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  1. 1. Paola Motta P O R T F O L I OPA O L A M O T TA | M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C AT I O N S | T. 9 0 4 . 3 3 5 . 1 0 8 0 | PA O L A M P R E B L E @ G M A I L . C O M
  2. 2. Picante
  3. 3. pages/Picante-Grill-Rotisserie-Bar South American Food | Eat In | Take Out SOUTH AMERICAN FOOD WITH AN EMPHASIS ON PERUVIAN CUISINEMO N -FR I | L U N CH : 1 1 : 3 0 T O 3 : 0 0 | D I N N E R: 5 : 0 0 T O 9 : 0 0 | S A T & S U N : N O O N -9464073 State Rd. 200 | Suite 2 | Yulee Fl. 32097 | Tel 904-310-9221/9222
  4. 4. SALADS | ENSALADAS PICANTE COBB SALAD 13 Roasted shredded pork, romaine lettuce, sliced hard boiled egg, bacon, heart of palm, avocado, tomato, black olive, and queso fresco with your choice of blue cheese, ranch, or house vinaigrette HEART OF PALM SALAD 10 Hearts of palm and cucumber tossed together in Glossary a cilantro vinaigrette. CHICKEN AND WHITE BEAN SALAD 12 Fresh house rotisserie chicken, red onion, tomatoes, South American Food | Eat In | Take Out A LA BRASA red peppers, garlic and thyme tossed in a lemon Our method of cooking our EL MENU infused dressing. chickens using the warmth SOLTERITO SALAD 9 of charcoal and wood in A traditional Peruvian salad. Queso Fresco, lima our special oven brought beans, black olives, Andean corn, red onion and from Peru. cilantro tossed in a red wine vinaigrette. BEEF SALAD 13 AJI Beef Sirloin strips, romaine, red onion, cilantro, cherry SMALL BITES | tapas $5.50 Means Chile pepper. In tomatoes and cucumber tossed in a lime, cilantro, and aji vinaigrette. Peru all food from the coast PERUVIAN CRAB BITE ICEBERG WEDGE 8 Fresh crab cake served with sweet aji rocoto sauce. to the Andes includes aji. It’s considered to be the Large Iceberg wedge covered in blue cheese dressing and fresh bacon bits. CHICHARRÓN ( FRIED & CRISPY) DNA of Peruvian Choice of pork or calamari with aji amarillo sauce gastronomy. HOUSE SALAD 5 and sea salt. Sliced tomato, shredded carrots on a bed of romaine lettuce with our house vinaigrette AJI AMARILLO GARLIC SHRIMP Sauteed shrimp with garlic sauce sofrito. Yellow & mild spiced HOT SANDWICHES | EMPAREDADOS PERUVIAN ASPARAGUS PICANTE BURGER 7.5 Grilled asparagus brushed with chimichurri. AJI ROCOTO 1/2 pound home made patties grilled to your desired temperature, shredded lettuce, tomato, french fries. Red and hot ADD ONS .35 cents each: American | Cheddar TAMALES Filled with pork or chicken wrapped in a plantain Swiss | Bacon | Fried Egg | Sautéed onions leaf. AJI PANCA Fried Sweet Potato. Mild, used with PAVO / TURKEY SANDWICH 7.5 STEAMED MUSSELS stews Sliced roast turkey, criolla sauce, olive and rocoto White wine, sweet rocoto aji, red onion and garlic. mayonnaise with sweet potato. CAUSA LOMO SALTADO WRAP 8.5 SKIRT STEAK SLIDERS Drizzled with chimichurri aoili on a petit bread. Freshly ground potatoes, Pan seared beef sirloin strips with sautéed red onions, infused with key lime tomatoes and crispy fries served in a wrap. FRIED YUCCA juice and aji amarillo. CHICHARRÓN SANDWICH 7.5 Fried cassava served with huancaina sauce. Pressed into a cake with Crispy pork chunks, fried sweet potato, criolla sauce avocado and filling. and fresh aji rocoto mayonnaise, served with fries. SKEWERS / ANTICUCHO POLLO/ CHICKEN SANDWICH 7.5 Marinated in our chef’s secret sauce. Chicken or Pulled chicken breast slow cooked in our oven with meat. CEBICHE lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo, served with fries. Perus flagship cold CHEESE FINGERS seafood salad. Fresh fish, GRILLED VEGETABLE QUESADILLA 7.5 Mozzarella sticks with our spicy rocoto sauce on Grilled zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms alone or with shrimp, and and yellow squash topped with mozzarella or queso the side. calamari. Cooked in fresco on a spinach basil tortilla served with fries. “Leche De Tigre” consist- FISH TACOS 9.5 ing of key lime juice, fresh STARTERS | Para empesar onions, cilantro, Peruvian Grilled Mahi Mahi served in a crispy tortilla with pico de gallo, sour cream, fresh green cabbage, and accompanied CHICKEN CAUSA ajis,7and sea salt. Served with french fries and salsa criolla on the side. SHRIMP CAUSA 8 in the traditional Peruvian HEART OF PALM CAUSA 7 style with Andean corn, and sweet potato. CONCHITAS A LA PARMESANA 5 for 12 | 7 for 16 Five or seven grated Parmesan crusted HUACATAY broiled Peruvian sea scallops seasoned with white wine and parsley. Known as Black Mint, it is an aromatic herb used in WE EK LY SPECI ALS numerous Andean SHRIMP COCKTAIL 12 MONDAY: recipes and in Peruvian 1/2 ROTISSERIE CHICKEN $9.99 Fresh large shrimp served traditional American style orPeruvian style ( with avocado). Criolla dishes. with house salad and a cup of soup S ou p of the Day:| V e g e ta ble Be e f Ba r le y STUFFED AVOCADO / PALTA RELLENA INCA KOLA 1/2 avocado filled with your choice of: Known as the “Golden TUESDAY: Cola” this soda is a lemon PRIME RIB WITH LOADED BAKED POTATO $9.99 DOUBLE YOUR PRIME RIB PORTION +$6 AHI TUNA 14 Red onions, tomatoes, S ou p of the Day:| N e w E n g la n d Cla m Ch o w d e r drink with a sweet fruity Add a cup of soup $3 red peppers, cilantro dressing. - Add house salad side $2 pared to bubble gum. CHICKEN 9 WEDNESDAY: Chicken, walnuts, grapes, ROASTED PORK LOIN $9.99 CHIFA Mashed potato, sweet peas, carrots. celery, waldorf dressing. Is the culinary result of DOUBLE YOUR PORK LOIN PORTION +$5 CEBICHE AL SOL generations of Chinese S ou p of the Day:| Ch i ck e n n o o dle A tribute to the Inca sun god, Inti. influence in Peru. Using Add a cup of soup $3 Simply close your eyes and enjoy this Peruvian ingredients and Add a side of house salad $2 cebiche bathed in golden aji amarillo Chinese recipes. THURSDAY : with just a little spice. 1/2 ROTISSERIE CHICKEN $9.99 HUANCAÍNA SAUCE with house salad and a cup of soup. CEBICHE AL FUEGO A spicy, creamy sauce S ou p of the Day | CR e a m o f Po tat o A tribute to our land and the fiery soul made of fresh white of Peru. Bathe your mouth with this cheese and aji amarillo. FRIDAY : spicy nirvana of a dish made with aji rocoto. It literally means “from STEAK NIGHT Order any of our steak offerings for regular price. Huancayo” (a city in the and in addition: Add a cup of soup $3 FISH 10 highlands of Peru.) Add house side salad $2 MIXTO 14 Shrimp, fish and, calamari S ou p of the day:| Ch E f s’CH O I CEConsuming raw or under cooked meat, eggs, poultry or seafood increases your risk of contracting a food borne illness-especially if you have certain medical conditions.
  5. 5. Logos
  6. 6. III FLORA FLORA > E PCa TV PRODUCTION Company architectural | engineering | wind energy | construction w h e r e n at u r e m e e t s m o d e r n Aim Three amelia island marketing, maps & more viaquatroboutique
  7. 7. Graphics I N V I TAT I O N S | P O S T E R S
  8. 8. Slither on Over.... baby first smile first tooth Join us for a birthday celebration and reptile show! first word Sunday, April 15th first step....... 3:00-5:30 pm 95150 hither hills way Mari & Jose’s First baby! North HAmpton when | saturday, august 8th @ 8pm Enter NH. 1st 4-way stop sign. Make a L( Montauck). where | 6450 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33141 | party room Go straight. At Long Beach Drive, make a R. Next St. (Hither Hills Way) Make a R. RSVP by July 25 | Go Straight until Cul-d-Sac. House with Balloons. registry | Babies R US | Marisabel Herrera Hosted By | Angela Isaias, Isabel Leon, Belen Lopez, Miguel Porto, Paola M Preble, Paola Ruiz De Pellon & Caroline Wu Let us know if you Can make it, or not. so we know who to expect By Friday, April 13th. Thank You! e or phone/text: 904-335-1080 jane & jon’s seventh year Saturday February 7th @ 7 p.m. r s v p by January 25 1604 crandon blvd, apt # 809 key biscayne, fl Registry|pottery barn mickey is turning twelve movie, pizza, cake & a sleep-over Saturday November 21 2009 @ 3:40 p.m car mike theater (new moon 4:00 p.m show) then pizza @ arte r s v p | | 904.335.1080Sleep Over |bring your sleeping bag and pillow.... 10:00 a.m pick up @ Preble Home 95150 Hither Hills Way “For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” | Judy Garland
  9. 9. p
  10. 10. CorporateA D S | M A G A Z I N E L AY O U T | F L Y E R S