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Course outline

  1. 1. UCSB Extension Course Outline DATE SUBMITTED: April 7, 2014 COURSE NUMBER: BUSAD X409.63 TITLE: Art and Science of Google Analytics INSTRUCTOR: Archana Pawse, Ph.D. INSTRUCTOR CONTACT: E-Mail: CONTACT AVAILABILITY: Through e-mail COURSE DESCRIPTION: Web analytics offers insightful information about an organization’s performance and permits easy monitoring of Web patterns. Web marketing is the most track-able marketing medium out there; however, the real value of Web analytics data lies not in the science of the stats, but in artful interpretation. COURSE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: This course teaches participants how to comprehend, setup, and analyze the art and science of Web analytics. Participants learn how to use Web analytics including reviewing past and current Web performance, understanding customer behavior, gauging campaign execution while learning how to continually optimize Web marketing efforts, and addressing overall marketing strategy. This course addresses free tracking tools and best practices for reviewing Web statistics. Google Analytics is a free tool that is the platform to learn how to setup and read Web analytics. Participants review and define major Web analytics elements including top referring traffic sources, unique visitors, average time on site, geographical trends, search feedback, and bounce rate. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Explain why Web statistics are important Create Google analytics accounts Evaluate different kinds of Web data Conduct Web analytics reports TOTAL CLASSROOM HOURS PER WEEK AND UNITS GRANTED UPON COMPLETION OF COURSE: 3 hours per week for the duration of 3 weeks = 9 instructional hours = 1 unit GRADING/EVALUATION: Evaluation will be based on a combination of attendance, participation, homework assignments and a final project. A breakdown of the grading is as follows: Attendance: 40% Participation: 20% Homework Assignments: 20%
  2. 2. Final Project: 20% FINAL PROJECT: The final project will demonstrate your learning and critical thinking relative to what was presented in the class. It will be a 1 page report in the following format: Format : 1. What does your business do? * It can be a fictional business, business division, blog. 2. How can Google Analytics help your business? 3. What is the goal of your website/project? 4. What Google Analytics metrics (KPI) will you track? Why? 5. How will you analyze the reports? What external and/or internal contexts will you use? Why? The final project is due on May 1st 2014. Please email to the teacher on or before the due date at REQUIRED TEXT: None SUGGESTED READING: Web Analytics 2.0, Avinash Kaushik Web Analytics, An Hour a Day by Avinash Kaushik Web Analytics Sites: Avinash Kaushik: Google Blog : Google Analytics Training : SCHEDULE OF READINGS AND TOPICS TO BE COVERED – BROKEN DOWN BY CLASS MEETING: Week 1 (April 10th 2014) Web Analytics Introduction • Why is web analytics important? • What analytics is, what it does, how it can help you analyze your web marketing and overall marketing efforts • Why Google Analytics. Web Analytics Set Up • Creating Google Analytics accounts • How to set up accounts and start tracking • Setting up Filters • Setting up Web Analytics Goals • Tagging URLS Web Analytics Metrics • Reviewing different types of web metrics (Visits, Bounce rate,Time on site etc.) Understanding Macro and Micro Conversions
  3. 3. Homework: 1. Create a Google Analytics account. If you have a blog or a website, install the code. (Use plugins if available) 2. Review these 4 websites and write down the macro and micro conversions for these websites. Assignment due: 17th April. Week 2 (April 17th 2014) Last Week’s Review Analysis Best Practices • Goals • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) • Context • Understanding segmentation Reports to understand your business (KPI important for your business) • Ecommerce • Lead generation • Blog/Informational • Branding Reports for Marketing Channels • PPC • Email Campaigns Downloading and scheduling Reports Creating custom reports and Dashboards Reports for improving your site • Top content report • Site speed. Homework: 1. How will you convince your boss that your business needs a new mobile website? What web analytics data will be useful? What additional data/context can you provide to support your request? Due : July 24 2013 Week 3(April 24th 2014) Last week’s review. Homework review Questions about web analytics and projects. Overview of other Google Analytics reports -Audience reports -Site overlay function Advanced Web Analytics • Understanding Attribution
  4. 4. • Multichannel funnels • How to measure offline marketing with analytics Other tracking tools • Facebook Insights • Online Advertising Data Google AdWords Bing Ads • Email Data (Constant Contact) Homework: Final project due next week. (May 1st 2014)