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Fearless Speaking  June Presentation Workshop
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Fearless Speaking June Presentation Workshop


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brought by Lynn Woodman, president of Voice power

brought by Lynn Woodman, president of Voice power

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Fearless Speaking ~Powerful PresentationSkillsWorkshop Descriptionand Outline Saturday & Sunday June 25 & June 26 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • 2. What impressions do you make when you speak spontaneously or deliver a structured presentation? Do you compel others to listen? Do you motivate and inspire them? Do you influence them to follow your directives? Do you win them as new clients for your business or succeed in getting the all important buy in for a new initiative? Most people don’t answer all of these questions with a resounding “Yes!” Instead, they feel like the proverbial deer in the headlights and limit their careers by avoiding presentation/public speaking opportunities. Or, they plunge in headfirst and survive these experiences with high anxiety and low results. Unless you have a clear idea as to the purpose of your presentation, your overall message as related to the needs of your audience, a structure to lay out your content, a clear call to action and the confidence and skills to deliver the presentation – you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over - at great cost to you and your company. The good news is - people are not born knowing how to stand up and authentically deliver top-notch presentations - designing and delivering presentations is a learned skill!
  • 3. In Voice Power’s™ Powerful Presentation Strategies workshop you will learn to: • Discover the power of being interested rather than interesting • Zero in on your audience’s deepest needs • Develop a powerful message and focus your content to support your message • Keep your audience totally engaged at all times • Master accelerated learning techniques to deepen your audience’s experience • Create dynamic personalized visual aids that focus your audience • Learn powerful stress management techniques • Develop your voice and body awareness and release distracting mannerisms • Think on your feet and answer challenging questions • Speak with authenticity This 2 day intensive workshop is designed with you in mind. It is laid out to progressively take you through the essentials of oral communication effectiveness. You will also understand dynamic presentation design with plenty of practice to ensure you develop confident delivery skills. These transferable communication skills will transform all your business exchanges into satisfying and profitable
  • 4. Fearless Speaking ~ Presentation Skills Powerful Presentation StrategiesDay One Day TwoWhere are you starting from and where Prepare, relax, energize and speak withdo you need to go? confidenceAssessment Presentation DesignDiscover your default communication style Build in well-defined call to actionIdentify your strengths and weakness Craft a dynamic group presentationChart your learning goals Consider visual/audio aids, audience interaction to communicate dataOvercome Your Communication BarriersReveal The Imposter Rehearsal techniquesListen and Respond Embody Empowered Presence™Speak with your authentic voice exercises to relax and energize youMaster your body language Practice delivering a variety of messages with ease and clarityLay the Foundation Practice speaking vs. readingKnow your audience Create cue cardsBe interested VS. interesting Discover how to use stories to engage Overcome Resistanceand sell Deal with an unreceptive audienceIdentify your ‘speech purpose’ Answer difficult questionsLearn presentation template Presentation DeliveryFacilitate participation Stand in the heat and deliver yourPresentation Anatomy presentationUnderstand effective presentationtemplate for groups and one on oneMap a clear structureProduce a powerful messageChoose content to support your messageDevelop smooth transitionsIn order to grow, we must, at times, tap our deepest resources to move out of our comfort zones. Therefore, it is essential to contribute to amutually safe and receptive environment by conscientiously contributing feedback with honesty and pure generosity of spirit.The use of video recording will be used throughout the workshop. Each participant will receive constructive critiques and will be asked to providefocused feedback to the other participants.
  • 5. Saturday June 25 & Sunday June 26 9:30 – 5:00 $ 450 + hst 15% discount if registered by May 25th Call 416 461-1012 or visit