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  • Hello everyone and welcome to our webinar. Today we’re going to discuss how you can add enhance your current Microsoft BI platfrom with Social and Contextual data discovery and drive business user adoption.It’s going to be a very unique webinar because at the end of this session, you’ll be able to login live into our demo environment and find an answer to our question. So pay attention during the demo so you can win the challenge!We’ll also be showcasing a case study but again – in a very unique style. It’s an infographic that shows a powerful story how a leading aircraft development company has utilized a BI 3.0 solution and within 6 month it’s being used by 2,700 people throughout the company. So stay tuned and please feel free to ask questions as we go using the gotowebinar tool – we’re saving some time at the end for the Q&A session.
  • We’ll start our discussion by reviewing a couple of trends identified by leading analysts.And the first one is the one you’re probably very familiar with – Business Users Drive self-service applications. No news today, business users want real time access to data, they don’t have time to wait for that report from an analyst or IT, that’ll be ready tomorrow, they need to make a decision now. But they’re not willing to use the complex analytical tools, they want something simple, user friendly, that doesn’t require any analytical background.And you know what - almost every BI vendor claims they have a simple BI solution, but I promise you today – you’ll see something totally different. We did not delete any functionality to make it simple for business users, instead – we developed an intelligent engine that does all the work for the business users behind the scenes. So with a simple click of the button the BI system can run complex algorithms in the background, without the user knowing about it.
  • The next trend that is especially now highlighted by Gartner and Forrester analysts – Collaboration. This is how we’re making our daily decisions today – on tripadvisor, facebook, linkedin, so enterprise applications are starting to embed those popular social features to allow collaborative work.
  • It’s no longer a secret that by crowdsourcing, you can get better decisions and faster.
  • But the way people collaborate in BI today is through email. Everyonerecognizes it’s very inefficient, but it’s available and we’re comfortable with it.Most organizations also don’t have a good idea of what best practice is around business intelligence because we don’t document it and don’t go back and look at it again.We believe that Collaborative BI couldallow people to make better decisions much more quickly by bringing in all the relevant resources and also to document that.
  • Business intelligence is the hub for ideas sharing and decision making, so at Panorama we believe that BI should be first application to enable collaboration, allowing conversation to drive consensus and improve understanding across the enterprise.
  • There’s one more trend that analysts are starting to talk about – the contextual data discovery. Again, in the consumer world – we all love amazon, that recommends the most relevant books for you to read, or linkedin that suggests the most relevant people for you to connect to. Even google and bing are now trying to personalize the information for you. And according to Gartner – by 2014 , 30% of analytical applications will use proactive, predictive and forecasting capabilities.
  • We live in the era of data explosion that’s caused by Cloud Computing, Rise of Mobility, Globalization, Social Media, Machine Data, Web Logs, Sensor Networks, and so on and so forth. 8 years from now – there will be 35 zettabytes of data! So imagine how much time it will require to try and analyze it using the tools you have today.
  • And while the data is growing, the decision window is narrowing down. So lots of data needs to be digested quickly, or it risks being irrelevant. You need to make a decision faster than your competitors do.So what everyone is trying to figure out is – how do I shorten the time from Data to Action
  • Well, when you have a world of Data, you need a better Compass!If we bring contextual discovery into BI, the system will understand the user and it will know what’s the right data to suggest to the user. Instead of users searching for insights and reports, the reports will find the user. Instead of teaching the user what are the right questions to ask, the system will create patterns, based on the user profile and the data that he reviewed, and suggest the relevant information to the user. And it might sound like magic, but many consumer applications are already doing it, so it’s about time the enterprise world picks up!
  • So let me introduce to you now – Panorama Necto, a Business Intelligence BI 3.0 solution that’s based on 3 pillars – Social, Contextual and of course Advanced Analytics for those power users, all in a simple, self-service environment for the business users.
  • So let’s now switch gears and do a quick demo of Panorama Necto, and then we’ll show you a success story of a leading aircraft developing company that’s utilizing this BI 3.0 solution worldwide.
  • Of course, IAI is not the only customer enjoying the benefits of Necto, Panorama has over 1,600 customers worldwide, across multiple industries – from retail, manufacturing, to media, financial services and others.So this concludes our presentation and we’ll now open the floor for the Q&A. And while I’m answering questions, here’s a quick quest for you. You can login to Necto right now – registration will only take you a few seconds and here’s a quick scenario for you to follow and really try the power of self-service and contextual BI in action.
  • Enhance your microsoft bi stack to drive business user adoption slide share

    1. 1. Enhance Your Microsoft BI Stack to Drive Business User Adoption
    2. 2. #1 - Business Users Driven Self-Service Applications
    3. 3. #2 - Social and Collaborative Applications
    4. 4. Collaboration gets better decisions more quickly
    5. 5. Collaboration today is ineffective
    6. 6. Data Enabled Collaborative Decision Making
    7. 7. #3 - Personalizationand Contextual Discovery
    8. 8. Data Explosion EraIn 2012 - 2720 ExabytesIn 2015 - 7910 ExabytesBy 2020 - 35 Zettabytes
    9. 9. Shrinking Decision Window
    10. 10. Contextual Data Discovery –the only way to be productive in Big Data Analysis
    11. 11. Panorama Necto TM Business Intelligence 3.0ADVANCED ANALYTICS Easy-to-use analytics for business users and advanced analytical SOCIAL BI capabilities for power users Engaging platform for collaborative decision making Self Service CONTEXTUAL DISCOVERY Intelligent BI engine thatautomatically pushes relevant insights by understanding user’s behavior
    12. 12. Demonstration
    13. 13. Over 1,800 customers worldwideFinancial Services Manufacturing Healthcare Retail & Distribution Telecom, Media & Entertainment
    14. 14. Try Necto Live Now! Login to Necto - www.panorama.com/live-trial-request/ Find Workboard “Excel Demo” (Use Search Option on the Top Right) Identify another underperforming line of products (Use One-Click Insight Button) Investigate the possible reasons for the drop in sales (Use Cause & Effect Feature) Answer the question: Who would you contact next in order to resolve the issue? Store Chain Manager Online Retail Manager Direct Marketing Manager (Catalog Sales)
    15. 15. Live BI 3.0 Quest One Click Insight Cause and Effect Feature
    16. 16. Live Q & A info@panorama.com @PanoramaSW Business Intelligence News (Page) Business Intelligence 3.0 Hub (Group) http://www.panorama.com/resources/bi-blog/