Audience Feedback Questions


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Audience Feedback Questions

  1. 1. Audience Feedback Questions☺<br />Camerawork?<br />1: Shots... were quite slow and steady which made them look controlled and professional.<br />2: I liked the panning and the fast cutting shot, and the change of pace was good, its interesting.<br /> <br />Editing? <br />1: They were sometimes noticeable…? (Me: But that is purposeful in some places, because it signifies the change in scene, time, pace.) Oh, Ok. Yeah, then it looks good.<br />2: The fades were effective, they fitted nicely with the shots.<br /> <br />Mise-en-scene?<br />1: It was created really well, I liked the dark feel to it.<br />2: I think it is very good, the music really helps to create the tense feeling, in my opinion.<br /> <br />Use of Titles?<br />1: I think the beginning titles, with the water effect (ripple dissolve) is really good at creating the creepy-scary atmosphere…<br />2: I think keeping them simple is a great idea, it is simplistic but also effective, I like the black and white– its basic but also quite scary– definitely like a thriller film.<br /> <br />Suspense?<br />1: Oh my god– the ending it so good! I like the effect on the Paperchain and the way Paperchain is written, with the text all shaky. <br />2: I really liked the police sirens, it makes me think that something has happened, involving that freaky guy... (Me: the serial killer) … yeah him.<br />3: I think the ending is fine, really good. This bit is particularly suspenseful... <br />(Everyone seemed to enjoy watching this bit)<br /> <br />Enigma?<br />1: I think it is a bit confusing, but you have to watch carefully I guess. But its in a positive way, like, I want to watch more!<br />2: I want to understand more about what the Paperchain is all about. Like why he is cutting them up when he is an adult. <br /> <br />Characterisation?<br />1. I think that there is good development, and I like that the face isn’t showing, so its more mysterious.<br />2. The business suit and briefcase lets me know he is a businessman.<br /> <br />Plot/Narrative/Theme?<br />1: It is expressed clearly, the themes are there, like the images on the desk show violence, and the flashback shows that something had happened to him before he got mucked up. (Me: Becomes a serial killer? You do know that he is a serial killer, right?)<br />Yeah of course, that’s what I meant. <br />2: The plot is secretive, and that’s what I like about it. It leaves a cliff-hanger thing at the end, which shows you that there will be more. But I get the fact that he is a murderer and that it may have had something to do with his childhood. <br />Areas of improvement?<br />1. I had a brief misunderstanding with the flash-back scene, I didn’t realise that it was in the past, but maybe that’s just me! You could have dated the shot to make it clearer. <br />3: The titles in the middles scene- the desk scene- have unusually positioned titles, one on top of the other, rather than separate titles. Maybe could have done them separately to make it look more professional. <br />Also the gap between the main title (“Paperchain”) and the police siren and text could be longer, it would look better with a pause. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />