.
  3. 3. BUT
  4. 4. is the enterprise cloud computing leader. Their social and mobile cloud technologies— including their flagship sales and CRM applications—help companies connect with customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways. Moodle is an open-source Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites.
  5. 5. Fully integrates Totara and Moodle with, with features that can help you and your customer be more productive and efficient. Moodle Salesforce Streamlined Training for Customers, Sales, Partners, Employees
  6. 6. Single-Sign-On Single-Sign-On that allows for users to sign into their partner portal on and have direct access to their LMS without having to sign-in multiple times.
  7. 7. Synchronization User Synchronization ensures that the users added to, are automatically added to Moodle without having to go through extra steps. In addition to that, we also ensure that the user’s information is updated automatically when such changes occur.
  8. 8. Course Enrollment Course enrollment and completions in Moodle are automatically synced to the user profiles in, giving the account managers and educators a view of the progress made by their customers, and also to use that data to generate advanced reporting in Salesforce
  9. 9. Chatter Integration Communicate and share your ideas, documents and progress with the Chatter Integration. Stay connected in one place.
  10. 10. Dashboard Dashboard – Safe time and customize the dashboard with the information you need the most, sales reports, training progress, chatter and more..
  11. 11. Data Archiving Data Archiving – integrated data from records, transcripts, certifications and related reports from your LMS can be stored into Salesforce in a secure way in order to have them available at any given time.
  12. 12. THE BENEFITS OF OUR SOLUTIONS  Increased participation in training by outside and inside sales teams.  Student data helps in making internal and external marketing communications.  Ability to track and promote partner and customer training.  Increase productivity due to ease of use.  HR has more visibility into usage of LMS by partners and Salesforce.
  13. 13. THE BENEFITS OF OUR SOLUTIONS (Cont.)  Increased revenue by selling courses online and tracking in CRM.  HR can meet compliance and auditory needs.  Easy access to training encourages goals of advancement.  Reduced training costs/staff Paradiso Solutions * *Phone: +1 800 513 5902