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  • Very inviting & user-friendly interface- we’re using the power of Flash technology that gives us new ways to make functionality self discoverableA simplified analytical tool that lets business users to perform analysis in a very intuitive way
  • Creates, formats and distributes high quality reports in one clickCustomizable formatting features include highlighting, visual coding and sortingPixel perfect reports, WYSIWYGEnables full integration with user dataSupports all analytical capabilities within the report “Slice and dice” and search capabilities‘In Cell’ visualization, Bands “One-click” conversion to Excel and PDF
  • - SharedViews lets you connect with people outside your firewallIt lets you take a report that was built inside the firewall & publish it to the internet in a secured way through a SaaS modelThat report is fully interactive, it sits on the web and users can invite people outside of the firewall to perform real time collaboration
  • These are just couple small examples of the powerful features we have in NovaView:From the complexity of building MDX calculations to what if analysis, etc.Give analysts a powerful tool that lets them interact with data with no boundariesLarge dimensions handling: manual retrieve.
  • Very inviting & user-friendly interface- we’re using the power of Flash technology that gives us new ways to make functionality self discoverableA simplified analytical tool that lets business users to perform analysis in a very intuitive way


  • 1. A Complete BI Solution for
    Your Microsoft Platform
  • 2. A few words about Panorama Software
  • 3. 15 Years of Unbeatable Innovation
    A StrategicMicrosoftPartner
    Panorama has recently been awarded silver in the
    Best Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool
    category by SQL Server magazine
    2010 – Panorama makes
    PowerPivot ‘Enterprise Ready’
    2009 – NovaView 6 brings together the best of SQL, Office and SharePoint
    2007 - Introduce the New ‘Dashboard’ in Office – ‘Spotlight’
    2006 - Partner with SAP, Advise on MDX
    2003 - Redefine how Users Explore Data
    1996 - BI technology sold to Microsoft,  basis for Analysis Services & MDX
    1995 - Panorama’s first BI solution was created
  • 4. BI Survey 8
    “As far as third-party tools go
    Panorama is still the #1 vendor…”
    *BI Survey 8 – review by Chris Webb:!7B84B0F2C239489A!4405.entry
  • 5. BI Survey 8
    Business Benefit Index (BBI) by Product
    Panorama scores the highest compared to all other BI products when it comes to the business Benefits which the end users gets from the product – most value for your investment.
    Source: Featuring: The OLAP survey 8 by Nigel Pendse
  • 6. Over 1,500 customers worldwide
    Telecom, Media & Entertainment
    Financial Services
    Retail & Distribution
  • 7. Value Proposition
    • Simple, self-service BI for the Information Worker
    • 8. More power to the Analyst and the power user
    • 9. Easy solution to deploy and maintain for the IT
    • 10. Improved collaboration & team productivity
    …on top of any data source
  • 11. Top 3 challenges inBusiness Intelligence today
  • 12. Challenge #1:
    Business users still don’t use BI tools for data analysis
  • 13. So when they need data insights,
    they go to IT
  • 14. Which causes a lot of frustration for IT & Business Users
  • 15. This is why we designed & developed
    Self-Service BI tools for End Users
  • 16. BI for Business Users
    NovaView Flash Analytics
    The most user friendly, self-service analytical client available today
    • Interactive analysis
    • 17. Animated, self-discoverable features
    • 18. Zero training
    • 19. Fully integrated into the NovaView Dashboard and SharePoint
  • BI for End Users
    NovaView Smart Reporting
    One environment for analysis & reporting
    Creates, formats and distributes high quality reports in one click
    Enables full integration with user data
    Supports all analytical capabilities within the report
    “Slice and dice” and search capabilities
    ‘In Cell’ visualization, Bands
    “One-click” conversion to Excel and PDF
  • 20. BI for End Users
    NovaView Dashboards
    At a glance view of multiple results together
    • Translate data into synchronized, visually rich graphical elements which show multiple results together
    • 21. Guided analysis for an intuitive user experience
    • 22. Self-Service Dashboards with personalized look and feel
    • 23. Open for 3rd party components
  • BI for End Users
    NovaView Spotlight
    A personal dashboard inside MS Outlook
    • Deliver live, interactive insights to users in a simple and intuitive way
    • 24. Put insights where people work, in the most popular desktop applications
    • 25. From Insight to Analysis in one click
  • BI for End Users
    NovaView Visuals
    • Sophisticated visual presentations of data analysis:
    • 26. Maintain direct interaction with data (“drill-down” and “slice and dice” capabilities)
    • 27. “One-click” charting and graphic tools provide users options for quickly modifying data
    • 28. Tree Maps (Heat Maps) for examining hierarchical data and finding correlation between two measures
  • And if you need to collaborate with suppliers, partners & customers…
  • 29. SharedViews
    Collaboration Outside the Firewall
  • 30. Challenge #2
    Quick access to
    ALL data
  • 31. Users are limited to pre-modeled data for analysis
  • 32. Data resides in different places
    Web Services
  • 33. Panorama Universal Data Connector
    Connect to Any Data Source
  • 34. Universal Data Connector (UDC)
    • Automatically transform dull data into interactive and live insights
    • 35. Instantly connect to any data source with no IT involvement (Self-Service)
    • 36. Use the same familiar and powerful set of tools
    • 37. Completely web-based
    • 38. Leverage the Analysis Service (SSAS) power – stronger semantics and the power of multi-dimensional modeling
    • 39. Benefit from the unified platform, management and security
  • Panorama NovaView 6.2 Architecture
    NovaView Server
    • Business Logic
    • 40. Unified Data Security Model
    Analysis Services
    Web Services
    MS SQL
    Flat Files
    End User Client
    Intelligence Layer
    Modeling, aggregations, semantics
    and / or
    and / or
    Universal Data Connector
    Source, operational raw data
  • 41. Complete BI Suite
    For All of Your Data Sources (Relational, OLAP & In-Memory)
    (i.e. treemaps)
    Office Integration
  • 42. Challenge #3
    While information workers want simple,
    analysts need more power
  • 43. More Power to Your Analysts
    NovaView Analytics
    The most powerful analytical application
    Real-time web access to the most powerful and intuitive analytical applications
    Identifies, investigates, and analyzes performance, drivers and trends
    Enables users to manipulate data, perform calculations and design complex analysis with intuitive “drag and drop” features
  • 44. More Power to Your Analysts
    • Instant calculated members
    • 45. Advanced exception handling
    • 46. Sliding filters
    • 47. Interactive Charting
    • 48. One click interactive reporting
    • 49. Geographic visualization
    • 50. Large dimension handling
    • 51. Sophisticated Ranking & Filtering
    • 52. Advanced MDX and DAX tools
    • 53. And much more
  • How we work together with Microsoft
  • 54. Panorama Extends MS Platform
    • The only BI tool specifically designed for the MS Platform
    • 55. Provides advanced analytical tools for the power users
    • 56. Gives the ability to spread BI to the masses through innovative interface & integration with Office and SharePoint
    • 57. Provides innovative ways to create and manage OLAP cubes automatically
    • 58. Natively supports MS PowerPivot, in-memory platform, and makes it enterprise ready
  • Panorama & Microsoft Transform BI as we know it
    For the last 14 years, Panorama has been a strategic Microsoft partner and continually adds innovation on top of the Microsoft platform. This new release will bring to market an end-to-end BI solution that combines the best of Microsoft SQL Server, Office Excel 2010 and SharePoint 2010 with Panorama’s NovaView suite, and will ultimately transform the landscape of business intelligence as we know it.
    Claude Lorenson, director of SQL Server marketing at Microsoft Corp.
  • 59. Microsoft PowerPivot
    The ultimate platform for self-service BI
  • 60. Why use PowerPivot
    • Great for Personal and Team Productivity
    • 61. Available in Excel 2010
    • 62. Remarkable platform performance
    • 63. An Open In-Memory platform
  • PowerPivot Enterprise-Ready Needs
    • Data Security Layer
    • 64. Powerful yet Simple Web-based Analytics
    • 65. Easy Way to Create Operational Dashboards
    • 66. Rich Data Visualizations (i.e. treemaps)
    • 67. A Complete End-to-End BI Solution
  • PowerPivot Enhancement # 1 –
  • 68. Enhance OLAP Security
    Make PowerPivot available for Teams,
    Departments and Enterprise
    • NovaView adds a data level security layer
    • 69. Each user will only see his portion of the data
    • 70. Users can share confidential intelligence
    • 71. Make PowerPivot enterprise-ready
  • 72. PowerPivot Enhancement # 2
    Self-Service BI tools
    for Business Users
  • 73. Business User Dashboards
    Easy way to create operational dashboards
  • 74. BI for Business Users
    NovaView Flash Analytics
    The most user friendly, self-service analytical client available today
  • 75. Intuitive & Interactive BI Suite
    for Business Users
    (i.e. treemaps)
    Office Integration
    Panorama NovaView is the only BI suite on PowerPivot today
  • 76. Complete Web-Based Experience
    • No Installation
    • 77. Access from anywhere
    • 78. Intuitive & Interactive
    Same User Interface & multi-dimensional capabilities
    for all data sources (relational, OLAP, in-memory)
  • 79. NovaView for MS Office 2010
    MS Office Clients
    Flash Analytics
    Smart Reporting
    Exec. Dashboards
    NovaView Server
    • Business Logic
    • 80. Unified Data Security Model
    PowerPivot answers your ‘unknown’ questions
    Analysis Services answers your ‘known’ questions
  • 81. Ultimate Self-Service BI
    Publish & Share
    • User-friendly interface
    • 82. Fully web-based
    • 83. Same tools for Relational, multi-dimensional (Analysis Services) and PowerPivot data
    • 84. Live in SharePoint
    • 85. Share instantly and Securely
    • 86. Connect to any model
    • 87. Create your own interactive views
    No other software, IT involvement or installations are required
    All done by Business Users
  • 88. PowerPivot Enhancement # 3 –
    More BI Functionality for Power Users
  • 89. Advanced Analytics
    Closing the gap to Analysis Services functionality
    • Give more power to the analysts:
    • 90. Smart exceptions
    • 91. Instant calculations
    • 92. Additional data formatting
    • 93. Fully interactive, with Slice & Dice and Drag & Drop
    • 94. and much more!
    • 95. Optimized for PowerPivot models:
    • 96. Efficiently handling flat and large dimensions
    • 97. Innovative ‘Google/Bing-like’ instant data search for faster navigation of the flat dimensions
  • 98. Demonstration
  • 99. “Businesses that are looking to extend their existing Microsoft data warehouse and BI solutions or make PowerPivot enterprise-ready should strongly consider NovaView. If you’re in the market for a third-party toolset to add functionality to Microsoft’s BI tools, your search is over.“
    Derek Comingore, Microsoft SQL Server MVP
  • 100. Contact Us
    Get in touch with us:
    Follow us on Twitter:
    Panorama Software on Facebook:
    Panorama blog: