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DISIT: Distributed Data Intelligence and Technology Lab

  1. 1. DISIT lab and research group is one of the most active ICT labs of the University of Florence, metropolitan Tuscany area with 20 years of experience. DISIT successfully developed a relevant number of International and National research, development and innovation projects. DISIT also presents an infrastructure for cloud and massive distributed computing. DISIT research areas of knowledge engineering: data mining; smart, intelligent and sentient solutions; content and knowledge technologies; smart cloud; bigdata. DISIT Main research area and technologies are: data and knowledge mining, semantic computing, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, big data, data analytic and reasoner (disambiguation, prediction, completeness, causality, trusting, quality, correlations, inference,…), knowledge representation and extraction, semantic models, linked open data, content protection, licensing. DISIT research results have been successfully applied in solutions/tools for: social networks, social learning, smart cities for mobility, smart cloud and intelligence, health care, brain information modelling and analysis, business intelligence, mobile solutions, autonomous agents, content processing, automated formatting, web based content aggregation, content based retrieval, digital rights management, collaborative work, audiovisual annotation, crowd sourcing, multimedia middleware, ... See most of the DISIT ontologies on http://log.disit.org DISIT data and knowledge algorithms and tools are applicable on massive and parallel support (Hadoop, AXCP grid, etc.) on which one can script processes and their relationships/flows that put in execution processes, algorithms and tools exploiting tools and services (crawling, ingesting, in LOD, indexing, mining, adapting, recognition, etc.), with plugins and tools of third parties. Infrastructures and services, http://www.disit.org/5522  DISIT Cloud and data center with several servers and more than 500Tbyte storage redundant.  Open Data and Linked Open Data center o Integration of more than 500 different Open Data sets and LODs coming from Tuscany area (maps, ambient and weather, transportation and mobility, public administration and services, statistics, point of interest, sensors, events, time lines, legislation, culture, etc.) see LOG (http://log.disit.org ) and service map (http://servicemap.disit.org ) o LOD for Performing Arts in connection to Europeana on ECLAP project and service http://www.eclap.eu/103998, see ECLAP social graph: http://www.eclap.eu/116088  Technology Transfer to SMEs via APREToscana http://www.apretoscana.org/ and CSAVRI center for TT and incubator.  Formal Management of Call for proposals in EC projects  Management: Project management, Dissemination Management, Exploitation Plan, high education Mng. Recent references of DISIT activities and projects Smart City data and tools: projects Sii-Mobility (http://www.disit.org/5478) on transport systems services, and Coll@bora (http://www.disit.org/5479) on support for family with disables and data protection. Knowledge mining and semantic understanding, natural language processing in Italian, English, German, France; automated ontology production, semantic queries, semantic similarity, matchmaking. See: OSIM (http://openmind.disit.org), SACVAR (http://www.disit.org/5483 ) Parallel and distributed processing of automated semantic computing and production, framework and tools, see http://www.AXMEDIS.org Licensing, IPR management, Standardisation: IPR Wizards (http://www.disit.org/5509 ), Conditional Access, DRM MPEG-21. Social media, social semantic tools, cultural heritage open data and LOD, social network, social media, semantic computing, cross media recommendations, data mining, technology advanced learning, e-learning: ECLAP (http://www.eclap.eu ); matchmaking APREtoscana (http://www.apretoscana.org ); First Class Continuous Medical Education (http://fad.fclass.it); Mobile Medicine (http://mobmed.axmedis.org ) Smart Cloud computing, cloud automation and intelligence, monitoring and reasoning about cloud behaviour, verification of configuration consistencies, prediction of critical cases, etc. See projects such as: ICARO Smart Cloud (http://www.disit.org/5482 ) Train Control Systems autonomous drivers for high speed trains and metro, as: TRACE-IT (http://www.disit.org/5485), RAISSS(http://www.disit.org/5481), TESYSRAIL(http://www.disit.org/5530)
  2. 2. Examples of DISIT tools, qualified in terms of TRL on page: http://www.disit.org/5489  Linked Open Graph, LOG, connecting LOD, mining and browsing LOD, aggregating LODs. See for example LOG applied on dbPedia, Europeana, geonames, Sii-Mobility, …. http://log.disit.org  Service Map: georeasoning of knowledge in the city: mobility, point of interest, etc. http://servicemap.disit.org  Georesolution and navigation: geo location, LOD, etc. see Sii- Mobility: http://www.disit.org/5478 , http://servicemap.disit.org  CoSKOSAM: Collaborative tool for SKOS and ontology management, automated production of ontologies (see http://openmind.disit.org), Natural Language processing languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish, Francoise.  MyStoryPlayer: semantic model and tool for non linear media annotations, synchronization and relationships (see http://www.disit.org/5502 ) also promoted by Europeana (http://www.europeana.eu )  Social Graph and relating people, content, actions, etc., navigating among them, exploiting Open data and Linked Open Data, exploiting name resolution, geoname resolution, etc (see http://www.eclap.eu/super/sg/ ) also promoted by Europeana.  Dates disambiguation and Time Line Navigator tool for identifying, mining and disambiguating dates contained in textual documents, navigation in temporal line (see http://www.eclap.eu/177596)  VIP Name Extractor, Resolver and Manager to cope with names recognition and identification, synonymous management, creating links with dbpedia, geonames, vip names, user names, etc. (see http://www.eclap.eu/177605)  IPR Wizard assistive tools for IPR licensing and permission setting according to rights ontologies and relationships (see http://www.eclap.eu/4021)  Multimedia Crawler to search and mining media content from social media portals as VIMEO and aggregators connected to Europeana, a tool for the creative industry, for teachers, and cultural institutions. (see http://www.eclap.eu/177627)  XMediaCBIR Content Based Information Retrieval for producing search and recommendation algorithms integrating both textual and content descriptors for similarities and retrieval algorithms (see http://www.disit.org/5484 )  MatchMaking to support the match from offers and demands (see http://www.apretoscana.org/5221)  Content Organizer mobile application for semantic organization of content on your iPhone, iPad in connection with enabled social media and portal solutions with augmented reality, gps, QR, retrieval, indexing, ebook, cross media, also available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone (see http://www.eclap.eu/94220 )  Mobile Emergency: indoor and outdoor navigation tools and emergency management, automated intervention management, see Apple Store. (see http://www.disit.org/5501 ) DISIT has coordinated a number of large EC projects, in others has covered the role of partner coordinating scientific and technical WP and performing activities of dissemination and assessment. DISIT has received a relevant number of awards and is directly involved into top level international conferences: DMS of KSI, IEEE ICECCS, AXMEDIS, IEEE ICSM. See DISIT portal for full record also including projects and publications. DISIT has generated Effective Knowledge start up of the University of Florence, http://www.effective-knowledge.com Contact Paolo Nesi DISIT Lab, DINFO: Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione Università degli Studi di Firenze - School of Engineering Via S. Marta, 3 - 50139 Firenze, ITALY http://www.disit.dinfo.unifi.it , http://www.disit.org Ver 2.7.doc E-mail: paolo.nesi@unifi.it Office: +39-055-4796-523 Cell: +39-335-566-86-74 DISIT Lab: +39-055-4796567 /425 Fax.: +39-055-4796363 /730 Linked Open Graph TimeLine OSIM ServiceMap