The «Beatification of the Beat». The transformation of Rave Subculture to Clubculture and the Young Ravers who finally became Adult Clubbers
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The «Beatification of the Beat». The transformation of Rave Subculture to Clubculture and the Young Ravers who finally became Adult Clubbers

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  • Who are this members in general
  • In what are theese members distinguished ---- Video the Nod , the Djs, Techno Shamans Medium to Producers, Creators, Event Organizers, Managers


  • 1. «Everything starts with an email posted on the netbetween Ravers and ends, well, continues with a Djperforming live and sited down, after his moviepremiere and in front of thousands,just by using a controller and a laptop».
  • 2. “Over the past decades, the expansion of new media resources has ledto a hybrid media ecology within, amateurs, artists, activists andother players, interact with each other in even more complex ways. Each of these groups has the power to produce and distributecontent and each of these groups is being transformed by their newpower and responsibilities in this emerging media ecology”. This interactive process of the individual’s construction ofidentity through and with the use of the ICT seems to be a case onthe Rave Subculture – Club Culture. A Culture highly related with the ICT in terms of advance, progressand transformation in a constant process of “mediamorphosis”.
  • 3. 1. Members of a group with common ways ofexpression and communication, common interests,common identities and after all a common goal:2. The participation on an event wherethey can come together, communicateand dance to the music they love.3. Rave, Techno, House
  • 4. “Ravers are countercultural techno pagans because of their participation in the subcultural ritual of free - form dancing tosynthesizer-produced, heavy beated music thatis arranged by DJ Techno-Shamans”
  • 5. The Ravers who became Clubbers… 1. Highly related to the the ICT.2. Always in Interest of the “Techno Shamans” (scene leaders). Still…3. Highly dependent of the “Techno Shamans” and their ways of promoting the- and acting in the scene.
  • 6. The Techno Shamans… 1. The scene Leaders2. Highly related to the the ICT.3. Themselves and the Role models they represent always in maximum Interest of the “Ravers - Clubers”.
  • 7. Subcultrure to Culture… 1. The scene and its members “Grew Up”2. Icts Impact on its members3. Massive promotion and participation in any way4. Commercial - Sophisticated
  • 8. From the Raves to the Clubs and beyond… 1. IRC Chat to facebook2. Vinyl to Digital Downloading3. Analog synths and Turntables to VSTs and Sample Packs4. the Dj as a Medium to the Dj as a creator
  • 9. What does it take to be a succesfull “Shaman “? …1….