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Top Business Intelligence trends for 2012
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Top Business Intelligence trends for 2012


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Now that companies have a better understanding of what is going to shape Business Intelligence in 2012 the question that BI users are asking is: “How will these trends impact my existing BI Solution …

Now that companies have a better understanding of what is going to shape Business Intelligence in 2012 the question that BI users are asking is: “How will these trends impact my existing BI Solution and what are the best practices to implementing a BI 3.0 solution?

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  • What the future of analytics will look like is the integration of collaboration and unstructured data into the decision making processAdding another axis connection between structured and simple data and its outcomes.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Market Trends To FollowTrends Trend by Gartner Trends by ForresterSelf-Service It’s all about getting things done. Enterprises will learn to live with multiple BI tools. More BI will move into the hands of end usersMobile By 2013, 33% of BI functionality will be Mobile BI will go mainstream. consumed via handheld devices.In-Memory By 2014, 30% of analytic applications will Those BI platforms that support “managed” end user use in-memory functions to add scale and self-service will become more popular. computational speed. BI-specific DBMSes (in-memory, others) will go mainstream. Exploration (without preconceived notions, prebuilt fixed data models, or up-front specific questions in mind) will be the new bread and butter of BI suitesSocial BI By 2013, 15% of BI deployments will BI users will start demanding — and vendors will start combine BI, collaboration and social delivering — BI tools integrated with email and software into decision-making environments collaboration platforms. Just integrating BI with Excel is no longer enough.Contextual By 2014, 30% of analytic applications will use proactive, predictive and forecasting capabilities.
    • 2. In MemoryRam in Place of Disk In-Memory database Not persistent, limited use
    • 3. Necto Analytics - Best way to utilizethe value of SQL 2012 Use MDX and/or DAX USE OLAP or In- Memory (tabular model) Utilize metadata richness in your analytics work Always get the feature richness of Necto
    • 4. Necto Analytics – unbound Provide a single solution for insight from models from many varied data sources easily add new sources of information and connect them to existing ones to always get a wholistic view and insights
    • 5. Mobile
    • 6. 147.2 million Tablet computers willship in 2015, up from 16.1 million units in 2010. Infinite Research
    • 7. “Enterprise mobile workers will make up 73% of the workforce in 2012” Source: Forrester Research workers-will-be-mobile-by-2012.thtml
    • 8. Paradigm shift From “Get me the information” to “I will get the information myself”
    • 9. Make powerful analysis simple:No training or IT involvement is needed
    • 10. Simplicity
    • 11. Next Generation Analytics The connection between Collaboration and Unstructured will support decision making Fixed rules Data Predictions In-Line/ Embedded Analytics Traditional Offline Analytics Structured and Collaborating & Simple Data Explanatory Unstructured Historical Data Predictive Outcomes
    • 12. Easily connect structured data from thedatabase & unstructured data from twitter, Wikipedia, search engines, etc.
    • 13. Mid-point Review Technology is seen as a strategic tool, and center for innovation Return of analytics and BI Most companies run (and continue to) multiple BI tools In memory & consolidation Mobile BI goes mainstream Mobile pushes demand for true self-service Next generation BI includes: collaboration & unstructured data
    • 14. Business Intelligence 3.0 Video
    • 15. Collaborate where the data is
    • 16. All discussions, notes & threads arecontextually recorded around the data for future reference & analysis.
    • 17. Enable automated mentoring by giving users the ability to subscribe and follow their colleagues inside the BI application
    • 18. Embrace Collaboration
    • 19. Contextual User Experience Context will bring it all together. Use context to link mobile, social, location, payment and commerce. Build skills in augmented reality, model-driven security and ensemble applications. Expect change in business models and offerings from providers through 2015.2012-2013 Targeted Context 2014-2018: Pervasive ContextIdentity, Time ,Locations, Social Habits, Needs, Behavior, inferredNetworks intentGPS, NFC, Bar Code image Context Delivery, Brokers, Search+recognitionAugmented reality, Proactive alerts, Contextual content, anticipatoryM-commerce behaviors, contextual UIAdjacent devices, People Ensemble interactionsContext driven by mobile strategy Context driven by business strategy
    • 20. In one click identify a problem, in another - find the root cause of that problem
    • 21. Automatically deliver relevant, contextual insights
    • 22. The future is all about Intent driven systems
    • 23. NECTO™ is a socially enabled BI system, which is context aware so it anticipates your needs andautomatically pushes relevant information in real time.
    • 24. Thank you! PanoramaSW Name: Business Intelligence News Panorama Software