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Paradiso Solutions, E-Learning is Cost Effective:
E-Learning is more cost effective than traditional learning because less time and money is spent in traveling.

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Elearning Presentation

  1. 1. Paradiso Solutions
  2. 2. •E-Learning is Cost Effective: E-Learning is more cost effective than traditional learning because less time and money is spent in traveling. Fact: Dow Chemical reduced average spending from $95 per learner / per course on classroom training, to only $11 per learner / per course with electronic delivery, resulting in an annual savings of $34 million (Shepherd, 2002). Paradiso Solutions
  3. 3. Ernst & Young cut training cost by 35 percent while improving consistency and scalability. They condensed about 2,900 hours of classroom training into combination of 700 hours of web-based learning, 200 hours of distance learning and 500 hours of classroom instruction, a cut of 52 percent. (Hall, 2000). Paradiso Solutions
  4. 4. •E-Learning is Faster: During the times when the change is faster than ever, a key advantage of e-learning is that it has faster delivery cycle times than traditional classroom-based instruction. Fact: British Telecom delivered e-business training to 23,000 employees in three months, at a cost of £5.9m, compared to £17.8 million and a five-year time span for classroom training (Taylor, 2002). Paradiso Solutions
  5. 5. •E-Learning is Effective: A nine-year survey of the research literature in training published by Fletcher and Tobias in „Training and Retraining‟, commissioned by the American Psychological Society, concluded that: ‘Learners learn more using computer-based instruction than they do with conventional ways of teaching, as measured by higher posttreatment test scores.’ Fact: Specific studies from Fletcher (1999), Kulik (1994), all confirm that learners learn more using computer-based instruction than they do through traditional classroom methods. Paradiso Solutions
  6. 6. •More Advantages of E-Learning: • Class work can be scheduled around personal and professional work • Reduces travel cost and time to and from classroom • Learners may have the option to select learning materials that meets their level of knowledge and interest • Learners can study wherever they have access to a computer and Internet • Self-paced learning modules allow learners to work at their own pace • Flexibility to join discussions in the bulletin board threaded discussion areas at any hour, or visit with classmates and instructors remotely in chat rooms • Different learning styles are addressed and facilitation of learning occurs through varied activities • Development of computer and Internet skills that are transferable to other facets of learner's lives Paradiso Solutions
  7. 7. • Motorola projects that for every $1 spent on training, there will be $30 in productivity gains in 3 years • Alvin Toffler: “Now that we are moving from factory work to anytime, anyplace work, we need an anytime, anyplace educational parallel.” Source: Wall Street Journal, March 12, 2001 Paradiso Solutions
  8. 8. Innovative and Interactive courses are specifically designed to let the user focus on the e-learning material through constant participation in a fun learning environment. Some of the Multimedia Features Are: • Animation / Interacting Elements • Videos • Audio / Narrated courses • Visualization of concepts • Problem solving and exercises • Exploring new concepts • Sharing and discussions Paradiso Solutions
  9. 9. Wide variety of reports are available to the Admin: • You can view courses taken • Obtain an online student report • Indebt statistics are available • You can see your employees test scores • You can generate Student attendance reports. • View courses registered per user. And more…. Paradiso Solutions
  10. 10. Sales@paradisosolutions.com +1 800 513 5902 Paradiso Solutions