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  • 2. INTRODUCTION  Hamleys is one of the world's best-known retailers of toys.  Its flagship store in London is the world's largest toy store. The chain has six other outlets in the United Kingdom and others worldwide.  The company was purchased by the French toy retailer Groupe Ludendo in September 2012.[2] It had previously been owned by Baugur Group, which purchased Hamleys in 2003 for £58.7 million.
  • 4. INFRASTRUCTURE  If you look at the Building infrastructure they dominantly consider following amenities 1. Look like ‘Heritage Building’ - All other London, UK outlets are the mostly look like this.
  • 5. 2. Glass Windows- here at the top of the each windoe they hang ‘Hamley Red Board’ as a shade.
  • 6.  3. Dominantly uses of ‘Red’ color for there board.  4. They hang there ‘Hamleys’ written lightning board on the top of the building.
  • 7. ENTRY-EXIT  The color of the entrance is ‘RED’  Separate gate for Entry –Exit.  Here is foreign trend for Entry –Exit  Left-Exit & Right- Entry EXIT ENTRY
  • 8. ENTRY-EXIT  Here dress code is present for attendant. Color of dress code is Red.  There I s no trolley or bucket , they have kept one side long bag .
  • 9. SEALING  Sealing is full of black and some part is painted by blue color. So overall they given look of sky the blue part is cloud. In beetween they kept Spot lighting. Blue Cloud
  • 10. FLOORING  They have vertex flooring along with loop path is created to follow loop.
  • 11. LIGHTING  They have yellow spot lighting. SPOT LIGHT
  • 12. LAYOUT They Follow Loop Layout in outlet.
  • 13. ENVIRNMENT  Watchmen is present at entry door to open the gate and also at exit gate so this feels about customer as king.  At the entry level air is cool air is blowing down to customer from top of the gate its feel like very pleasant.  Entire outlet is having AC.
  • 14. ENTERNTAINMENT  All the demonstration and entertainer are be at the entrance level.  They are showing demonstration on new toys which are operated on battery or very attractive.
  • 15. ENTERNTAINMENT  The entertainer are speaking with kids and entertain them, kids also attracted to them kids are laughing it is very a nice to see that customer kid is laughing and he like it.
  • 16. CENTER BIG ATRACTION  The RED BUS is big attraction at Hemleys outlet. All the toys are kept aside at bus to follow loop path.
  • 17. SECTIONS  It is loop layout so the section are created for Toy        Brand as They have use color combination to segregate brands very creatively. Barbie HotWheels Matchbox Hornby Disney For each & every Big brand having different space
  • 18. RACKS & DISPLAY  Every section have a different rack.  For Teddy bear they have like supermarket rack.
  • 19. RACKS & DISPLAY  Gondola were present at end .  Rack shelf is depend on the size of the toys.  Wall flashing done to attract people.  The height of the rack is max 5 feet. Shelf is also max 4-5.
  • 20. RACKS & DISPLAY  Some time toys or branded big cars are kept on table display which is centrally located to attract the kids. TABLE DISPLAY
  • 21. 1st FLOOR-CD & KIDS BOOK SECTION  In the first floor of the phoenix mall, they kept all the kids CD’s & Book.
  • 22. CHECK OUTS  There is not more than 4 check outs. Only three- four checkouts available near exit.
  • 23. THANK YOU