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Eurosport mediakit english


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Published in: Sports, News & Politics

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  • 1. MEDIA KIT
  • 2. SOCCER TO BE THE WORLD’S 3 LEADING AUTHENTIC GRASSROOTS SOCCER, LACROSSE AND RUGBY COMPANY, BUILDING STRONG RELATIONSHIPS IN A SPORTS SOCCERLACROSSERUGBY VIBRANT, CREATIVE AND ETHICAL ENVIRONMENT. TO INFORM, INSPIRE AND INNOVATE. LACROSSE This is the mission statement of Sports Endeavors, Inc., a company known to many simply as Eurosport, the title of its soccer catalog. This idea reflects all that Sports Endeavors, Inc. stands for and is the basis for the way we conduct business. Based in Hillsborough, North Carolina, Sports Endeavors, Inc. was founded in 1984 by the Moylan family to provide American soccer players with equipment and information unavailable anywhere else. Since our first catalog, Eurosport hit the presses, we have worked to promote the game of soccer at all levels and to educate players, officials and their families about our sport and its equipment. Over the years, the Sports Endeavors family has grown and now includes additional catalogs: Great At- lantic Lacrosse Company;World Rugby Shop: Team Eurosport; KeeperSport; as well as the websites, SOCCER.COM WORLDSOCCERSHOP.COM RUGBYRUGBY.COM, WORLDRUGBYSHOP.COM LACROSSE.COM RUGBY
  • 3. HISTORY LARGEST SOCCER DATABASE IN THE U.S. Fans - Youth Players - Soccer Moms - Soccer Dads - Teams - Coaches - Women - Hispanic e-commerce soccer site in the world SOCCER.COM soccer publication in the U.S. Eurosport It all started with our first soccer catalog in 1984. After 25 seasons, Six World Cups, and thousands of soccer matches, Eurosport has become the soccer authority in the U.S. The most complete multimedia soccer platform to reach the U.S. soccer market.
  • 4. U.S. SOCCER MARKET EUROSPORT DEMOGRAPHICS SOCCER IS 57% of our customers live in a household with children Soccer participation Age Breakdown Education has expanded at an 17 and NO LONGER A Male: 49 26.3% younger No High School Diploma 12.6% average 8% per year 18-24 Years 7.0% Female: 51 NICHE High School Diploma or Some 45.4% over the last 25-34 Years 12.6% College 35-44 Years 17.7% decade. 45-54 Years 15.5% Associate Degree Graduate and Post-Graduate 6.8% Median age: 37.3 Jim Haner, Soccerheads, Degree 35.1% North Point Press, 2006 55+ years 20.8% ! Average Household income $75,748 1.9 Million people attended a professional soccer match in 27 stadiums in the U.S. 92% are home owners between June 20 and August 9, 2009. Record Magazine, September 8, 2009 •93% live in household with credit card There are more kids playing soccer than any sport •66% have two or more vehicles in the HH except basketball. Today, Six million teenagers play in •64% purchase over the internet organized leagues, and soccer is being added to the •72% with internet access at home athletic programs of more schools than any other sport. Jim Haner, Soccerheads, North Point Press, 2006 Lifestyle stages Young Singles 2.7% Household income of families with members participat- Young Cohabitors 3.9% Young Couples 1.9% ing in organized soccer is higher than any other sport New Families 4.9% ($77,600). Maturing Families 21.2% Sports Marketing Research & Established Families 22.0% Primetime Couples 3.7% porting Goods Manufacturers Association, 2008 Primetime Cohabitors 12.1% Primetime Singles 1.5% While soccer in the U.S. has always been a game Sunset Couples 7.6% played mainly by children, that’s no longer the Sunset Cohabitors 11.9% case as nearly 30% of all soccer players are Sunset Singles Non-Classified 1.5% 5.1% over the age of 24. Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, 2008 Expecting a Baby 4.1% !
  • 5. U.S. SOCCER MARKET A DIVERSE Hispanics Women CROWD Nearly 50% of all high school soccer players are Hispanics represent 30% of MLS fan base vs. 15% of the general population. Scarborough research 2007 Sports Business Journal & ESPN Sports Poll females and more than 50% of all college soccer players are females. Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, 2008 The top two Spanish language cable TV Soccer is the most popular NCAA sport for women and programs in May 2009 were soccer games. the number of women playing college soccer has grown Advertising Age, 2008 Hispanic Fact Pack by 226% since 1990-’91. Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, 2008 39% of the Major League Soccer fan base is female. MLS 2008
  • 6. Fans - Youth Players - Soccer Moms - Soccer Dads - Teams - Coaches - Women - Hispanic There is only ONE way to reach ALL segments of the U.S. soccer market efficiently: Online Print Grass Roots Order inserts Integrated Promotions
  • 7. LOOKING FOR SOCCER FANS? OUR NETWORK OF TARGETED SOCCER WEBSITES Every day,,,, and attract enough visitors to fill the 94,000 seat Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg (site of 2010 World Cup Finals), with over 10,000 people left over cheering outside of the stadium.
  • 8. ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORK Target e-mail Blast • Over 3.3 million unique visitors every month • Over 1.2 million opt-in email addresses • Multiple targeting options & Featured Section Position Spotlight Home page sky- Featured Position • Over 150,000 engaged fans • Multiple platforms communicating a soccer message • Viral promotions Top horizontal Story Box Featured Position & Your brand’s soccer program can be part of the conversation
  • 9. PRINT #1 SOCCER 11+ Million copies distributed yearly PUBLICATION Multiple editions IN THE U.S. to specific targets: •English •Bilingual •Spanish Supplied Ad Circulation PRINT CATALOGS In Home Date Closing Date Deadline English Spa nish Bilingual SPRING TEAM EUROSPORT 01/18/10 09/14/09 10/19/09 475,000 EUROSPORT VOLUME 1 01/18/10 10/05/09 12/07/09 400,000 100,000 EUROSPORT VOLUME 2 02/08/10 11/02/09 01/11/10 460,000 115,000 ( INCLUDES KEEPERSPORT) EUROSPORT VOLUME 3 03/08/10 12/14/09 02/08/10 540,000 135,000 EUROSPORT EN ESPAÑOL SPRING 03/08/10 12/14/09 02/08/10 80,000 EUROSPORT VOLUME 4 04/05/10 01/11/10 03/01/10 540,000 135,000 EUROSPORT VOLUME 5 05/03/10 01/25/10 04/12/10 380,000 95,000 EUROSPORT EN ESPAÑOL SUMMER 06/01/10 03/08/10 05/03/10 90,000 EUROSPORT VOLUME 7 07/05/10 04/05/10 05/31/10 440,000 110,000 WORLD CUP SPECIAL EDITION FALL TEAM EUROSPORT 07/05/10 01/18/10 05/03/10 550,101 EUROSPORT VOLUME 8 08/02/10 03/29/10 06/21/10 800,000 200,000 WORLD CUP WRAP UP 16 EUROSPORT EN ESPAÑOL FALL 08/02/10 05/10/10 07/12/10 100,000 EUROSPORT VOLUME 9 08/23/10 05/10/10 07/12/10 500,000 125,000 EUROSPORT VOLUME 10 09/20/10 05/31/10 08/02/10 440,000 110,000 EUROSPORT VOLUME 11 10/18/10 07/12/10 09/06/10 360,000 90,000 EUROSPORT VOLUME 12 11/08/10 07/26/10 09/02/10 1,000,000 250,000 HOLIDAY EDITION EUROSPORT EN ESPAÑOL WINTER 11/08/10 07/26/10 09/02/10 110,000 EUROSPORT VOLUME 13 12/27/10 09/20/10 11/15/10 300,000 75,000
  • 10. PRINT Eurosport Special Edition Insert Powered by FourFourTwo In 2010, Eurosport customers will receive a special edition with exclusive soccer content in partnership with FourFourTwo, the world’s leading soccer magazine publisher. Edition Editorial Content Circulation Ad Due February Kick-off Edition: WC2010, International leagues 400,000 1/11/10 nnnnnnPlayer Profile (USA and International) April MLS Kick-off / WC2010 400,000 3/01/10 June WC edition – Schedule, game times, venues, 400,000 5/03/10 player interviews, etc. August International Leagues (Heroes from WC) 400,000 6/21/10
  • 11. GRASSROOTS Over 500 events every year • From professional matches to youth weekend leagues • Across the entire U.S. • Interaction through contests, raffles and on-site games. • Partner material and message distribution Sponsorship packages available from 10 to 500 events
  • 12. PASSBACK SHARE THE GAME The 2010 Tour features ten clinics for youth in underserved communities in ten markets across the U.S.. Each clinic was held on a state- THE of-the-art field by some of the best coaches and professional players around. In addition, PASSBACK each participant received a free ball, jersey, PROGRAM and healthy snack! The Passback Program was started in 1989 as a way to donate used, but still playable, gear to less fortunate Since its inception, the Passback Program soccer players here at home and around the world. has collected and distributed over 541,260 Eurosport partnered with the US Soccer Foundation pieces of soccer gear. six years ago to give the Passback program a National platform.
  • 13. ORDER INSERTS • 1,100,000 orders shipped every year • Targeted options for order inserts • Put your brand in front of fans when they are thinking about soccer
  • 14. HISPANIC PROGRAMS DEMOGRAPHICS 15 PERCENT Age Breakdown 17 and 27.79% younger 18-24 Years 8.22% Male: 49 Female: 51 OF OUR MARKET 25-34 Years 13.83% 35-44 Years 17.04% Median age: 35.0 IS HISPANIC 45-54 Years 14.08% 55+ years 19.04% ! Education No High School Diploma 19.8% We have a multimedia platform High School Diploma or Some 46.5% to specifically target College Associate Degree 6.4% Hispanic soccer fans: Graduate and Post-Graduate 27.3% Degree • Bilingual & Spanish publications ! • & Average Household income $65,791 Country Of Origin Mexican 63% • 83% live in household with credit card • Spanish affiliate sites • 61% have two or more vehicles in the HH Puerto Rican 7% Cuban 3% • Bilingual grassroots teams • 59% purchase over the internet Other Hispanic 28% • 52% with internet access at home • Bilingual customer service representative !
  • 15. INTEGRATED PROMOTIONS Case study Eurosport Print Advertising Email American Airlines Give & GO contest Prizes Trip to Madrid with VIP soccer experience, authographed soccer gear and gift cards. Leveraged Multiple Eurosport platforms to promote the contest and delivered AAdvantage enrollments Grass Roots Social Networks SOCCER.COM
  • 16. WORLD CUP OPPORTUNITIES In a World Cup year, not only does our audience grow 30% - 50%, but they also become more engaged with all of our properties. If soccer is part of your marketing strategy in 2010, our network is your best option to deliver your program. • Exclusive gear and product promotions • Customized programs CONTACT INFORMATION • Unique contests and promotions Durward Williams Vicente Navarro EUROSPORT EUROSPORT 919.640.6270 919.640.6232 Grassroots and Coorporate On-line / Mobile Gift Card Redemption Program Branded Product Development
  • 17.