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Evaluation question 4 Evaluation question 4 Presentation Transcript

  • Evaluation Question 4
    How did you use new technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  • Software
    I have used software such as PowerPoint and Microsoft Word for planning and evaluation purposes. These software have been extremely helpful as one can use them to create an impressive Presentation.
    For the Editing of our Music video we have used Final Cut Pro. I was more intrepid with the software then last year and experimented more with effects. From the start of the project we knew that we wanted a lively rather then a plain mis-en-scene. We achieved that by using an effect called 3 way colour corrector. We have created a similar effect for the Digipack which we edited on Photoshop. For my individual evaluation I used Windows movie Maker and Sony Music Studio to record the Audio.
  • Editing with Final Cut Pro
    To show emotion and emphasise on the marks on her the actresses' body we used a medium shot were she looks into the camera as if it were a mirror.
    This is an example of the performance shots we have used it also gives the audience a closer look at the “scientist” who is representing the media.
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  • Editing with Final Cut Pro
    We used the 3 way color corrector to make the visuals of the video more vibrant and lively
    With this window one can play and watch the visuals and audio that has been put together on the timeline.
    The timeline shows what has been put in already and with the tools on the far right one can cut or merge visuals or the audio where needed.
    This Window shows what clips are available and to use them one has to double click . As they appear in the viewer window one can mark the part wanted and drag it into the timeline.
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  • Hardware
    To make any professional video it is crucial to be able to use a camera and get the best video quality you can out of it. Being able to operate and utilize a camera is a skill I have further developed during the course of the last two years. Comparing the way I have used the camera for the Evaluation and for the Music video it is noticeable that in a music video you want to have a connection between the song and the visuals whereas you do not have to think about that when interviewing someone.
    Because filmed our Music Video inside under a controlled environment we had the ability to use lighting to manipulate shots and contrasts. We used three point lighting to give our video maximum quality. For the Evaluation we looked at the weather and relied on the sunshine.
  • Online Tools
    At the age of the Internet there are many online tools that can be used to spread any news, music or music videos. It is possible to use these tools for research, planning and evaluating.
    I have used Wikipedia and other informative websites to research the artist, music and possible editing techniques.
    One of the biggest Internet Phenomena is YouTube. I have used it to look at other student and professional music video to know how a successful music video looks like and why some create more interest and discussion then others.
    Social Networking sites such as facebook, Twitter and MySpace are often used by independent and other artists to publish their work and to interact with their fans. It gives a possibility to create a closer relationship to the audience. It can also be used to exchange opinions on songs, videos etc.
  • By Dunia K.