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E Front Presentation2009 Eng Without Enterprise Extensions



This is a quick presentation of eFront, the new generation learning management system. Check it out at: http://www.efrontlearning.net

This is a quick presentation of eFront, the new generation learning management system. Check it out at: http://www.efrontlearning.net



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E Front Presentation2009 Eng Without Enterprise Extensions E Front Presentation2009 Eng Without Enterprise Extensions Presentation Transcript

  • © 2003-2000 EPIGNOSIS LTD eFront Refreshing eLearning
  • What is eFront?
    • eFront is a new generation, all-in-one learning management system (LMS/LCMS)
    • eFront can assist the process of creating effective distant learning communities
    • It can be used as :
      • A training tool
      • A communication tool
      • An evaluation tool
      • A certification tool
      • A file management and sharing tool
    • It can be used as an autonomous tool but it can also be combined with :
      • Traditional education in classroom ( blended learning)
      • Tools for synchronous learning ( video-conference and virtual class)
  • eFront:Key Characteristics
    • All-in-one eLearning solution
      • (Build Content/Tests, Deliver, Assess, Reports)
    • Multilingual
    • Standards compliance ( SCORM/AICC Certified )
    • Intuitive and Attractive ( icon based interface )
    • Runs everywhere ( any OS, any bandwidth )
    • Runs on anything ( any browser )
    • Fast, new generation web application ( AJAX )
    • Expansible ( modular technology )
  • Architecture
    • Web-server: Apache / IIS
    • Database-requirements: MySql 5+
      • (eFront used an AdoDB layer and can be extended to support additional databases)
    • Browser: IE 6+, FF 2+, Chrome…
    • PHP 5.2+ (Object Oriented)
    • 3-tiers: Logic, Database, Presentation
    • Modular architecture
    • Ajax Interface
  • Architecture
  • eFront Flavors
    • eFront comes in three flavors
  • eFront – Open Source
    • Freely available
    • Powered by the power of the community
    • Ensures the “correctness” of eFront’s core
    • Efficient penetration for global markets
    • Builds “expensive” awareness
  • eFront Educational ™
    • Builds on eFront core:
      • An advanced multilevel course catalog
      • Payment solutions
      • Scaling support
        • Support for several thousands of users and several hundred of lessons
      • Additional educational modules
      • Business License and Guarantees
    • Targeted clients
      • Colleges/Universities
  • eFront Enterprise™
    • Integrates a complete human capital development sub-system
    • Target clients: SME’s
      • Business License and Guarantees
    • eFront Enterprise can:
      • Test the knowledge of (candidate) employees (gap analysis)
      • Organize internal training materials as training courses
      • Build user-tailored training paths based on job descriptions
      • Minimize the organization’s training costs
      • Pin-point the best candidates for tasks
      • Fulfill the inner-organization communication needs
      • Retain the company knowledge
      • Certify the employee knowledge
      • Track the employee history inside the company
  • What’s inside eFront
    • An environment to build lessons, to create tests, to organize content and the learning process (LCMS)
    • The end user learning environment (LMS)
    • A lot of tools to enrich the communication between users ( community/social tools)
    • Tools to assess the learner improvement (assessment tools)
    • Advanced administration and system customization tools (admin tools)
  • eFront can be sold as …
    • Software
      • The end-user buys the system and installs it on their infrastructure
      • Fixed cost and yearly updates
    • Service
      • The end-user rents a virtual efront server
      • No need to have his own infrastructure
      • Automatic system updates and backups
      • Monthly payments
  • Content Creator ( LCMS)
    • Content editors and organization in multiple levels
    • Tests creation that supports multiple types of questions
    • Projects
    • Surveys
    • Glossary
    • File management / File Sharing
    • Access / Completion Rules
    • Import - Export Tools
  • LCMS: Tutor Basic Environment Tool Bars Communication Tools Lessons Tools
  • LCMS: Lesson Metadata Describe your lesson, the objectives, assessments, completion rules and external resources
  • LCMS: Content Editor Embedded Visual Content Editor. You can embed to the content you create pictures, sound, video, applets, flash,..
  • LCMS: Content Tree The Content Tree can have any depth and can contain three distinct types of data: Theory, Examples, Tests
  • LCMS: Tests
    • eFront Supports a wide range of question types
      • Multiple choice , fill blanks , open-answer , true-false , …
    • Flexible options
      • Random test creation
      • Presentation (all at once, one-by-one)
      • Repeat (only once, unlimited times, specific number of times)
      • Show correct answers
      • Absolute time
      • Integrate multimedia characteristics on test-questions ( pictures, video, etc )
  • LCMS: Tests creation interface
  • LCMS: How tests look like Remaining Time Multiple Choice Questions
  • LCMS: Access Paths / Rules Rules for content viewing Rules for completing lessons
  • LCMS: Glossary Glossary items get embedded with the content Glossary item
  • LCMS: File Management Integrated file management with preview
  • LCMS: Surveys eFront integrates advanced Survey functionality
  • LCMS: Choosing active modules We can activate/deactivate several modules for each lesson
  • LCMS: Import / Export and SCORM eFront
  • SCORM: Using Articulate to create a Quiz
  • SCORM: Importing to eFront
  • LMS: Main LMS tasks
    • Performs authentication
    • Organize Lessons to courses or categories
    • Tracks student activity and results on tests
    • Guides user through the learning material
    • Implements the time scheduling, rules etc from LCMS
    • Integrates tools like a search engine, bookmarks and user personal page
    • Integrates the learning process with the communication tools
  • LMS: User Authentication Tutor Admin User
  • LMS: Basic Lesson Page Current Content Active modules and recent news Tools Continue/Resume Lesson
  • LMS: Viewing content Content Structure Bookmarks and other info Tools Lesson Progress Multimedia Content
  • LMS: Viewing content [2]
  • LMS: Full Text Search
  • LMS: Tests Are you sure you want to make the test? Multimedia Characteristics on tests
  • LMS: Test Marks Explanation Marks
  • LMS: Rules Rule Restriction
  • LMS: Communication Tools Calendar Chat Lesson and System Announcements Personal Messages Forum
  • LMS: Statistics Types of Reports User report
  • LMS: Statistics [2] System Reports
  • Admin Tools
    • Add/modify Users
    • Add/modify Lessons/Courses/Categories
    • Add/modify Languages
    • Backup-Restore (on System Level)
    • Parameterize System
    • Parameterize Users Profile
    • System Security
    • System Announcements
  • Admin: Main Interface
  • Admin: User Administration
  • Admin: Lesson Administration
  • Admin: Main System Configuration
  • Admin: Backup and Language Support