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The job market in the Algarve
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The job market in the Algarve


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This presentation collects the results of the research on the job market in the Algarve area.

This presentation collects the results of the research on the job market in the Algarve area.

Published in: Business, Travel
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  • 1. JOB RESEARCH Students: Rodrigo Guerreiro- Civil Construction Course ( 2nd year) Jonatas Rogerio- Tourism Course ( 2nd year) Dário Narciso- Computer Course ( 3rd year) Teachers: Maria João Ribeiros Tânia Teixeira
  • 2. The Algarve is Portugal's most popular tourist region, with beautiful beaches and gorgeous food. Location: South of Portugal Area:   5,412 square kilometers Residents: about 350,000 Climate: Mediterranean This population rises to over a million in the summer…
  • 3. This work shows the results of the research carried out on the job market in the Algarve. It focus on the following topics:
    • NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES ( per gender and per age);
    • IT SKILLS;
    • The given information refers to the
    • year 2006.
  • 4. The most important area of activity is the tertiary sector - trade and services . As a result of the main economic activity – tourism – is the largest sub-sector. This sub-sector of activity is so important in the Algarve that it represents directly and indirectly, approximately 60% of total employment and 66% of regional GDP. The Algarve hosts around 5 million tourists per year. Welcome to Faro! The Algarve’s capital, where the airport is located.
  • 5. In the Algarve, around 57% of the population aged 15 or over 15 years old work.
  • 6. There are more male (65%) than female ( 50%) employed in the Algarve.
  • 7. 28% of the population is employed in the finance sector - services. 20% works in trade and repair of vehicles. 14% works in tourism – accommodation and restaurants 14% of the population works in the civil construction field.
  • 8. In the municipality of Loulé, where our school is located, about 60% of the activity is in the tertiary sector - trade, services and tourism.
  • 9. Accountant/ Banker Secretary Receptionist Travel agent Housekeeper Manager/ Shop assistant Barman
    • Others…
    • hotel manager
    • store manager
    • sales representative
    • tourist entertainer
  • 10.
    • The seaside or coast . Most job opportunities are located in cities, which spread across the Algarve coast. In these cities the living conditions are more comfortable, so there's more population, which is dedicated to trade, services and tourism.
  • 11.
    • The barrocal/ inlands (area between the coast and mountains) has some economic activity, therefore agriculture is still an important sector of production.
  • 12.
    • The hills or mountains where there are not many people, only a few elderly people live in this area. The area is almost uninhabited and therefore there is no significant economic activity.
  • 13. English is the most required language in all sectors of activity. Then German and Dutch are the second languages mostly required in the tourism industry. Spanish has recently become another required language as Spain ( Ayamonte) borders the Algarve ( Vila Real de Santo António). It’s mainly required for tourism and trade.
  • 14.
    • if you are working as an accountant, you’ll need to be good at the following software “Primavera” or “Sage”;
    • if you are a shop assistant, you’ll need to produce receipts and manage the software of the cash register;
    • if you are at the hotel reception, you will need some knowledge on the following software“ Virtual Hotel” or “ New Hotel”;
    • if you are working at a travel agency, you must know the software “ Galileo” or “Amadeus”.
    • As far as work experience is concerned, when you go to a job interview, normally at least two years of work experience is required.
    • Age is also an important fact for jobseekers,
    • it’s easier to find a job if you’re under 35 years old .
  • 15. The national minimum wage in 2010 is 475 € and the government's goal is to increase it to € 500 until October 2011. There is a salary supplement for those who speak two foreign languages in the hotel ( around 40€ per language!). There’s an unemployment benefit : one gets 65% of the reference salary and it is calculated on the basis of 30 days per month. If you have a part-time job and get unemployed, you don’t get any unemployment support! Sick leave : if you are on leave for a month, you get 65% of your salary ; after that time the percentage decreases gradually.
  • 16. The natural resources of the Algarve (climate, long beaches, warm water) are important factors for the development of tourism in the region. Currently, there are newly emerging professions in tourism, such as: - masseurs; - management of SPA; - management and maintenance of golf courses; - renewable energy.
  • 17.
    • If jobseekers are looking for a place of work in the Algarve, they should apply for jobs in the field of:
    • commerce / trade;
    • services;
    • tourism .
    • The growth of the tourism industry in our region,
    • has increased the demand of new jobs, such as:
    • technicians working in theSPA;
    • massage technicians;
    • golf technicians;
    • technicians specialised in renewable energies.