CPI CPC CPM Differences


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CPI CPC CPM Differences

  1. 1. CPM, CPI, CPC What’s the difference? Mobile ad spend models explained
  2. 2. What are CPI, CPC and CPM? • CPI: Cost-per-install • CPC: Cost-per-click • CPM: Cost-per-mille (“mille” = 1000 impressions)
  3. 3. Cost-Per-Install
  4. 4. Pros of paying for installs Low cost and low risk: Don’t spend money on users that don’t convert to installs.
  5. 5. Cons of paying for installs Limited control over traffic: Non-transparent networks will funnel low-quality traffic to CPI campaigns. Limited user behavior tracking: Hard to analyze why a user clicked but didn’t convert further down the funnel. Ad optimization is low priority: Good creatives aren’t worth the effort for CPI.
  6. 6. Cost-Per-Click
  7. 7. Pros of paying for clicks More insightful than CPI: Easier to analyze why users do or do not click your ad. Can be cheaper than CPI: Once you understand user behavior, optimize for max conversions.
  8. 8. Cons of paying for clicks Optimization required: CPC is more expensive than CPI if you don’t have the tools to maximize conversions.
  9. 9. Cost-Per-Mille
  10. 10. Pros of paying for impressions Goes well with rich media and video: Animations, video, and dynamic interactive ads encourage a higher level of visual engagement. Control over ads: Good for when brand awareness is more important than performance. Customized data: Use the interactivity of rich media ads to analyze user sentiment.
  11. 11. Cons of paying for impressions Beware low quality impressions: Non-transparent networks may stick you with the worst traffic. Get total transparency now"
  12. 12. Read more about the differences on AppFlood’s blog: “CPM,CPC,CPI, what's the difference between these mobile advertising models?”
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