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The AXCP Content Processing Media Grid is an open solution to set up architectures of media computing and semantic grid, for massive information management following business rules, growth and integration demands, big data management. AXCP supports a large range of possible applications for massive and parallel processing integrated with databases, back offices, workflows, data crawling, collectors, Content and Data Management Systems, CMS/DMS, and web servers. AXCP reduces costs and increase efficiency by an automated information, media and content management. AXCP is most complete media grid AXCP is a solution to set up scalable grid computing, at low costs, reliable and simple to install; to be used in conjunction with other applications, enforcing scalability, intelligence processing capabilities, batch processing, cloud computing, etc.
(read IEEE Multimedia in April 2012, ).

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Media grid content-processing axcp

  1. 1. Conte Pro ent ocessin Med Grid AXC ng dia d, CP The AXCP Content Processing Media Grid is an open solu P g G ution to se upetTechnic Note cal architecture of mediia computing and semantic grid for mas es d, ssive inform mationAugust 2012 t manageme following business rules, grow and inte ent g wth egration demands, big datag manageme ent. AXCP s supports a large range of possib applicati e ble ions for ma assiveAutoma your ate and paralle processin integrate with databases, ba el ng ed ack offices, workflows, data ,busines proces ss sses crawling, co ollectors, Co ontent and Data Mana agement Sys stems, CMS S/DMS, and webd servers. AX XCP reduce costs and increase efficiency by an automa es d e y ated information,Intellige inform ent mation media and content ma anagement AXCP is most comp t. plete media grid AXCP is a a Pmanage ement at l low solution to set up sca alable grid computing, at low co osts, reliable and simp to plecost install; to be used in conjunctio with oth applica b n on her ations, enfo orcing scala ability, intelligence processing capabilitie batch pro e g es, ocessing, c cloud compu uting, etc.Scalable and intellige ent (read IEEE Multimedia in April 20 a 012,information processing. ComputingNow/h homepage/2012 _MicroGrids.pdf ). 2/0812/W_MU_ omputing, indCloud co dustrialscalable massive pa arallelprocessin platform. ngOn-dema computi and and ingprocessin ng.Applicat tions:- data pro ocessing- semant computing tic- knowled manage dge ement and rea asoning- media grid g- big data processing a g- crawling process. g- data rec conciliation- distributed process sing- automa ated content manage ement- automa ated content adaptat tion- parallel content AXCP allow setting up scalable parallel and massive architectu A ws e a e ures to schedule repurpo osing multiple applications o multiples node client to automa and org on ts ate ganize:- parallel simulation o data ma assive and c computational intensiv parallel p ve processing;- comput tational intennsive o intellige informat ion manage ent ement with semantic pr rocessing; applications o services for conten production and/or dis s nt stribution on demands; n- channe production and el n o events collection, d data manag gement, sen nsors, intern of things RFIDs, ..; net s, distribution: broadc casting, o medical application for data collection and process ns c sing; IP/Interrnet, WEB sites, o biomedical applica ation in DNA and epidemiological a A analysis and prediction n; P2P, mobile, PDA, IPTV, m o social network bac office ma n ck anagement, content pr , rocessing, user and co u ontent interact tive TV and profile processing, recommen p ndations; channe VOD, etc els, c. o user ge enerated conntent processing, adap ptation and formatting;- monitor ring and con ntrol of: o monitor ring events and status of: WEB/internet sites P2P netw s, works, datab bases, web, P2 OAI-PM 2P, MH, ftp sites …; s, social networks, n o content managem ment for pro oduction an distribut nd tion channe els: VOD, IPTV,- similarit profile ty WEBTV DVB-T, w V, web, P2P, FTP, HTTP, OAI-PMH, WebServic F ces, etc.; comput ting, manage ement o interope erable trust and securit rule processing, CAS and/or DR (digital rights ty S RM- recomm mendations a and manage ement) MPE EG-21 and OMA; advertis sing o process sing busines models, single and multiple dis ss stribution ch hannels: pa per ay- digital rights manag r gement play, suubscription, counting, re enting, billin etc., for B2B and B2C; ng, and liceensing o content manageme system: DMS, CMS and/or ar ent : S, rchives; o data fingerprint and watermar extraction and insert d rk n tion; o Import and export d a data with Europeana; o Connec ctions with S Social Netwworks: linked din., facebo ook, etc. 1
  2. 2. Conte Pro ent ocessin Med Grid AXC ng dia d, CP AXC Archi CP itecture The AXCP too of the p ols previous fig gure represe a gene ent eral purpose solution t set up massive pa e to m arallel architectures for computing for person g nal/industria use. Both big data and comput al h a tational inte ensive prob blems can be manage in easily manner. The followin figure re ed y T ng eports an AXCP Sched A duler that put in exec p cution proce esses on A AXCP Nod des which can be ind dustrial or desktop coomputers c connected with the A AXCP Scheeduler via one or more networks. The AXCP solu ution is grouunded on th concept of Rule. AXCP Rules formalize activities of processin on he t A s o ng grid nodes and may activa other Rules on ot ate R ther nodes in the cloud computin architect ng ture on phyysical mach hines. AXC Rules a written in Extende JavaScript language to forma CP are ed alize jobs, logic, deadllines, perio odicity, paraameters, c communicat tion, storag time, capabilities, etc. The AXCP is endowed o an ge, e of integ grated deve elopment e environment and debu Moreov t ug. ver, any exxecutable p program in the Oper n rating Syste can be put in exec em cution by an AXCP No and thus controlled by the AX n ode d XCP Schedu uler. A summary of the functiona ssible by the AXCP Ru alities acces ules are reported at th end of th docume they ca be he his ent, an recovvered in the manual a e and in the help provide with the AXCP IDE tools. The AXCP Sc h ed e E e cheduler ca be an contrrolled by oth tool via API, Web Services. her S The AXCP Rules can be produced by the e AXCP Rule Ed ditor (java script editing and debu see on t figure on the right side) or ug, the s by th AXCP Vi he isual Designer (visual design, editin and ver ng rification). OOnce produ uced, a AXCP Rule can be put in th pool of Rules of he R the AXCP Scheduler (dat base of AXCP A ta f GRID Rules) for their execution on the AXCP D r e Node AXCP R es. Rules can b activated (put in be d execcution) in s several manners. The Rules e uses may inte s egrate any combination of y functtionalities iincluded in nto the Exxtended Java Script lan a nguage and provided by the d Plug ins (see in the follow n wing). They include acceess to databases, info ormation an data nd proceessing, communic cation, storage, s secuurity, seman processing, security etc. ntic y, AXC Rule Ed CP ditor is used to produc debug, ce, 2
  3. 3. Conte Pro ent ocessin Med Grid AXC ng dia d, CP validate AX XCP Rules to execute e Nodes via A AXCP Sche eduler. The e sts the developers with debug, w , intelligence (word completion, e c , and java sc cript function list, etc.). . editor can a access to the database e heduler and change them without d t XCP Sche eduler and thus the e the AXCP tools supp port the hot t s of AXCP R Rules. s can be als produce by using so ed g l Designer AXVD. A visual tooll r, ences of R Rule segme ents and/or r to define flows tha can be at e nd activat ted by the AXCP P AXVD per rmits to pr rogram the e n a very simple and accessible e xpert users. . CP visual component is provid ts ded, while additional created with the AXC Rule Ed CP ditor in a very simple v rary are als produced on deman d. so d on is flexib and ope it can be customize in ble en, e ed For example by: omizing AXC Rules to be execute on AXCP Nodes; CP o ed P rchies/mesh hes/network of cloud computing in which a ks ntrol a nummber of nod des/peers, a and those nodes may n r Schedule ers as well via web services and direct ns; l over and fault tolera solution creating chains of ant ns, g odes in fail over, redunndant nodes etc. s, realizing an installing additional AXMEDIS plug-ins to nd ats, encode decode adapter and conv ers, ers, rs verters, etc. S Plug-in technology is well docum s mented and supported d ment tool kit and open sources; t, XCP GRID Nodes in a hierarch hical/net manner. An m may contro one or more AXCP Scheduler which in ol m rs rol other AXXCP Nodes, etc.; reating rules with other processes and activa s r s, ating them on the Sche o eduler; erating syste processes, passing them para em g ameters/files and gettin eventual errors; s ng managing e errors, settin ups reco ng overy by err policies, rules. ror on is base on a Se ed ervice Orien nted Archite ecture (SOOA); fully do ocumented APIs for a the all nd WEB Se ervices for accessing and contro olling tools, and for di stributing produced co p ontent tribution servers. This means th the a large range of tools from acqui nt-end dist s hat e isition, on, data bas and distr se ribution serv rvers and soolutions ma very easiily integrate with the A ay ed AXCP es may lea to put in execution processes activate other web services, make chang ad n s, o m ges in ution main eelements: : on any AXC Node, single compu CP uter, virtual machine; rized for aut tomating maanagement activities; according to different policies: per o p riodic, sporaadic or on demand; n synchronous and asy ynchronous manner an by other AXCP Rule s nd es; 3
  4. 4. Conte Pro ent ocessin Med Grid AXC ng dia d, CP  activated to return back any kin of results and error codes; nd s c  activated by other A AXCP Rules, third partie external tools, web services, … es …;  dynamica produce sent to the AXCP S ally ed, t Scheduler and thus activated; a  set up to detect chan nges in the file system , local database, in the P2P, etc.; e  activated by Workflo Managem ow ment Syste ms (Open Flow and Bi F izTalk), PHP JSP, JAV Web P, VA, Service c clients, etc.;  used to s schedule oth AXCP Rules and A her R AXCP Schedulers;  Nodes are controlled by the AXCP Scheduler , and can be y  industrial computers or desktop computers in your off l s p s fices delega ating at the A AXCP a pa of their C art CPU power de etailing the CCPU percen ntage left to AXCP for each single hour of the week, 24/ o e e /7;  executed alone (with the AXCP standalon node) for executing sporadic AX d h P ne r XCP Rules for ad-hoc processin and activ ng vation witho demand ing their allocation to the AXCP S out Scheduler;  Sttandalone Node allow putting in execution a single AX ws n XCP Rule fr rom your ap pplications and servers via a s a simple she command it is an AX ell d, XCP Rule w which can be used with hout the AXC Schedu CP uler. It is an ea way to access to th whole fu asy he unctionalities of the AXCP languag for execu s ge uting an asyynchronous s prrocesses without callin the Web Service AX ng XCP Schedu uler.  Scheduler a allocates an manage AXCP Ru nd es ules on GR Nodes: RID  schedulin and bala ng ancing jobs/proc cesses on A AXCP Nodes according to the Rul processin needs g le ng in terms o plug-ins, time and re of esources: balancing nodes workloads, De g eadline Monotonic, starting t time, optimiization;  activating jobs as sp g poradic and periodic tasks, controlled by other tools and/or web serv vices;  monitorin progress of production ng processe and their status, via logs and es in real tim etc.; me,  Quick Start permits to a Q activate AXCP Rules in a very simple manner by passing them n r g paarameters; for example a collection of es obbjects, a pa a databa ath, ase, a quer a list ry, of files, etc., or just a clic f ck;  Sttandalone Node allow putting in execution a single AX ws n XCP Rule fr rom your ap pplications and servers via a s a simple she command This solut ell d. tion is an ea way to access to th whole fu asy he unctionalities of the AXCP fo executing an asynch or g hronous process withou calling the Web Serv ut vice AXCP S Scheduler. AXC for Cr CP ross Med Rich Media a dia, and Multi imedia Content P C Processing The AXCP is la A argely adopted the inte elligent and integrated managem d d ment of conntent distribution chann nels, taking into accou formats devices, business m g unt s, b models, serv vices, etc. AXCP can b used for the automated A be r mana agement, of data and c f content proccessing, pree-/post-prodduction processing and for distrib d bution of a la arge range of content formats, for autom e matically p roducing, crawling, metadata in c m ngestion and process sing, proceessing, pac ckaging, a adapting, transcoding formattin t g, ng, and/or repurpos r sing conten files, user nt, regist trations, proofiles, licens and data of any kind. AXCP red sing, etc., of content a o f duces the costs of con c ntent mana agement, s supports the whole value chain and mak v n kes real th converg ence of media, and the he m intero operability o content e of enabling multi-channe l distributio (e.g., mo on obile, web, satellite, kiosk, iTV, P P2P, intera activity, etc) and provi ), ides a flexible and inteeroperable DRM, for both B2B a b and B2C ac cross traditional and P2P distribu P ution platform ms. The AXCP offers functionalities to supp and set up integra A s port t ated activitie of: es  coontent Ingeestion and gathering, database management (traditio onal and R RDF), craw wling, index xing, ar rchiving, ga athering from OAI, etc.; m  quuery, downl load and puublication on social netw n tworks: Face eBook, You uTube, Flick XMF, Cin kr, neca; 4
  5. 5. Conte Pro ent ocessin Med Grid AXC ng dia d, CP  ontent storage and retrieval, active querying: SQL and SPARQL; co e S  onnection w Europea and any OAI-PMH server; co with ana y  ontent proce co essing, rep purposing, adaptation, transmodin transco a ng, oding for teext, docs, images, aud dio, vid deo, multim media, XML, SMIL, HTM styles, M ML, MXF, newsM MPEG- MPEG-2 3D, ebook, etc.; ML, -4, 21,  meetadata reppurposing, a adaptation, transcoding integration, enrichme validatio t g, ent, on;  ontent descr co riptors, extr raction and comparison fingerprin MPEG-7, MPEG-21 , etc.; n, nt, ,  ontent comp co position, formatting, lay yout, styling g;  ommunicatio with data co on abases, FTP HTTP, P P, P2P and dist tribution ser rvers via se everal protocols;  ontent packa co aging: MPE EG-21, MXF OMA, new F, wsML, ZIP, GameMake etc.; er,  ontent prote co ection via se everal algorithms;  ontent DRM with MPEG co G-21 and OMA, with tra acking and reporting rights exploit tation;  ontent licens co sing, licensi the prod ing duction of lic censes;  ontent public co cation and d distribution toward mulltiple chann nels;  woorkflow mannagement in ntegration with BizTalk and OpenFlow; w k  maassive exec cution of pa arallel processes explo oiting Rapid Miner, Im d mageMagik, FFmpeg, keyword clo k oud ge eneration, D DRM, etc.;  us manage ser ement: regis stration, lice ensing, profiiling, advert tising. AXC Solution Relia CP ability and Redun ndancy The AXCP solut A tion is scalable in term of num ms mber of AXC Nodes and AXCP Scheduler The AX CP P rs. XCP solutio is highly reliable, s on y scalable and fault toler d rant. It may be used to create re y t edundant architectures in a s which multiple Scchedulers a multiple Nodes are organized in clusters and fail ov in chains In this ca and e e d ver s. ase, an AXXCP Scheduler will tak the role of master, a ke and the othhers will be in the chaiin but ready to cover t y that role in the case of failure o for rotatio policies. AXCP clou n or on ud/grid solu utions may be used to set up hig o ghly reliabl architect le tures in whhich each computer ( scheduler or node) can be put off-line for maintenan c c r nce withou stopping the process and at no risk for th running jobs. ut ses n he AXCP can run m P multiple copie of the sa es ame rules o different AXCP Node making p on A es possible the setup of fa e ault tolerant solutions Moreover AXCP No s. r, odes autom atically recoonnect with the AXCP Scheduler after a lack of h k conneection. The status con asks to be processed and runnin activities of the AX nditions in terms of ta t ng s XCP schedduler is continuously saved on ne HD, and allows disa et aster recove This in ery. nformation can be sha c ared 5
  6. 6. Conte Pro ent ocessin Med Grid AXC ng dia d, CP amo the sev ong veral AXCP Scheduler in the sa P rs ame chain to set up au t utomated re ecovering. In the case of e changing Sche eduler (one abandoned or it has been reboo d oted for failure), the ne one tak the control ext kes imm mediately. T Thus, the AAXCP Nodes are aut tomatically reconnecte to the new one. The replac ed ced Scheduler can be reboot a posed in the chain The corre implementation of th highly re and i n. ect he eliable solut tion implies the usa of multiple network cards, and reliable in age k d ndustrial commputers. Th solutions can be setup he s on different kin of opera d nd ating system such as Windows Servers, Windows 7, V ms S W Vista and XP, home a X and prof fessional, 32 and 64 bits versions. Virtual ma 2 achines and appliance are provide as well. ed AXC solution may be set up on a single compu with all inside as well as on m CP t uter w many industrial or desktop com mputers (tha may put a disposal a part of the CPU power and file system). E at at eir e Each node may share file syst tems and a access inde ependently on the net twork and thus on databases. Th t hus, solutio with large ons num mbers of disstributed da atabases are possible; to realize data and/or computatio e d r onal GRID solutions w with shared or partit tioned databases and data source es. The AXCP can be used to set up hierarchical solutions, in which multiple AXC Schedu e n h m CP ulers with th heir nodes are activ vated by oth nodes and Rules. T her a This allows setting up hierarchicall networks, meshes, cu h ube and other parallel and dist nfigurations for computing on phys tributed con sical and/or on the clouud. Oth AXCP based integrated solut her P tions The AXCP solution can be used an indepen e a ndent tool, but it has also bee designed to be us , s en sed with h:  P2P Contr rolled Netwwork, for coontent distri bution via P2P, B2B and B2C Bit P a echnology w tTorrent Te with queries an catalogu for protected con nd ue, ntent or no automating conten publicatio ot, nt on/distribution, controlling the P2P ne etwork, extrracting statiistical data and reports. AXMEDI P2P netw IS work has PP2P clients for P and Mob PC biles. http://www.axmedis.or rg/documen nti/view_doccumenti.php p?doc_id=3612  AXMEDIS DRM, is a s A solution to adopt MPEG a G-21 DRM with other DRM solutio D ons, include servers a es and licensing toools and allo ows DRM, detection of attacks, black list management, collection of actions lo d f o ogs containing traces ab bout the rights exp ploitation, tools for administra ative mana agement, e etc. http://www.axmedis.or rg/documen nti/view_doccumenti.php p?doc_id=3616  AXMobile: the end-to- A -end solutio for mobile content production and distribut on e tion;  AXMEDIS Editor and players, tools for M A d t MPEG-21 an AXMEDIS authorin (SMIL, HTML, MPE nd ng H EG- 4, and of a kind of digital reso any ource), DRM licensing, protection packaging workflow playing, e M, n, g, w, etc. AXMEDIS authoring on Window AXMED A ws. DIS players for: MS Windows, L s W Linux as core, Windo ows Mobile 5 and 6, and j java mobile java for PC, STB/P es, r PVR/HDR, Media Cen nters, PDA, and mobiles. They can b customize as GUI and function be ed a nalities. Exaamples of customizatio are available. ons http://www.axmedis.or rg/documen nti/view_doccumenti.php p?doc_id=3634 6
  7. 7. Conte Pro ent ocessin Med Grid AXC ng dia d, CP Examples of solu E s utions ex xploiting AXCP te echnolog and to gy ools  ECLAP: European Collected Library of P L Performing art, http://w a www.eclap.e for an in eu, nfrastructure and e solution f Social N for Networking for perform ming art proffessionals and lovers, with the au a utomated co ontent ingestion annotatio enrichme multilin n, on, ent, ngual additio ons, contex xtualization and posting informatio on on Europeana EDM. A AXCP is adopted in ECLAP portal as the back off a p fice engine for automating: gathering content, processing metadata, estimating similaritie and reco g , g es ommendatio ons, multilingual semantic indexing, crawling OAI-PMH, e c O export to Europeana, multichann content adaptation and E nel n repurpos sing, watch dog of th cloud se he ervices, prooducing rec commendat tions, sema antic computing, productio of similar on rities among users, est g timation of audiovisual descriptors etc. a s,  APRE T Toscana: ht ttp://www.ap pretoscana a best practice network, co t n ollaborative work porta and al blog for sstimulating access at the Europea Commis t an ssion funding and acce essing to related inform mation and even AXCP i adopted as the bac office eng nts. is d ck gine for autoomating: ga athering conntent, proce essing metadata estimatin similaritie multiling a, ng es, gual semantic indexing multichan g, nnel content adaptation and n repurpos sing, produ ucing recom mmendation semant computing, recom mendations productio of ns, tic s, on newslette ers.  Mobile Medicine: http://mobm med.axmed mult tichannel social netwo for me ork edical persoonnel, portal to support mo obile content productio and dist on tribution, medical proc cedures, pro oduction of mini- applicatioons for do osage estim mation and decision taking support, app d plications in the area of: n as emergen ncy, educat tional, critic conditio cal ons, etc. AXCP is adopted for automate productio of A r ed on intelligen content f pc and mobile, iP nt for Phone (see Mobile Medicine on Apple Sto e ore), iPad, PDA, semantic computing estimatio of recom c g, on mmendation symboli similarity multilingu indexing and ns, ic y, ual g fuzzy sea arch;  OAI-PMH Monitoring & Craw H wling facili at DISIT AXCP is adopted for automa ity T: s ated ingestiion of worldwid Open Ac de ccess archives via OA PMH, as AI ssessment of quality of metadat archives and ta, s services, semantic reasoning, automa , c ated metadata recon nciliation a and mapp ping, autom mated repurpos sing and disstribution;  Monitori ing P2P B Bittorrent networks. A n AXCP is adopted fo accessin at sanitized inform a or ng mation regarding P2P wor g rkload and activities, a assessment of quality of metada y ata, archive and serv es vices, semantic reasoning, automated reconciliat c d tion, produc ction of repoorts. AXCP is an innovative s A solution and technolog selected in the 2011 by the Itallian Nationa Agency fo the d gy 1 al or Diffusion of Innovative Technologies, at the P D Premiership of the Italian Ministry Council. They are de p y T efined as “Innovatioons selecte by the Italian Inno vators”, na ed amely "Inno ovazioni se elezionate dall’Italia degli In nnovatori" in Italian lan nguage. Ge last versio of the tools: et on AXCP TOOL free full ve A L ersion 4.0: http://www. .axmedis.or rg/documen nti/view_doccumenti.phpp?doc_id=4 4398 AXCP: see t linked p A the page at the Ministry po ortal, or see the link at DISIT DSI University of Florence; This o in nnovation has been ini itially developed within the AXME n EDIS Projec while it h been st ct, has trongly improved during last y years, thus adding inno ovative funcctionalities and robustness. In ge eneral terms the innov s, vative soolution conssists in a la anguage for programm r ming multime edia grid for semantic computing and proces ssing. The solution has been identified as one the most inn T n n e novative sol lution for m media proceessing, by other Research an Innovati R nd ion agencie and it is also desc es s cribed in IEEEE Multim media, IEEE Computer Soc E r Press, April 2 P 2012, and in other pap pers. The AXCP innovative t T tool can be used for a very large range of media com e e mputing applications ranging fr rom DRM t P2P mo to onitoring, from adaptio to distribution and Content D on Delivery Ne etwork, semmantic coomputing, e In ECLA the AXC is used for automat etc. AP, CP ting:  adaptatio of conten during in on nt ngestion, so as to prod o duce the content for PC and mobiles and ma C anage cross me edia contentt;  calculatio of sema on antic distan nces among users and objects and among objects and objects, with g a g clustering technolog g gies;  social ne etwork mana agement. 7
  8. 8. Conte Pro ent ocessin Med Grid AXC ng dia d, CP AXC Rules Functionalities CP Met tadata models and proces ssing In the AXCP JavaS A Script langua age, the follow wing  metadata mo odels and exte ensions: o Dublin Core full set functio onalities area accessible as native operators and/o a or o comple metadata s ex such as: EAD, DC plug in The addition of new fu ns. unctionalities is possible b s by o ECLAP metadata P adding new plug in or by crea g ns, ating Javascr ript o multiple Unique IDs and descripto UUID, ISB ors: BN, functio onalities. Mos of the follo st owing capabilities are ISRC, ISAN, ISMN, etc., your IDs availab on the light version of the AXCP tools. ble f o busine metadata s ess such as: AXIn nfo The following featu ures are ONL examples of the full se LY s et o Potent tially Available Rights, PAR, Licensing e of func ctionalities of the AXCP. f informa ation in MPEG G-21 REL o any custom metadatta Firing and control a a activities o Workflow information n  Activation via AXXCP schedule web service er o Protec ction informatio on  Activation via AXXCP Quick Sta tool art o Conten descriptors as Metadata nt  Activation via Wo orkflow tools o MPEG descriptors G-7 s  Activation via yo Application Java, C++, PHP, JSP, C our ns, CGI, o Conten fingerprint fo recognition and monitorin nt for n ng etc c. distribu ution channels s o Europe eana metadata ta  Activation via de etection of files changing, ch s hanging in dattabases, etc.  metadata ma anipulation and processing: d o mappin conversion via XSLT ng n  Cro activation of a rule via a oss another rule, usage of multip u ple o proces ssing via XSLT T schhedulers and nnodes  Tim periodic an me nd/or sporadic activations c Con ntent Process sing for audio videos, document, images, and o  Dyynamic produc ction, allocation and activatio or rules on any files: y  Dyynamic update of the grid no executable and libraries e ode e s.  rces adaptatio and transco digital resour on oding  extraction of descriptors annd/or fingerpri ints Conten and metada access, in nt ata om ngestion and gathering fro  watermarking g  CM and datab MSs bases:  indexing, classification o RDF/RDFS/OWL databases: SESAM OWLIM ME, o ODBC, My ySQL, non-SQ database QL  summarizatio on o XML datab bases, Tamino eXact o,  filtering o Lobster®, MSSQL, HP DMP, ..  repurposing  OA PMH, Open Archive base accesses; AI n ed  recognition  Ma communica ain ation protocols s:  search and retrieval o SQL, Web Services, FT HTTP, b TP,  production of simple and a f animated thum mbnails, icons o SFTP, HT TTPS  MIME type description and access of file d es o WebDAV, SMB, Gopher, NNTP  Lin nked Open Da ata Sem mantic Proces ssing, intellig gence reason ning  Lin nked Open Me edia  Data Clustering  opeerating system files: ms  Integration with semantic d w database: SES SAME and OWWLIM o MS Windo ows, Windows Servers, etc. s inference enggine  Ric media form ch mats:  Integration with CoSKOSA of OSIM, fo Ontology w AM or o MXF, New wsML, IMS SC CORM, MPEG-21, HTML, production and NLP, http:/// SMIL, etc..  Production of recommenda ations: user and content  A range of Craw r wling and data mining tools  Processing of ontologies o  Distances of profiles: users and media rs Conten and metada managem nt ata ment and retri ieval  Processing of Taxonomies o s  Coontent production for iPhone iPad, Android, Windows e,  TILCO tempo logic engiine oral Phone (audio vid deo, images, eepub, etc.)  Coontent production for Conten Organizer player for smar nt p rt Tex xt/Document processing, a adaptation an transcodin nd ng: pho and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phon one W ne):  Natural Lang guage Process sing: http://www.eclap o Integra ation with ANN NIE, GATE, JA APE  from multi-archiv content cra ve awling, extracti and ion o Crawle tokenizer, T er, Tagger, PosTa agger, etc. in Italian agggregation with metadata h and En nglish  from any databa ases via HTTP and/or ODBC etc. P C,  text processing with regula expressions and other ar s  from AXMEDIS d database (MP PEG-21 databa ase) or from techniques oth hers  text language detection e  acttualizing the q queries into the scripts, defin e nition of  text language translation w external to e with ools acttive/dynamic qqueries  text transcodding by format :  from P2P AXME EDIS network o PDF-T TXT, HTML, PS RTF, S,  ind dexing of meta adata and full ttext with Luce and/or Sollar ene o MS-Wo Plain textt, …. ord,  inte egration with H DMP, Digital Media Plat HP tform  text keywords Multilanguag ge:  Inte egration with oother solutions for content distribution see s d e o Extraction from com mparison (corpus based) http://WWW.AXM MEDIS.ORG o Extraction from sem mantic analysis s  text fingerprint: o Extraction, Plagiaris detection sm 8
  9. 9. Conte Pro ent ocessin Med Grid AXC ng dia d, CP  Fu text indexing with Lucene and/or Solr. ull g e raw assets su as text, im uch mages, audio, video, animati ion, metadata, descriptors, licen nses, Audio Processing, adaptation and transcoding: and other  Auudio transcodin and proces ng ssing of:  bjects in forma multimedia ob ats o WAV, WM MPEG, VO MA, ORBIS, AC3, DV, o MPEG- HTML, SM -4, MIL o MACE, AD DPCM, AAC, real audio, AIFF, o MPEG- (supported by AXMEDIS Editor and -21 d S o PARIS, NIST, SVX, IRC CAM, W64, SD MP3, D2, players for MPEG-21 s 1) o etc. o NewsM (load), MXF (load and sa ML F ave)  Auudio descriptor extraction a recognition: rs and o Low level descriptors ex xtractor: wave eform, spectru um, Mult timedia and cross media a c adaptation/pr rocessing MFE, MFCC, ZCR, Spectra Flatness, centroid, M al  Create MPEG G-4 onset and offsets, etc c.  Create MPEG SMR (Sym G-4 mbolic Music representation r n) o High level descriptors e l extractor: audio segmentatio on,  Audio visual processing: p music gen rhythm, si nre, ilence detectio spoken/mu on, usic o concate enation, delay extract y, content, n noise  MPEG-4 remove tracks o Polyphoni audio transc ic coding  conversions:  Au udio fingerprint estimation and recognition n: o MPEG- to 3gp -4 o M2Any fin ngerprint algorrithm and recoognition o MPEG- to AVI -4 o Philips fingerprint algorithms o MPEG- to ISMA -4 o AudioID fi ingerprint algo orithm o SMIL to HTML o o extractors and comparis of fingerprints s son o detection of plagiarism neral Informat Gen tion Processiing of:  RingTones:  Load/import, production an saving of XML files for nd o Operation of: resample clip, etc. ns e, commands an nd/or metadatta o based on E4X mode l o Video Processing, adaptation an transcodin nd ng:  Load/save an file from/to tthe operating system, serve ny er,  Vid transcodin and proces deo ng ssing of FTP etc. o FFMPEG and other libr raries  Production of custom, temp f plate and/or behavior-basedd, o MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP PEG-4, VC1, H.261, H HTML pages o RealVideo 1.0, RealVid 2.0, MJPE o deo EG,  Production of custom, temp f plate and/or behavior-basedd, o RAW, loss sless MJPEG, FLV, SMIL scenes o H.263, WM ASF, AS MV, SUS, DV, YUV ASV1, V,  Processing XSLT with XAL X LAN o ASV2, SV VQ1, SVQ2, A FLAC, DA AVI, AUD, AVS, o H.264, VP FFW, Flas VCR1, VCR P3, sh, R2, tribution and control of P2 network Dist 2P o CLJR, Apple, DXA, THP AASC, DVD 3GPP, P, D,  Monitoring of P2P nodes a nd network status o etc.  Automatic publication of co ontent into the P2P network  Vid descriptor MPEG-7 deo rs  Automatic download of con ntent from the P2P network o GoF/GoP, and dominan color nt  Control the se eeding capabiilities o Homogen neous Texture  Accessing to reporting and statistics d o Color Stru ucture  Remote contr of P2P netw rol work o Contextua descriptors al  Removing obsolete conten from P2P ne nt etwork o production of simple an animated th n nd humbnails, ico ons  Vid fingerprint: deo Integ gration with Social Netwo S orks and sour rces o extractors and comparis of fingerprints s son  YouTube: que download and upload, processing ery, d o detection of plagiarism  Flickr: query, download and upload, proc d cessing  Facebook, Tw witter Image Processing, adaptation a transcoding: and  LOD and LOM sources, DB M Bpedia  Im mage conversio of more th 150 differe formats: ons han ent o JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, T SVG, PS, PDF, MPEG TIF, G,  XMF social ne etworks (ECLA APRETOSCANA, IUF, etc.) AP, PCX, PGH PICT, PIX, RGB, TGA, TXT, H, T tool to make your social ne y etwork: query, download and d o WMF, XPM, YUV, YCbCr, YcbCrA, etc. e upload, proceessing, http://x xmf.axmedis.oorg  tex to image co xt onversion, PDF to image, PS to image F S  Posting of news on social n networks with social icons, connection with OpenAuth..  Im mage processin algorithms: ng : o Contrast, edge, blur, me edia, mirror, equalize, e Com mmunication Capabilities: o magnify, rresize, roll, sca shade, ale, o negate, nooise, filtering, rotate, past, spread, s  Massive Cont tent ingestion and processing, User Geneerated o extract, ov verlap, replace shear, e, stion, massive content inges content inges stion as in ECLAP o production of thumbnails, icons, …. n social network.  Access via a large range off databases Digital File Fingerprint and reco ognition  Access via Web Services; d W dynamic clien generator ba nt ased  Esstimation of fin ngerprint of dig gital files: on WSDL o MD5, SHA base64, a A-1, ascii-bin, etc.  Access via FT TP/SFTP sites GET/PUT, etc. s, e  Reecognition of ffingerprint by s similarity  Access via op perating syste activating shells, etc. em,  Sending commands HTTP,, HTTPS Conten Composition Presentat nt tion and Inter ractive modells  Sending Mails with attachm s, ments and/or HTML, SMS  cre eation of cross media and m s multimedia con ntent combinin ng  Creating repo and newslletters in: orts 9
  10. 10. Conte Pro ent ocessin Med Grid AXC ng dia d, CP o TXT, CSV HTML/CSS, XML, XHTML, … V, o Rule based b o Ontolo and infere ogy ential engine based b Workflow managem ment Product tion Process  Scripting cap pabilities for e expanding DIA and decision A n  int tegration of the AXCP tools with OpenFlo and BizTal k ow taking engine Workflow Mana W agement systems o receive co ommands Content Protecttion and DRM M o activate s scripts passing parameters g  Content regiistration (uniqu IDs) and verification ue o returning values and re esults  Content and digital files siignature d  deefinition of full customized so olution for workflow  Content fingerprints and w watermarks management  Protection of digital resou rces and obje ects with MPEG G-21  WEB based inte W erfaces for cre eating GUI to control AXCP c IPMP, OMA GR processin RID ng  protection/en ncryption:  WEB based inte W erface for monnitoring AXCP reports and o AES, DES, 3-DES, blowfish, Ciph CAST her, results  Tracking expploited rights a reporting actions perfor and rmed  Coollaborative W Workflow solutions to the conten owner, distr nt ributors, collec cting societies etc. s,  Manipulating MPEG-21 pr g rotected objec according t cts to Content Packages, Media Conta , ainers and DR RM AXCP Node license e  MPEG-21 file re and produ ead uction, with any digital  Open to inte egrate other D RM solutions resource inside, from other M MPEG-21 to HT TML, SMIL, roups of files a related res gr and sources Content Licensing and DRM M  MPEG-21 to keep joined your metadata an digital nd  generating liicense from liccense model and additional a l resources as we as to packa and delive ell age ering them as information, storing licensses, and postin to license s ng server un nique chunks o information with DRM of automatically  OM files produ MA uction  supporting trranscoding/traanslating licen nses (MPEG-2 21  IM SCORM ingestion MS REL, OMA ODLR); O  ZIP ingestion an production nd  posting licennses on licens server se  roduction of MPEG-2 TS str pr reams  verification of licenses o  RS ingestion a production SS and n  resolving naationality from IPs  ATTOM ingestion and producti (in progres n ion ss)  MX ingestion a production XF and n Content Publicaation and Dis stribution  ne ewsML ingestion and produc ction  supporting distribution tow d wards multiple channels, for one e r or more: Inteernet, satellite mobile, P2P distributions e, P WEBtv IPTV v,  producing, monitoring and editing progr m d rammes and  ing gestion and pr EPG, XML EPG for DVB-T, rocessing of E schedules DVVB-S, ..  controlling P2P AXMEDIS network in do P S ownloading annd  Int tegration from Sky EPG ser m rver publishing reeducing the se eeding time to zero o  connecting other AXMEDIIS Factories of content o o Content Formatting g integrators, producers, an distributors nd  str ructuring and styling conten elements by means of nt y  posting co ontent on th he EUTELS SAT Carouse forel SM based tem MIL mplates broadcasting g.  appplying style-s sheets to defin the usage in ne nterface (fo ormat, layout) of the whole ccollection of co ontent ele ements and th interested c he content usage paradigms e  Ge hms for best time fitting, etc. enetic Algorith Profiling and their management t  Re eading and ma anipulating: o user profiles o network p profiles o context pr rofiles o device pro ofiles  Re ecommendatio ons, favorites, voting, etc. based on static , b c an dynamic pr nd rofiles and sim milarities  Sttatistical and e empirical algorrithms Co ontact:  Re easoning base on Clustering: k-medoids K-Means ed s, Tel: +339-055-479 6523 an other algori nd ithms  Re easoning base on profile d ed distances. Fax:+3 39-055-479 6469/363 Paolo.nesi@unifi. .it Content Adaptation Process n http://w www.disit.ds  Baased on profiling and rule ba ased  Digital Item Adaaptation based on MPEG-21 DIA d 1  Deecision taking engine for DIA based on th above A he mentioned profiles. 10