The Art of the Narrative - TechMunch NY 2012 (by Tricia Okin)


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A recent panel at TechMunch NY 2012 about how to organize one's thoughts as a food blogger. We heard Kasey Fleisher-Hickey (food and music blogger), Clay Williams (photographer) and Liza DeGuia (filmmaker) tell how they plan out their narratives.

I also introduced the audience to methods of paper prototyping, mind mapping both on paper and digitally with apps and to storyboarding.

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The Art of the Narrative - TechMunch NY 2012 (by Tricia Okin)

  2. GOALS: V Understand your creative process and combine that with knowledge such as stats and user feedback. V Get an idea that you’re excited about out of your head and into real space. Understand how it may relate to other ideas and your current paths in life. V You can do this for each project or quarterly. The point is to keep it fun so that you keep doing it. V Organize your thoughts for now, next time and later. It’s okay to not do everything at once and you’re not a failure. V Recognize the pace of posting that you’re comfortable with achieving. Attempting to do 7 posts per week when you can only process the photos/videos for one post per is a recipe for trouble.
  3. get ideas out of your head: CARD SORTING & DRAWING mind mapS
  4. get ideas out of your head: mind mapping app
  5. get ideas out of your head: collaging
  6. get ideas out of your head: story boarding
  10. AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION! V What’s a project / series you’re itching to do? V Why and how long have you wanted to do it? V Name some keywords describing how this makes you feel thinking about it. V Who are the key players? V What do you want to learn and what do you want your readers to learn? V How much time do you have to do it? Shoot photos, videos, etc? When’s the next time you can go visit and have fun?
  11. EXERCISES! V Plan out your June vegetable/produce abundance post or series. V What colours in your photography will help convey your excitement and the freshness of the food? V Do you want to only show the produce or also include a recipe to use them? V How much writing are you willing to do? Try moving beyond guilty feelings of having to write a lot and focus mostly on images. V Will breaking it into a weekly series over a month help you allocate enough time to do it properly instead of rushed and stressed? Also, this may give your readers reasons to return to your blog every week.
  12. APPS & RESOURCES. APPS FOR DESKTOP, PHONE AND TABLET Mindmeister: Popplet: Evernote Food: Photomechanic: Aperture: Adobe Premiere: iMovie: Final Cut Pro X: MIND MAPPING RESOURCES
  13. THANK YOU. FIND THE PRESENTATION HERE IN 24 HOURS: Tricia Okin @papercutny // Kasey Fleisher-Hickey @TTableKitchen // Liza De Guia @skeeternyc // Clay Williams @ultraclay //