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Social Game Engine
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Social Game Engine


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  • 1. grgetherhSocial Game Engine Justin Mauldin, US Marketing Manager PapayaMobile Inc
  • 2. ContentsA Cross-Platform Social Game Engine for Mobiles1. Integrated social features2. Virtual currency3. Script based language4. Advanced 2D graphics5. Cross platform6. Cloud server hosting7. Papaya VS Competition8. Language support9. Submission process10. Revenue share11. Roadmap
  • 3. 1. True Social Network for Mobiles • User profiles • Friend system • Circles • Newsfeeds • Notifications • Photo Sharing • Game Discovery • Check In • Voice messages • Chat
  • 4. 1. Papaya Social Features Achievements Notifications Players unlock achievements in your Broadcast messages to news feeds and game after completing objectives tell players and their friends what that require skill and effort. they’ve been up to in your game.
  • 5. 1. Papaya Social Features Leaderboards Challenges Allow players to compete for high Unleash the competitive nature of scores locally, between their friends your players by letting them or with the whole world. challenge their friends to beat their high score.
  • 6. 1. Papaya Social Features Friends Avatars The most effective way to drive Make your game more personal by virality in your game. Users have including Papaya’s avatars for your more fun when you let them play players. This gives player s familiar with friends. face to play with.
  • 7. 1. Papaya Social Features Recommendations Make it easier for players to recommend games to their friends. Combine with free virtual gifts or virtual currency for an extremely effective viral channel.
  • 8. 2. Built-in virtual currency and billing channels Sell virtual goods, level packs, and in-game currency to millions of virtual shopaholics A shop front selling Papayas • Ready-built virtual currency system. for Social Game Engine • Multiple global billing channels game X City. supported. • Available in Social SDK, Social Game Engine and Social Splash
  • 9. 2. Payment Systems Android iOS Amazon billing, Google Credit card, Purchase Checkout carrier App Store settlement, etc. Currency Papayas Papayas Game item or Game item orConsumption Papaya Avatar Papaya Avatar Item Item
  • 10. 2. Payment Methods Developer can Share model ① choose share model ① or ② Applicable sales Android iOS Share payment Send directly Directly Invoice Developer Developer Settlement ① Papaya pays developer revenue share directly method ② App Store pays developer directly and Papaya Invoices
  • 11. 2. The Social Marketplace TapJoy and Papaya join forces with The Social Marketplace The Social Marketplace utilizes Papaya’s social network to help users find the best social mobile games, by offering recommendations based on what they play, and what their friends are playing.
  • 12. 3. Advanced script based language If you’re familiar with Flash you’ll feel right at home with Social Game Engine 1. Uses PapayaAS – it’s very similar to Action Script and Python. 2. BUT Much faster and optimized for mobile. R.I.P. Flash 1996 - 2012 3. Written in C. 4. Outperforms Cocos2D on low and high end devices.
  • 13. 4. Advanced 2D graphics
  • 14. 4. Advanced 2D graphics Physics Versatile physics API to create rigid body dynamics for all shapes (including collision detection) and gravity effects for more tactile and dynamic gameplay. Particles Real time particle effects system which can be used to create impressive effects including explosions, sparks, fire, snow dust and other abstract visual effects. Scaling Automatic scaling for multiple resolutions on tablets and mobile handsets. When launched, games are automatically scaled to match the device your game is opened on.
  • 15. 4. Rich set of actions Rich set of Actions, implemented in C++, OpenGL• Rectilinear Actions• Curvlinear Actions• Complex Actions• Sprite rotation Actions• Sprite scaling Actions• Plus 100s more rich Actions
  • 16. 5. Cross platform compatibilityComplete solution for building mobile games andlaunching on Android Market and Apple App Storesimultaneously. One codebase for multiple platforms: iOS Android 4.x 1.x 5.x 2.x 3.x 4.x
  • 17. 6. Cloud Server Hosting• Host server for developers• Provides fast development framework: • Database: MongoDB, MongoEngine ORM • App Engine: Python2.6, nginx + uwsgi
  • 18. 7. Papaya Vs Competition 2D Actions Sprite Sheet Physics ParticlesSocial FeaturesMonetization
  • 19. 7. Papaya Vs Competition VS Papaya outperforms cocos2D in FPS performance tests. 52 51 47 41 40FPS 22 14 11 HTC G1 HTC G2 HTC Desire Nexus One Papaya Avg COCOS 2D Avg
  • 20. 7. Papaya Vs Competition VS ngCorePapaya outperforms mobage ngCore in FPS performance tests.FPS 58 58 46 42 43 40 38 35 31 29 24 16 Samsung Galaxy I9000 HTC Desire HTC Desire S Samsung SCH-i559 Moto A953 Moto ME811 Papaya Mobage
  • 21. 8. Language support German English Chinese Coming March 2012 Russian French Korean Coming March 2012 Coming April 2012 Coming Q2/Q3 Japanese Coming Q2/Q3
  • 22. 9. Submission process iOS Application Android Application QA team will test the game after you submit it. Review by Apple, Inc. Release on Papaya network plus due promotion
  • 23. 10, Game Engine Revenue Share Using Papaya Game Engine Only 30% 70% Papaya Developer Net Virtual Currency Revenues Using Papaya Game Engine & Cloud Hosting Services 50% 50% Papaya Developer Net Virtual Currency Revenues
  • 24. 11. RoadmapStep debuggerCompletely revamped debugging tool.March 2012 GUI game scene editor Drag and drop pictures to design a game scene. March 2012 Video and Camera support Q2 Joint Animations Q2
  • 25. Try for yourself! Games Built on Social Game Engine Forest Fair Fishing Vida Mafia Farm X City Zombies...OMG! Treasure Fever
  • 26. Get started Developers need to register first from here: To learn more about Papaya developer tools and to get started, head to: Or contact us: