Presentation - Graphic Designers and the Copyright Law


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Graphic Designers and the Copyright Law based on a series of PSA using Facebook profile pictures

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Presentation - Graphic Designers and the Copyright Law

  1. 1. c Graphic Designers & Copyright Laws Presentation by Peggy Mao and Venus Fung
  2. 2. DesignerGuidelines
  3. 3. Graphic Designers of CanadaCode of Conduct42. A Member shall not knowingly copy the design orwork of another person without the consent oragreement of the person who owns the copyright or theiragents and in accordance with the copyright laws of Canada. (Intellectual Property & Authorship Section from Society of Graphic Designers of Canada)
  4. 4. Who owns the copyright?“ The creator/designer owns the copyright in work he creates on a freelance basis. If employed by an organization or government, then the employer or government owns the ” copyright. As well, commissioned photographs, engravings and portraits belong to the person commissioning these works. (From the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada)
  5. 5. OurProject
  6. 6. • Topic: Using the “public” images online• Project: Non-profit PSA for the public to be more aware of the content they publish on facebook/social media• Uses public profile pictures that are found on facebook to convey main point
  7. 7. TheLaws
  8. 8. Photography Copyrights • Copyright belongs to the the person who commissioned the photo • Copyright is automatically applied to the photo, no need to register for it to be in effect • Unless stated that photo is in public domain, cannot be used without permission
  9. 9. Facebook’s Terms “ 5.7: If you collect information from users, you will: obtain their consent, make it clear you (and not Facebook) are the one ” collecting their information, and post a privacy policy explaining what information you collect and how you will use it. (Excerpt from Facebook Terms and Conditions)
  10. 10. Privacy Act “ 2. The purpose of this Act is to extend the present laws of Canada that protect the privacy of individuals with respect to personal information about themselves held ” by a government institution and that provide individuals with a right of access to that information. 1980-81-82-83, c. 111, Sch. II “2”. (Excerpt from the Privacy Act of Canada)
  11. 11. Model Release Should include: • Clearly define the terms of 1. The name and signature of the model the relationship between the 2. The name and signature of the artist model and the artist engaging the model • Avoid misunderstandings 3. The name and signature of an independent third-party witness and minimize the possibility 4. The date of lawsuits. 5. Tthe consideration (eg. financial reward) • Should employ one when using the name, likeness or other personal attributes of an individual. (Info from the Carfac Ontario)
  12. 12. It seems like we are definitely in a copyright infringement...BUT
  13. 13. Fair Dealing 3 situations where fair dealing lets you use part of another creator’s work for: 1. Research or private study 2. Criticism and review 3. News reporting (Info from The Copyright Act of Canada - Section 29)
  14. 14. Critique and Review “ You can quote someone’s work as part of a piece of criticism of it. And you can reproduce and copy their work as part of a criticism of it, which is to say, you can take a photo of their piece of art, and put it in your review of that specific art work ” and show. In both cases, you have to cite the source, author, performer, maker or broadcaster and so on. (Info from The Copyright Act of Canada - Section 29)
  15. 15. OurProject (Recap)
  16. 16. SomeQuestions
  17. 17. VS. Is the situation different if it was in a magazine? • Like in a newspaper, to inform • Definitely protected under the law for fair dealing
  18. 18. Publishing Platform’s Fault? For not making the copyright of the image clear for others to viewUploader’sFault?For not Publishing Friendchecking Uploaderprivacy setting Platform (The intended audience) Grey Area Creator of infringing product? For not finding the Person original image creator Infringing and not making looking for Product copyright issues clear images
  19. 19. What if the clientprovides the images? If there is infringement, then who is responsible?
  20. 20. Let’sDiscuss
  21. 21. Discussion• Would the situation be different if the product was not a poster, but in a magazine/editorial piece?• Who should be at fault? The unaware uploader? The unclear publishing platform? Or the creator of the infringing product?• If the client provided the photos, is the designer still at fault?
  22. 22. Thank You
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