Social, Self-Service BI - Turning Data into Action


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According to Forrester Research, the number of people using BI in the average enterprise is still mostly in a 3% — 8% range.* BI is till the domain of IT and analysts, not business users who need to make fast decisions with the right information at their fingertips.

The next generation BI solution brings the social networking phenomenon into the analytical environment and provides a new way to accomplish business tasks. We will discuss how you can enable your business users to be active instead of passive. Deliver insights instead of just data. Embrace the power of the group and socially drive decisions.

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Social, Self-Service BI - Turning Data into Action

  1. 1. Social, Self-Service BI: From Data to Action
  2. 2. What do we see in the market today?
  3. 3. Speed of making a decisionis becoming incredibly important
  4. 4. Traditional BI did not deliver on its promised value
  5. 5. Analytical tools are still too complicated for business users to use
  6. 6. IT & analysts are swamped with requests to generate reports
  7. 7. “40 % of major business decisions are not based oninformation generated from reporting and analytics.” Accenture survey “Competing Through Analytics”
  8. 8. Data insights get lostoutside of the BI system
  9. 9. Business Intelligence 3.0 Revolution
  10. 10. 67% of CIO’s said that improving employeeproductivity would be a major focus in 2011. CIO magazine, survey determining CIO priorities in 2011
  11. 11. #1 - Make Powerful Analytics Simple
  12. 12. It‟s all about Contextual DiscoveryDelivering relevant data without the need to search
  13. 13. Instead of spending hours on research, we collaborate with others to find and share information.
  14. 14. #2 - Bring Social to BIto Improve Enterprise Collaboration Think and Work Together Share insights and learn from others Build the Corporate Intelligence
  15. 15. Why all the hype about „Going Social‟?
  16. 16. Today‟s enterprise is very “records-centric”
  17. 17. BI 3.0 is about being “people-centric”
  18. 18. Business Intelligence 3.0Before AfterDifficulty locating experts Automatic identification and location of expertsStruggling to find needed info More relevant, streamlined information flowValuable expertise not stored Expertise naturally captured for reuseNew hires ramp up slowly New hires learn their job fasterHard to organize work Information organized socially and contextuallyProcesses limited in scale Processes that will scale globallyClosed work processes More open & participative (yet compliant) work processesManagers with limited view Managers with real-time view of work activities
  19. 19. Demonstration
  20. 20. Relevancy in BI = Data + Interests + Social INTERESTS - Tags - Likes - VisitsFRIENDS- Friends- Discussions- Annotations DATA - Insights - Exceptions - Models
  21. 21. Help your users Focus on the Relevant
  22. 22. Faster move from data to action
  23. 23. Better decisions throughthe power of collective intelligence
  24. 24. Management Reviews Made Efficient
  25. 25. Improved knowledge retention(with better opportunities to capture previously tactic knowledge)
  26. 26. User Scenarios
  27. 27. Empowering field organizations Challenge “As a VP Sales, most of my team are remote and in the field, I need them to have tools for discovery and collaboration between themselves and HQ.” Solution • Collaborative decision making platform to find the right insight and people quickly Benefits • Increased customer satisfaction James Madden – • Increased revenue per customer VP Sales • Decreased idle time and operational costs
  28. 28. Empowering Sales & Operations planning Challenge “As a VP Operation, my task is to synchronize the key stakeholders in the sales and operation planning process, ensuring an efficient supply chain and delivery .” Solution • Social intelligence helps us align the relevant members & engage in cross functional discussions Benefits • Efficient supply chain processGarry Jones – • On time delivery according to planVP Ops • Learning from past mistakes, improving our process after each collaborative meeting
  29. 29. Empowering Ad-hoc project teams Challenge “We are tasked to deal with a key integration project, consolidating data from the enterprise, analyzing it and making decisions on the best path forward.” Solution • We sit in different offices, homes, and different time zones, social intelligence increased our productivity. Benefits • We successfully used the power of collectiveGail Sanders – Team LeaderBen Spencer – Team Member intelligence to make better decisions.Julie Cohen – Team member • All the data, context and process is kept in theSandy Gibson – Team member system helping the enterprise grow it’s corporate intelligence.
  30. 30. Empowering Management teams Challenge “As a CEO, I ensure the company execute out strategy according to our plans. I need to measure our progress and align our resources to deal with market conditions.” Solution • Measure the company’s performance and find areas that need more attention. • Via social intelligence I can point to specific data and ask for further investigation by the relevant team members. BenefitsJack Mead – CEO • All the executives are aligned. • Productivity is higher, as measurement, analysis and collaboration is done in one place. • We execute better according to our strategy.
  31. 31. Necto End-to-End BI Suite Intuitive & Interactive for Business Users Social Automated WorkBoardsAnalytics Intelligence InsightsReporting KPI’s Visuals Office (i.e treemaps) Integration Complete Web-based experience
  32. 32. Over 1,600 customers worldwideFinancial Services Manufacturing Healthcare Retail & Distribution Telecom, Media & Entertainment
  33. 33. Panorama + MicrosoftShane Davies, Senior ISV Partner Account Manager Microsoft Canada
  34. 34. Partnership with MicrosoftGlobal ISV partnerManaged in US, Canada, UK, Germany subsWorking relationship in other subs such asSingapore, Japan, Israel, France
  35. 35. Support all major current & future MS technologies: SQL | MSAS 2008 R2 | MOSS 2010 | SQL 2011| Azure
  36. 36. First partner to fully support SQL 2011 platform (Denali, Crescent) on the release day
  37. 37. Necto for
  38. 38. Empowering SharePoint with Social Intelligence• Integrated with SharePoint Fast Search• Context archiving in SharePoint• Connect structured data from Analysis Services to unstructured data from SharePoint
  39. 39. Live Q & A Get in touch: Follow us on Twitter: Panorama Software on Facebook: Panorama Software on Linkedin: BI Industry News: