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Dot Kite Brochure



Published in Business , Design
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  • 1. We offer our clients professional Through our high design process, design services in many different deep understanding of people, areas, from furniture to consumer culture and societies we are able to electronics, from packaging solu- deliver appropriate solutions to tions to graphics, and design improve peoples lives and deliver identity/branding programmes. new design value for companies. Dot Kite - Lab consults with many companies to design a better qual- ity of life for their customers through understanding people, creating future scenarios and designing solutions that help them to improve their business results.
  • 2. design services - Concept creation - Product Development - Digital Experiences - Environments
  • 3. We always team up with our clients, and we become full partners to achieve memorable results.
  • 4. Maia CrossLink Collection Re-imagined Chaise Longue Worldwide - 2005 Dot Kite - Lab with the CrossLink Collection, have placed new standards in the furniture industry. With publications in several magazines around the world, Dot Kite (sister company of Dot Kite - Lab) did a dramatic debut in 2005. Detail | Front View
  • 5. Feather Daedalos Collection Re-imagined Seat Worldwide - 2007 Dot Kite – Lab introduces a Re-imagined seating system that sets new standards to the modern interiors. Feather is the rst product of the new forthcoming Dot Kite Collection, Daedalos. A tubular of aluminium is been used for the base of Feather, and a coated polyether for the seater. Great for luxurious hotels and night clubs as well, that want to enhance the offering experience to their visitors. Detail | Front View
  • 6. Ivon Sophisticated Couch Worldwide - 2007 Ivon is an upholstered sofa that provides you comfort while you can read your favourite books, magazines. The neat design language and the attention to the details make this couch a pleasant “island” for the modern interiors. Front View | Detail
  • 7. Dottir Sophisticated Seat Worldwide - 2007 Dottir is designed to meet the needs of modern elegant environ- ments. The breathtaking design and unique looks of this lounge chair are a result of an unconventional choice of materials, stainless steel for the base and a unique, uphol- stery for the seat. Available in various colours and leather, Dottir makes sure to be suitable for all the cozy interiors. Side View | Back View
  • 8. DivaNetto Luxury Sofa Worldwide - 2007 The contrast between the neutral white body and the red colour of the seater makes DivaNetto a centrepiece of attention in any loft or reception area of luxury hotel. Small and Large Models | Detail View
  • 9. Lund Exclusive Sofa Worldwide - 2007 Dot Kite - Lab introduces a modern, sophisticated yet reassuring seating element with an understated feeling of luxury in a vaguely contemporary mood. A new cleanness of subtle lines, of perfect proportions emphasized by the high quality fabrics for the seat and organic forms for the frame. Front View | Detail
  • 10. Snello Smart Table Worldwide - 2007 Detail | Front View
  • 11. InLull Premium Bench Worldwide - 2006 InLull is a unique bench inspired by organic architectures. Constructed by a single sheet of polyurethane or plywood is perfect for the modern interiors of every premium lounge bar/club. Front View | Detail
  • 12. Nera Kritis Packaging Design Greece - 2006 Nera Kritis is a well known brand based in Greece. Dot Kite - Lab developed several concepts for the new packaging of the mineral water. The nal design will be produced and distributed by VETA industries based in Athens. Logo | Concept Sketches
  • 13. Vector Sketch
  • 14. Turbo-X Consumer Electronics Design Greece - 2008 Dot Kite - Lab has been invited from Plaisio Computers S.A. (the largest IT and retail company) to design the new consumer elec- tronics for their Turbo-X brand. Dot Kite - Lab besides designing the products, developed and language for two categories: Bloom and Performance. This project shows that Dot Kite - Lab is the becoming the global leader in the creative industry where the more creative disci- plines are required in order to get the best outcome. Logo | Bloom Concept
  • 15. Bloom Laptop
  • 16. Vector Sketches
  • 17. Bloom The development of new Con- sumer Electronics is about being able to envision something that never existed before — and then make it real. Dot Kite - Lab found uncharted elements between the Plaisio and Turbo-X brands and with our unlimited imagination and creativity, we created meaningful new products that have impact in the culture of the consumer while making a signi cant economic contribution to the Turbo-X brand. Bloom is all about character, simplicity and is integrated with the Brand identity of both Plaisio and Turbo-X. Bloom Laptop | Bloom Desktop - Monitor - Mouse - Keyboard
  • 18. Vector Sketches
  • 19. performance family Good products also have a temperament. They are level- headed. Great products make a strong emotional connection with their customers, and a temper makes a brand more human, and easier to relate to. Therefore Dot Kite - Lab designed and developed an advanced computing series which is targeted to the gamers niche market. The stunning design language is submitted for various design awards in 2008. Performance Laptop | Performance Desktop - Monitor - Mouse - Keyboard
  • 20. Puma Sandal Worldwide - 2006 A sandal engineered for all day comfort and outdoor activities. Leather upper with mesh for comfort and maximum breathability. Compression molded EVA midsole with high traction rubber molded rubber outsole. Logo | Front View
  • 21. Verdero Baseball Shoe Design Worldwide - 2006 Logo | Side View
  • 22. TCE™ Total Consumer Experience™
  • 23. We create products, identities and most of all experiences!
  • 24. Apolis Black Total Consumer Experience Greece - 2008 A Post-modern design experience with a touch of retro elegance. Located in the footprints of the Athenian hills, with an extraordi- nary view of the city from above till the shores of the aegean sea. Dot Kite - Lab conceived, designed, developed and deliv- ered a remarkable concept for the standards of Athens city and Greece. The project starts from the strategic naming and brand development. We have named this new restaurant experience: Apolis Black. Since the location of the restaurant is above the Polis (City), the name A-polis explains Logo | CMYK Concept the “a” symbol stands for Black as the union perfectly its location. the Apolis signature the CMYK colors Logo | Concept
  • 25. Main Entrance
  • 26. Plant Detail | Restaurant View
  • 27. Why Black? CMYK are four colours. When they are joined together you get one colour - that is black. Each element of this restaurant is as unique as this spectrum. Each of them has their own mood, their own style and emotions. Apolis Black! The total consumer experience. The Cyan, Magenta and Yellow colours have been used within the interior, the branding applications, the apparel and the signage in order to create a stunning experi- ence for the visitors. Restaurant View
  • 28. River Winebar Total Consumer Experience Italy - 2007 Dot Kite – Lab developed and delivered a unique high-end Branding and Interior design for the Rome based Bar - Restaurant River. River is a Wine Bar –Restaurant situated in the centre of the Italian capital, Rome. River offers high quality services with the best international chefs. Logo | Bar View
  • 29. Menu: Food - Wine - Coffee
  • 30. External View | Menu Detail
  • 31. results Dot Kite – Lab developed and delivered a unique high-end Branding and Interior design for the Rome based Bar - Restaurant River. The deliverable package included: - Branding, Brand Management and Corporate Identity - Stationery design (Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, Fax cover sheet) - Menu Design with innovative solutions and materials - Exterior facility sign Restaurant View
  • 32. Restaurant View
  • 33. feedback “When River was formed, we were in a need of a stunning Branding Strategy & Identity. Dot Kite - Lab has been crucial for us with the perfect understand- ing of our needs and business. Dot Kite - Lab brought unique vision into the project and expanded our imagination beyond any limits. Dot Kite - Lab over delivered our expectations and they definitely were the main contributors of River’s success”. Rodolfo Cipolletti OWNER Pattern | Business Card
  • 34. Jenny Total Consumer Experience Greece - 2006 Dot Kite – Lab helped the man- agement of Jenny to improve their Brand by providing a holistic solution. From the communication strategy to the actual design of the store. An innovative environment right in the heart of the capital of Greece. Logo | Model
  • 35. Interior View
  • 36. Business Card | Upstairs View
  • 37. results Interior View
  • 38. Velvet Airlines Total Consumer Experience Worldwide - 2007 Logo | Boeing 747
  • 39. Freebie Packaging
  • 40. Business Card | Chopsticks
  • 41. feedback Velvet Airlines is a new passenger carrier that does not only want to offer a high quality service on the skies but to offer a whole new experience. Dot Kite - Lab is responsible for the Brand Strategy and Development. Boeing 747
  • 42. Best Western Hotel Selene Total Consumer Experience Italy - 2007 Dot Kite - Lab developed the new Brand Identity of Hotel Selene in order to distinguish itself in this competitive market. In addition, our company delivered cutting edge graphics in order to supply a unique and consistent brand image. Logo | Suite
  • 43. Stationery
  • 44. Interior Views
  • 45. results Dot Kite – Lab integrated the conceptual work of the interiors with the Best Western | Hotel Selene brand in the best possible way. Stationery
  • 46. Aphrodite Bar
  • 47. feedback “Dot Kite - Lab delivered us not only great strategic and design services, but a great insight on how to expand our services towards the Total Consumer Experience. Dot Kite - Lab is the best creative and business partner we have ever had”. P. G. Benfenati DIRECTOR Corporate Image Visual | Staircase
  • 48. communication services Great design has the ability to - Brand Design drive awareness, perception and - Corporate Identity loyalty and is a key expression of - 3D and Video Animations brand strategy. - Web Development and Design Dot Kite - Lab brings together an internationally acclaimed design capability spanning corporate design, packaging design, retail & environments and print literature.
  • 49. Our promise? Custom solutions! Innovation and products with real impact!
  • 50. Mecap Total Consumer Experience Italy - 2008 Mecap was a leading Italian footwear brand during the 70’s. The Brand was offering cheap but quality shoes as an alternative response to the established brand such as Adidas and Nike. Logo | Visual
  • 51. Mecap Shoe
  • 52. 1978 2008 Original Logo | New Logo
  • 53. u p.e eca w.m ww u p.e eca @m info @ 05 10 48 52 95 .0 P.I u a p.e om eca 6R w.m 19 - 00 ww i8 u sar p.e eca e Va @m il rgio info results Gio @ Via im 05 Srl 10 48 cap 95 52 Me cs .0 P.I u ma p.e Fa Ro eca 96 w.m 01 -0 ww i8 u sar p.e x -N r. Va eca a Fa rgio @m Gio info ur taV ia @ ra SDl 05 10 cap 48 tt Me ine 52 ag 95 P .0 P.I Fa a om 6R 19 -N r. - 00 Fa x i8 sar Va a rgio er Gio Da Via Srl tt cap Me re tto Se Le o lefon Te ww a w.m ec ap . .eu c. a Mecap was recognised as the “must have” footwear for the youngsters during the mid 70’s. Now, Mecap wants to revive the ww w.m ec brand and enter again into the ap .eu market by offering sophisticated footwear to the new generation. ww w.m ec Ma abio ap .eu e .m di w ww re nf F 8 ri, sa a om io V 19 iorg a 00 ia G 6R .eu V ap ap u .eu ec ec ap.e .eu w.m @m ec ww les m ap .eu sa fo@ p ca in e ec @m @ info @ .m @ Stationery 5 00 81 ww 24 9 55 .0 P.I
  • 54. Website
  • 55. u p.e . eu eca ap w. m ec ww m w. w w inspiration , un sogno è raggiungibile bile Il sogno Mecap siasmo e no raggiungi t, consectetur sa di terra e di italianità. entu Mecap | Il sog Lorem ipsum dolor sit ame tempor che t, consectetur sed do eiusmod tà. liberi di m dolor sit ame adipisicing elit, na aliqua. liber ai piedi siamo Lorem ipsu labore et dolo re mag hè con le Mecap incididunt ut nostrud Perc nque. adipisicing elit. m veniam, quis re, sempre e dovu enim ad mini ut aliquip esse idunt ut Ut co laboris nisi mod tempor incid exercitation ullam aute irure Sed do eius a. consequat. Duis re magna aliqu ea commodo ptate velit labore et dolo nostrud ex derit in volu m veniam, quis r in reprehen Ut enim ad mini laboris nisi ut aliquip dolo co exercitation ullam For the development of the launch campaign, Dot Kite - Lab inspired by the solid history of the Mecap brand, promoted the footwear by giving free samples to the actor of the movie based in Rino Gaetano’s life. Rino Gaetano was a famous italian singer that was passionate with Mecap’s shoes in the early 70’s. ww w.m eca p.e Mecap libera u tutti. Promotional Material | T-Shirts
  • 56. Femsa Identity Design Brazil - 2007 Dot Kite – Lab pitched the No.1 beverage brand of Brazil FEMSA. Dot Kite – Lab created a unique and innovative catalogue/Menu for the FEMSA Cerveza brand that will be distributed in the best restaurants and locations of Brazil and Latin America. Logo | Visual
  • 57. Menu Detail
  • 58. Plaisio Experience Zones Total Consumer Experience Greece - 2008 Plaisio is the largest retail store for consumer electronics and consumables in Greece and South Eastern Europe. Dot Kite - Lab strategically advice the upgrade of certain areas within the stores in order to enhance the consumer experi- ence. We have conceptualized, designed and developed unique experience zones for the following areas: - Laptop PC zone - Desktop PC zone - Printing zone - Home Studio zone - Mobile phones zone Logo | Plaisio Retail Store
  • 59. “Art Photography” Epson Abc - 123 “Art Photography” “Art Photography” Epson Abc - 123 Epson Abc - 123 Print Experience Zones
  • 60. J Dauphin Communication Design Sweden - 2007 Logo | Business Card
  • 61. S/S Collection
  • 62. Hannah Marshall Total Consumer Experience United Kingdom - 2006 | 2008 Dot Kite - Lab conceived and designed all marketing, communi- cation and promotional material for the new collection of the London based Hannah Marshall Brand. Hannah Marshall is a luxury British Brand all about sophisticated minimalism characterised by subtle tactile detail. The new collection was presented during the London Fashion Week. For more info: Logo | Promotional Material
  • 63. VoID Collection
  • 64. Invitation | Quiet Noise Collection
  • 65. feedback “Dot Kite - Lab is about innovation. Their vision is very much parallel to the Hannah Marshall Brand, and from the concept to the creation of my branding literature they were highly professional, passionate and dedicated to achieving outstanding results”. Hannah Marshall OWNER Lookbook
  • 66. Dune Communication Design Worldwide - 2006 Dune is a stylish and sensual but yet sophisticated swimsuits brand. Dot Kite - Lab developed a full brand and product strategy that was planned to reach the young professional females that want to be alternative but always with being aware of high quality products. Logo | Business Card
  • 67. Martine Alexander Communication Design United Kingdom - 2006 Logo | Business Card