Business Intelligence Meets Big Data Variety


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The webcast will discuss how to:
- Turn static reports from traditional BI platforms (SAP, Cognos, Oracle, etc.) into dynamic reports
- Connect to Corporate BI platform and unstructured data sources in one view
- Model data in a self-service and web-based environment using in-memory technology
- Analyze data using suggestive and automated insights
- Collaborate with recommended colleagues on the data cell level

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  • (Going through the bullets) Here is one quote I real likeThe two reasons why I love this quote are:It clearly states that we are different than everything else in the market, and to be honest, as innovators in BI, we believe that most of the other tools are “broken” and old fashioned. Second, Insight is aimed at Business users… not just IT. as IT organizations our role is not “to keep up with the business”, but to “lead the business” and anticipate their needs before their even arise. With Necto, IT organizations give business users the tools to improve their operations…
  • We have customers across multiple industries from FS, manufacturing, retail to healthcare, telco and others. And I’m sure you recognize a lot of brand names here. The usage of Necto is also wide, So for example Citi group use us to consolidate massive amount of financial data and provide insightful dashboard for their corporate customers. UBS use us for Risk management (such as market risk, credit risk and even operational risk)Dell uses us for their maintenance programs in an extranet environment, And Philiphsmorris… just want to sell you more cigarettes… and have you smoke some more So to offset that, we cater the larget health provider in Australia, Queensland health, to analyze their services provided to millions of users… 
  • To understand that – let’s have a look at the biggest BI challenge companies facing today:IT still relies on standards-based Corporate BI to control the single version of the truth. They still do all the analysis, generate reports and then distribute them to business users. But the information is changing so quickly and the decision window is getting smaller and smaller, so business users demand more control and they are looking at different data discovery tools that can offer them easy data exploration, visualization and collaboration. And when they go find those separate data discovery tools, what happens is that they create different islands of information that exist in silos and cannot be shared with other departments, creating a big mess that’s difficult for IT to manage and control.
  • Panorama Necto bridges the gap between Corporate BI and Data Discovery and brings the best of both worlds.On one hand, it’s a scalable, robust, and secure BI solution and on the other hand – it allow users the flexibility and agility that Data Discovery tools offer.
  • How do we do that? By giving users a Business Intelligence 3.0 solution that enables them to perform all their BI activities – data modeling, analysis, dashboarding, collaboration – though a single web based UI.By empowering each user with the best tools, Panorama Necto dramatically improves the speed, performance and the quality of work that needs to be accomplished at each step of the decision making process – Connect, Explore Collaborate.
  • Necto has a unique recommendation engine that tracks, analyzes and creates links between data, user profiles, user interests and other user behaviors. Based on these patterns, Necto suggests relevant information automatically to users, helping them to:- Find relevant data through Relevant Recommendations at the modeling level- It helps users Explore relevant insights through automated insights, cause and effect scenarios and recommendations- And it enables Collaboration with the right people: Necto’s Find people capability helps users in large organizations find people relevant to the issue and collaborate with them in context
  • Today BI is used mostly on your corporate BI data. This is good …but can be much better . Data exists in many shape and forms within you organization,: Unstructured, semi-structured , relational and more. Using all this data, will significantly enhance the ability of any organization to provide better analysis and ultimately better business decisions. The Datawatch –Panorama solution allows us to use any data source for BI purposes.So not only that we consolidate the different data source into an holistic in-memory model, we also transform the data into a very insightful process of decision making,
  • So the architecture is very simple. You guys already know Datawatch very well. you might connected to PDF reports, or to static reports coming out of your SAP R3 deployment. Now we urge you to connect also to other reports which are coming from BI systems like Cognos, Business Objects and make them super interactive and insightful with Necto. Also, as Necto provides relationals connectors to any data source, and a full in-memory modeling capacity, any business user can connect to the DW originated data, as well as other data source and mash them up on the fly to drive business decisions. To botton line: Datawatch –Panorama solution will allow you to use any corporate data from any source and make it interactive – all the in one single workboard
  • Let’s take a look at a customer’s work board ( go over the date sources)Now, let’s take a closer look at a customer that implemented the solution recently. The customer, big Insurance company operating out of Europe and the middle east, was straggling to provide its management team the data needed for the weekly management meeting . The data included regulator data (which was provided in PDF) , claims information that comes from BO report ( using DW) HR info from EXCEL and other such as real time information published in the web So they used DW to connect to all the semi structured data like the PDF reports from the regulator and the BOBJ reports coming from the SAP R/3 and they used Necto to mash it up with data coming from relational and OLAP data sources. They put it all in one-model and created a single workboard with “one version of the truth”. Now, the management gets a very interactive and insightful data and can collaborate to make better decisions.
  • So to sum up todays presentations, with Necto – you can give your users self-service capabilities to move faster from data to action, yet in secure environment that is managed by IT. With contextual discovery and guided analytics, you help users focus on the relevant, which is becoming more & more important as the data is growing exponentially and users are drowning in it. By deploying a Collaborative BI – you crowdsource your decisions which greatly increases the quality and speed of decisions and makes BI much more impactful and even viral.
  • With that, let me switch gears and invite Mr. James Baker, Customer Success Manager with Panorama Software, to give you a quick demo of the latest release of Panorama Necto and its capabilities.
  • Business Intelligence Meets Big Data Variety

    1. 1. Bring Data Variety to BI 3.0The Emergence of Information OptimizationBen Plummer - DatawatchChief Marketing Officer & SVP of Strategic AlliancesMike Delgado - PanoramaVice President of Sales, Services and AlliancesJames Baker - PanoramaCustomer Success ManagerDoug Ellis - DatawatchChannel Enablement DirectorMay 2013
    2. 2. • Datawatch Information Optimization• Panorama BI 3.0• Bringing Data Variety to BI 3.0Demonstration• Next StepsAgenda
    3. 3. Datawatch Today Founded in 1986 Public since 1992 NASDAQ CM: DWCH Pioneers in transforming semi-structured data intoinformation Offices in US, UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore and thePhilippines Over 125 Resellers Partnerships in 75 Countries Over 40,000 customers worldwide 99 of the Fortune 100 and 487 of the Fortune 500 use oursolutions Vertical and horizontal Solutions Financial Services (2,000+ banks; 500+ credit unions) Healthcare (3,000+ hospitals / organizations) Manufacturing, retail and government3
    4. 4. ANew Paradigm!Information OptimizationDelivers Data VarietyInformation Optimization solutions allow organizations todeliver any data, to every application, across theentire enterprise to improve their business processesand deliver analytical insight.4
    5. 5. UsingAll Your DataAssets• All Data• Any Time• Every SourceDimensionalECM SystemsUnstructuredRelationalSemi-structured
    6. 6. Power of Data Variety to BI6StructuredDataSourcesUnstructured Data• Machine Data• Log FilesSemi-structured Data• Reports• PDF Files• EDI Stream• Routers• Switches• Sensors• Invoices• Mainframes• External Sources• Dashboards• Reports• Analytical Products
    7. 7. 360 Degree View or BI 3.07
    8. 8. Datawatch Solution8
    9. 9. ReportingAudi Japan9• CFO & Sales Operations14 SAP SystemsVarious other Semi-structured SourcesDashboardReporting– 4 Month ROI– Reduced Costly Data Warehouse Project– Proved Value to Fund Larger DeploymentCentralDB/DWs
    10. 10. Data Variety is the key…• Terabytes• Records• Transaction• Tables. files• Batch• Near Time• Real Time• Streaming• Structured• Unstructured• Semi-structured• All of the aboveVolumeVelocity Variety3 Vs ofBig DataBig Data Business IntelligenceDimensionalApplicationsUnstructuredRelationalSemi-structured
    11. 11. Panorama NectoMaking static data interactive
    12. 12. About Panorama SoftwareThe company that invented OLAP and sold it toMicrosoft18 years of innovations in the BI industryWon multiple awards (SQL Server ProMagazine, Stevie® Award, Microsoft IMPACTaward)Covered in BI Magic Quadrant by Gartner, BIWave by Forrester, Wisdom of Crowds byDresner Advisory reports“Necto does seem genuinely different from most self-service BIapplications aimed at business users out there.”Panorama takes a cue from social media in Necto BI offering
    13. 13. Over 2,000 customers worldwideFinancial Services Manufacturing Healthcare Retail & Distribution Telco, Media &Entertainment
    14. 14. How is Panorama Necto differentfrom other BI solutions?
    15. 15. Corporate BI Data Discovery• Data Modeling• Scalability• InteroperabilityData ExplorationSelf-ServiceCollaborationBiggest BI challenge companies face today
    16. 16. Corporate BI Data DiscoveryCollaborationNecto brings the best of Corporate BI & Data Discovery• Data Exploration• Self-Service• Collaboration• Data Modeling• Scalability• Interoperability
    17. 17. Panorama NectoUnified web-based UI for all your BI needs Data mashup in oneview Industry standard in-memory engine Self-service modelingfor all user profiles Single point of contactfor data management Designed forenterprise deploymentConnect Explore Collaborate Analytics for all usertypes Interactive UI Dynamic dashboards Guided analysis Advanced analyticsfor analysts Collaboration oninsights Context sensitivediscussions andannotations One version of thetruth in a secure &managed environment
    18. 18. BIRecommendationEngineCollaboratewith the rightpeopleExplorerelevantinsightsConnect torelevantdataContextual DiscoveryFocus on what’s relevant to you
    19. 19. BusinessDecisionsMaking static, dull data interactiveUnstructuredSemi-structuredDimensionalRelationalApplications360º view
    20. 20. ArchitectureFlat FilesApplicationsWebServices
    21. 21. Panorama + DatawatchFrom a static reportDynamic Social & Contextual WorkboardTOBOBJ Datawatch Necto
    22. 22. BOBJ Datawatch NectoBO published in PDF format
    23. 23. BOBJ Datawatch Necto
    24. 24. BOBJ Datawatch NectoOnce we uploaded BOBJ static report into Necto, we wereable to Get the full BI3.0 experience:Ability to annotate, collaborate, easily add sliders and selectionbuttons, get automated insights etc.Necto Modeling:Necto Workboard:
    25. 25. One view of different sources of data consolidated in oneBI3.0 workboard (with social & contextual capabilities)The Outcome:Dynamic Social & Contextual WorkboardBO Datawatch Necto
    26. 26. Different sources of data consolidated in one BI3.0 workboard(with social & contextual capabilities)
    27. 27. “Taking static reports from the BOBJ platform, combiningthem with Excel files and in just a few clicks making theminteractive and analyzing in one view in Necto is amazing!By incorporating this semi-structured data that we previouslythought were not accessible, we can see a much biggerpicture that will allow us to make more accurate decisionsand make management meetings more effective.”BI Manager, IDI
    28. 28. BI 3.0 BenefitsFocus on therelevantBetter decisionsthroughcrowdsourcingMake BI viral Fast, secureenterprisedeploymentReal time access todata anywhere yougoSelf-service fromany data to action
    29. 29. DemonstrationDatawatch + Panorama Necto
    30. 30. Next StepsContact Datawatch or Panorama to arrange an onsiteDemonstration or Proof of Concept:sales@datawatch.cominfo@panorama.comDownload 30 Day trial version of:Datawatch Monarch Professional – www.datawatch.comPanorama Necto – www.panorama.comGo to and download our whitepaper“Developing a Complete Analytics Strategy, Filling the ContentBlind Spot!”Learn more about Panorama Necto –