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Panorama Software has offered seamless, out of the box integration with Microsoft technologies for many years, but with the latest release of SQL Server 2012 and recent release of Panorama Necto we not only integrate but extend and enhance the Microsoft platform with Business Intelligence 3.0.

Join us for a free webinar to learn how you can enhance Microsoft BI Stack with Social BI capabilities and Contextual Data Discovery and find out how:
•Enhance SQL Server 2012 – the best platform for Business Intelligence 3.0
•Utilize both In-Memory and OLAP technologies simultaneously
•Enable contextual data discovery within your database
•Integrate Microsoft (SQL Server, SharePoint, Azure) products into unique ultimate BI suite with Necto
•Make BI fast and simple with a unified Self Service interface and automated intelligence

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Enhance Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack

  1. 1. Enhance Your Microsoft BI Stack
  2. 2. Panorama & MicrosoftGold ISV & Gold BI Microsoft PartnerOriginal developer OLAP, sold to Microsoft in 1996Panorama is the primary BI application designed exclusively forthe Microsoft platform#1 OLAP analytical toolCustomer rank Panorama Top 5 for OLAP, scorecard, and TCO75% of customers report use as BI Standard — the highest ofany vendorThousands of enterprise customers worldwide
  3. 3. Advanced Analytics Slice and dice Drill-ups, drill-downs and drill-throughs Advanced filtering Simple and bubble up exceptions Formulas and parameters Instant calculated members Sliding filters Interactive Charting One click interactive reporting Large dimension handling Advanced MDX and DAX tools Joint Analytics on multiple sources Add sources of data on the fly And much, much more
  4. 4. What are we all about? Panorama is leading the Business Intelligence 3.0 RevolutionWith Social, Contextual and Advanced Analytics optimised & integrated to the Microsoft platform (SQL12, SharePoint, Office, Lync) Traditional BI Social & Contextual BI NECTO™ is a socially enabled BI system, which is context aware so it anticipates your needs and automatically pushes relevant information in real time. “The company who invented OLAP now reinvent BI”
  5. 5. SQL 2012 - Ultimate BI Suite SQL 2012 is the best platform for BI 3.0 SQL 2012 allows Necto to provide faster results with better accuracy Necto is the perfectly designed to reap the benefits of SQL 2012 (out-of-the-box) Necto delivers BI 3.0 capabilities: social, contextual and advanced analytics in a self service framework Necto allows for smooth transition for users from SQL 2008 to SQL 2012 Necto utilizes SQL 2012 capabilities to the fullest – utilizing In- memory, DAX & PowerView Necto utilizes both In-memory and OLAP together Necto ties in external users who work with you
  6. 6. Enhance SharePoint Utilize Necto right from within SharePoint Enhance SharePoint with true Social Business Intelligence Make relevant insights discoverable right in the What’s New Feed Connect Structured Data to Unstructured
  7. 7. Panorama Extends PowerPivotData Security LayerPowerful yet Simple Web-based AnalyticsEasy Way to CreateOperational DashboardsRich Data Visualizations(i.e. treemaps)A Complete End-to-End BISolution
  8. 8. Necto in the cloud Provide private cloud solution for various scenarios Use persistent VM Role with installation of SQL Server SSAS Necto Optionally, store all data on Azure storage disk drive Use Necto users, or domain users via ADFS
  9. 9. End-to-End BI Suite Intuitive & Interactive for Business Users Social Automated WorkBoardsAnalytics Intelligence InsightsReporting KPI’s Visuals Office (i.e treemaps) Integration Complete Web-based experience
  10. 10. Demonstration
  11. 11. Panorama NectoTM BI 3.0: Build Your Corporate IntelligenceADVANCED ANALYTICS Easy-to-use analytics for business users and advanced analytical SOCIAL BI capabilities for power users Engaging platform for collaborative decision making Self Service CONTEXTUAL DISCOVERY Intelligent BI engine thatautomatically pushes relevant insights by understanding user’s behavior
  12. 12. Contextual Discovery INTERESTS GRAPH - Tags - Likes - VisitsSOCIAL GRAPH- Friending- Discussions- Annotations DATA - Insights - Exceptions - Models
  13. 13. True Self Service Users can create their own Workboards or easily find the WB they should work on With Necto and SQL 2012 you can easily add your own sources of information and connect them to the organizational data for better and deeper insight
  14. 14. Communication is key to improving user adoption in BI
  15. 15. The Power of Many
  16. 16. Social BI Work collaboratively for better and faster insights and decision making Create add-hoc teams to discuss subjects at hand Add unstructured knowledge layer Follow other’s work Include internal and external users Integrate with SharePoint’s social world Enables you to work in an ever evolving data generation
  17. 17. One Necto, Any deviceOne intuitive interface forany device (desktop, laptop,tablet or handheld) usingvirtualization technologyManaged and secureaccessFree of any additionalcharges
  18. 18. Panorama Necto ArchitectureSelf-Service On Any Device Applicationand Delivery Web Access Social BI Contextual discovery Advanced Analytics Necto BI 3.0 Engaging platform allowing Intelligent BI engine that Easy-to-use analytics for Intelligence Layer users to use, work and share automatically pushes relevant business users and advanced data for collaborative insights by understanding user analytical capabilities for decision making behavior power usersData Modeling Universal Data SQL OLAP PowerPivot SQL In Memory Connector Pre-Structured User Added Data Sources Other Excel Reporting Web Applications SQL Databases Files Services Services
  19. 19. Panorama extends Microsoft platformThe only BI tool specifically designed for the MS Platform Advanced analytical tools for the power users Ability to spread BI to the masses through innovative interface & integration with Office and SharePoint Innovative ways to create and manage OLAP cubes automatically Native support for MS PowerPivot, in-memory platform, making it enterprise ready Empowering SharePoint with Social Intelligence Making Analysis Services the strongest Data platform available today with Necto automatic analytics capabilities and cause & effect algorithms Expanding the use of Analysis Services with relevancy mechanisms
  20. 20. Social BI(With SQL 2012, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint webpartOffice & Lync) Lync Excel Services Reporting Services SharePoint My Site & Discussions Performance Point Services PowerView Lync
  21. 21. Aligned with Microsoft BI OfferingFirst partner to fully support SQL 2012 platformServer, PowerView) on the release dayEmpowering SharePoint with Social BI Integrated with SharePoint Fast Search Context archiving in SharePoint Connect structured data from Analysis Services to unstructured data from SharePointAvailable on Azure platformWin 7 Mobile application
  22. 22. Claude Lorenson,Director of SQL Server Marketing at Microsoft Corp: ―Panorama has been a strategic Microsoft partner and continually adds innovation on top of the Microsoft platform. This new release will bring to market an end-to-end BI solution that combines the best of Microsoft SQL Server, Office Excel 2010 and SharePoint 2010 with Panorama, and will ultimately transform the landscape of business intelligence as we know it.‖
  23. 23. Over 1,600 customers worldwideFinancial Services Manufacturing Healthcare Retail & Distribution Telecom, Media & Entertainment
  24. 24. Live Q & A info@panorama.com PanoramaSW Name: Business Intelligence News Panorama Software www.panorama.com/industry-news