On target - escaping the 9 to 5 burden


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On target - escaping the 9 to 5 burden

  1. 1. ON TARGETEscaping the 9 to 5 BurdenSecrets that you already knew, butyou decided to forget all about themBy Oneofmany
  2. 2. ONTARGETSummaryTime Management HacksThis presentation is based on several others and in the same time on real life episodes andexperiences. Practically I will talk about:
  3. 3. ONTARGETWhat is important?A while ago I start asking myself a lot of questionsabout important things in life, where I am in myprofessional carrier, what I have accomplished untilnow, what are my next steps?I was surprise to learn that I was having difficulties inanswering the most simplest questions…What was wrong?Why I did not know where I am and where I want to be?The most surprised I was when I explained tomyself that the main reason for not knowingthe answers is that I am to busy atwork and I don’t have time tothink.Sounds familiar?
  4. 4. ONTARGETQuick quizThese are not just 3 standard answers to 3 standard questionsfrom a job interview.These answers can still be real, valid and yours.Let`s see some of the tips & trick that will changedyour day, by giving you back the time to think…How do you measure success?I measure professional success by thestandards of the company for which I work,the feedback I receive from my peers,supervisors and subordinates.Personally, it is to know Im regarded as agood husband/wife and/or father/mother.What is important to you?Two things are very important to me. One ismy professionalism at work; the second is myfamily life.What Are You Passionate About?Im passionate about making a difference
  5. 5. ONTARGETFun8%Work42%Sleep29%Boring21%24hFun Work Sleep BoringHow do you spendyour day?Fun (2h)+ Work* (10h)+ Sleep (7h)+ Boring (5h)The secret is to minimizethe Boring time andincrease the Fun part.*When I say work Idon’t mean justworking hours!
  6. 6. ONTARGETJust Before Working hoursBuild and update TO DO List for the day!1. Buy Milk;2. Open foreign bank account;3. Perform open-heart surgery;4. Clean desk…No 2 tasks never hold the same importance.Be really careful with to-do lists...Always prioritize your open tasks!Always know the one thing you really need to get done during the day!Set deadlines for everything. Don’t let tasks go on indefinitely.Is a must to have a reminder app for everything.
  7. 7. ONTARGETInside Working hoursOnly plan for 4-5 hours of real work per day!The rest of the Day always fills up.More work hours doesn’t always mean more productivity!Be aware of your inner voice!There it is your real enemy. How to win the battle?Put a clown voice to it!Problem solved!
  8. 8. ONTARGETAround Working hours“It’s normal to have days where you just can’t work and days where you’ll work 12hours straight.” - Alain Paquin, Whatsnexx.Work more when you’re in the zone!Relax when you’re not.Your time is EUR1.000.000/hour, and you need to act accordingly.Respect your time and make it respected!
  9. 9. ONTARGETDuring Working hoursStop multi-tasking!(Answer emails, Work on a big presentation , Call clients, etc).It merely kills your focus.Group meetings and communication (email or phone) to create blocks ofuninterrupted work.Keep the same context throughout the day!Switching between projects/clients is unproductive.Use the Pomodoro Technique – take short breaks between intense sprints of work.
  10. 10. ONTARGETStop&Restart Working hoursWork is the best way to get working. Start with short tasks to get the ball rolling!Break tasks into hour increments. Long tasks are hard to get into; feels like it allneeds to get done.Separate brainless from strategic tasks to become more productive!
  11. 11. ONTARGETWorking hours Outcome“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.” - Babe Ruth, Hall of FameBaseball player.Turn the page on yesterday!Only think about today and tomorrow!
  12. 12. ONTARGETWorking hours MOTTO:Build self-confidence in thepeople around you!It will benefit yours as well.
  13. 13. ONTARGETAfter Working hoursincrease theFUN part!
  14. 14. ONTARGET9 Practical tips:1• Smile.2• Organizemeetingsearly duringthe day.Time leadingup to animportantevent is oftenwasted.3•Always take notes.4•When you wantto reply to ane-mail, imagineyourself in theshoes of the e-mail sender`sboss and askyourself whatkind of answerwill satisfy you– then presssend.5 React to situations, rather thanto stress. That way, the situation ishandled and doesnt becomestressful.6 We are always more focused andproductive with limited time. Useconstraints as opportunities.7 Stop thinking what others arethinking - because we can nevercontrol others state of mind.8 Dont take yourself tooseriously, humor is the mostuniversal language and can helpprevent conflict with alpha-maleand attention-envy types.9 Don’t makeassumptions - Findthe courage to askquestions and toexpress what youreally want.
  15. 15. ONTARGETThank youQ&A