Evaluation Q3


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Evaluation Q3

  1. 1. Q3. What kind of media institution might distribute your film and why?UK Film Council or Revolver Entertainment<br />(UKFC) <br />It was set up in 2000 by the Labour Government as a non-departmental public body to develop and promote the film industry in the UK. It is constituted as a private company limited by guarantee governed by a board of 15 directors and is funded through sources including the National Lottery. <br /> <br />Revolver Entertainment <br />It is a marketing-lead, all rights film distribution company based in the UK. Most notably the company has released; French noir thrillers, Werner Herzog's award-winning Grizzly Man, urban drama Kidulthood, also Sundance and Venice award winner ‘A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints’ starring Robert Downey Jr. and Channing Tatum. <br />
  2. 2. The most appropriate distribution outlet for “Paperchain” would be either the UK Film Council or Revolver Entertainment. <br />This is because with the UKFC, it aims to help promote the film industry in the UK, and this is important. Also, it gets its money from sources such as the National Lottery, therefore some projects must be low-budget, and ‘Paperchain’ is a low budget title sequence. It would be appropriate because our film is set in London, so it would be promoting filming within the U.K. <br />Revolver Entertainment is another possibility. The company distributes films which represent and promote actors in the U.K, and usually develop to be very successful like ‘Kidulthood’, and films which have been entered into film festivals in other countries. Also, they distribute ‘noir thrillers’ which shows that they specialise in the thriller genre as well, and this is good because ‘Paperchain’ is also in that category. <br /> <br />
  3. 3. Chosen Idea<br />Revolver Entertainment, one of the leading independents, is a multi-award winning,marketing-led,all rights film distributor that continues to shake up the industry with a unique, innovative approach to managing releases. <br />If “Paperchain” was distributed by Revolver Entertainment, it would help to establish the actors/actresses in the film. Also, it would be a different type of genre- the psychological thriller- as in London, the majority of films are about Gangs and drugs(amongst other things). Londoners can watch many television series of the crime thriller genre such as CSI, Criminal Minds etc (which are all American) but there are hardly any films released of psychological thrillers set in London. Even though the plot is well known, it is quite new for the English market who are used to seeing these types of series (CSI) and films (Seven) in America. Therefore “Paperchain” will be a relatively unique as a London-themed thriller about a serial killer. It will also reveal London as a character within the Thriller and like many other films that Revolver distributes, London is the main location. <br />I think that the funding could be shared by the UKFC, because our thriller is independent and fairly low-budget. Also the UKFC helps to establish new talent within filmmaking/actors/actresses in the UK, this could benefit the people involved in the making of “Paperchain”. Also UKFC promotes the diversity of members of the film industry in the UK, and this will be appropriate as the other actors in our thriller will be of different cultural backgrounds. <br />This link takes you to a video that explains what Revolver Entertainment is all about.<br />http://www.revolvergroup.com/uk/article/view/about_us<br />