Deploy PowerPivot Enterprise Wide

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Learn more about PowePivot, Microsoft's new in-memory engine, and how you can extend it with advanced analytics and a data security layer for enterprise wide deployment.

Learn more about PowePivot, Microsoft's new in-memory engine, and how you can extend it with advanced analytics and a data security layer for enterprise wide deployment.

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  • 1. Unleash the Power of PowerPivot
    in Your Enterprise
  • 2. PowerPivot
    Derek Comingore
    SQL Server MVP
    Principal Architect
  • 3. What is PowerPivot
    Microsoft’s upcoming Managed Self-Service BI product
  • 4. Why use PowerPivot
    • “Ante to Play” Features
    • 5. On-the-fly Analytics
    • 6. Information Worker Environments
    • 7. Multi-Sourcing of Data
    • 8. Increasing Value with Shared Insights
    • 9. Above-and-Beyond Features
    • 10. Remarkable Performance with In-Memory
    • 11. Rich Visual Filters
    • 12. Best in Class Expression Language
    • 13. Encourages Managed Usage
  • Microsoft OLAP Landscape for 2010
  • 14. PowerPivot Enterprise-Ready Needs
    • Data Security Layer
    • 15. Powerful yet Simple Web-based Analytics
    • 16. Expanded Data Visualizations
    • 17. Embed Personal Insights Across the Enterprise
    • 18. A Complete End-to-End BI Solution
  • Claude Lorenson, Director of SQL Server Marketing at Microsoft Corp.
    "For the last 14 years, Panorama has been a strategic Microsoft partner and continually adds innovation on top of the Microsoft platform. This new release will bring to market an end-to-end BI solution that combines the best of Microsoft SQL Server, Office Excel 2010 and SharePoint 2010 with Panorama’s NovaView suite, and will ultimately transform the landscape of business intelligence as we know it.”
  • 19. DeployingPowerPivotEnterpriseWide
    Shimon Shlevich
    Product Manager
    Panorama Software
  • 20. Enhancement # 1 –
  • 21. Enhance OLAP Security
    Make PowerPivot available for Teams,
    Departments and Enterprise
    • Add a unified SQL Server Analysis Services & PowerPivot data (dimension/member) security layer with NovaView
    • 22. Enable domain (AD) and non-domain users connect to the same model, where every person can see his own portion of the data
    • 23. Technology: query level security in the middle tier
    • 24. Enhancing PowerPivot with data security layer -- making PowerPivot enterprise-ready
  • Enhancement # 2 –
    more BI functionality
  • 25. Advanced Analytics
    Closing the gap to Analysis Services functionality
    • Give more power to the analysts:
    • 26. Smart exceptions
    • 27. Instant calculations
    • 28. Additional data formatting
    • 29. Fully interactive, with Slice & Dice and Drag & Drop
    • 30. and much more!
    • 31. Optimized for PowerPivot models:
    • 32. Efficiently handling flat and large dimensions
    • 33. Innovative data search for faster navigation of the flat dimensions
    • 34. Same web-based, intuitive and powerful multi-dimensional analysis tools on top of PowerPivot models just as on top of Analysis Services
  • A Complete BI Solution
    Give more BI capabilities to the users
    Office Integration
    Panorama NovaView is the only End-to-End BI suite on PowerPivot today
  • 35. Enhancement # 3 –
    ultimate self-service BI
  • 36. Ultimate Self-Service BI
    Publish & Share
    • User-friendly client
    • 37. Web based
    • 38. Same tools for Relational, Analysis Services and PowerPivot
    • 39. SharePoint integration
    • 40. Connect to any model
    • 41. Create your own views
    No other software, IT involvement or installations are required
  • 42. SharePoint Integration
  • 43. PowerPivot & SQL Server
  • 44. NovaView for MS Office 2010
    MS Office Clients
    Flash Analytics
    Smart Report
    Exec. Dashboards
    NovaView Server
    • Business Logic
    • 45. Unified Data Security Model
    PowerPivot answers your ‘unknown’ questions
    Analysis Services answers your ‘known’ questions
  • 46. Learn more about Panorama
    Get in touch with us:
    Follow us on Twitter:
    Join us on Facebook:
    Subscribe to Panorama’s blog:
  • 47. Additional Resources
    See a demo of Panorama for PowerPivot:
    Read a datasheet:
    Check our website for more updates on PowerPivot: