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Zotero 20110211v1


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. 1Citation Management Tool zotero ปัญญรักษ์ งามศรี
  • 2. 2Citation: What is your practice ?- Handwrtten on papers or note cards...- How do you put them in order ?
  • 3. 3 Citation Management Tools ?[synonyms] Reference Management Software Personal Bibliographic Management Software[examples] zotero EndNote RefWorks CiteULike etc. (at least 28 !)
  • 4. 4 Why citation ?"Ethics, copyright laws, and courtesy to readersrequire authors to identify the sources of directquotations and of any facts or opinions notgenerally known or easily checked."Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition (Chicago: Chicago Univ. Press), p. 594Avoid plagiarism, which is a serious violation ofthe Code of Student Conduct.
  • 5. 5 Why zotero ?[Reasons] Free Open Source Any platform[Costs] zotero (Free) EndNote (US$299.95, M$, MacO$) RefWorks (US$100 per year, Web-based?) CiteULike (Free, Web-based?) etc. (at least 28!)
  • 6. 6 Why zotero ?[Comply with standard] Search: Search all the available academic/non-academic databases. Store: Store the reference and possibly a soft copy of the reference. Annotate: Keep notes on the reference. Communicate: Import from and export to different formats. Platform: Run on different platforms (Linux, Unix, Windows, MacOS, etc.) Presentation: Present the data to some standard formats.
  • 7. 7zotero: Basic stepsInstall and run Firefox!Get and install zotero add-onGet and install zotero integration for word processors: Extension for OpenOffice, LibreOffice & NeoOffice Extension for MS Word [Let’s go!]
  • 8. 8zotero: InstallationGet, install and run Firefox! zotero add-on. Click ที่ หลังจากติดตั้งเสร็จแล้วให้ Restart FirefoxGet and install zotero integration for word processors:http://www.zotero.orgClick ที่ Download word processor plugins for 2.0 หลังจากติดตั้งเสร็จแล้วให้ Restart Firefox A zotero toolbar will be added to the word processor.
  • 9. 9zotero: Intall into Firefox
  • 10. 10zotero: Install extension
  • 11. 11zotero: Install MS Word extension
  • 12. 12Using zotero Click
  • 13. 13 Using zoteroCollections References Details
  • 14. 14Using zotero
  • 15. 15 Using zotero : create your collectionsCollections
  • 16. 16Using zotero : setting up
  • 17. 17 Using zotero : Collecting references (auto) Multiple Book Articlereferences
  • 18. 18Using zotero : Creating manually
  • 19. 19Using zotero : Creating other ways From current web page By identifiers, DOI, ISBN, etc.
  • 20. 20Using zotero : Cite in your documentInsert Citation Edit Citation Insert Bibliography Edit Bibliography Refresh Set Doc Preferences Zotero Toolbar Remove Field Codes
  • 21. 21Using zotero : Cite in your documentDecide what style you are going to use. (APA, CMS, MLA, IEEE, etc..)Collect references (using zotero, of course)Insert citation while you write (Use zotero toolbar)Create Bibliographies (or References)
  • 22. 22 Some usefull sources for more information usingkeyword + doc. format, e.g. zotero filetype:pdf