Bi 3.0 social knowledge sharing will transform your organization


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While the benefits of social knowledge sharing are evident and measurable in the consumer world, organizations are still faced with the challenge of applying the same principles to business processes.

With Business Intelligence 3.0, the analytics world is about to shift gears and enable organizations to embrace the power of Social Intelligence in the decision making process. That leaves top managers and IT departments to determine the best way to integrate a Collaborative environment into the existing corporate culture.

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Bi 3.0 social knowledge sharing will transform your organization

  1. 1. BI 3.0 Revolution: Social, Relevant, Self-ServiceBI 3.0: How Social Knowledge Sharing Will Transform Your Organization
  2. 2. In the past, it would take you forever to find the information needed..
  3. 3. You had to know what exactly to look for and where to look for it.
  4. 4. Then Web 2.0 was born…
  5. 5. The World became Social
  6. 6. Instead of spending hours on research, we collaborate with others to find and share information.
  7. 7. Our Social Intelligence allows smart engines tocreate patterns & deliver relevant information to us without even searching for it.
  8. 8. Yet in business environment, nothing has changed.
  9. 9. Traditional BI did not deliver on its promised value
  10. 10. Analytical tools are still too complicated for business users to use
  11. 11. IT & analysts are swamped with requests to generate reports
  12. 12. Data insights get lostoutside of the BI system
  13. 13. “40 % of major business decisions are not based oninformation generated from reporting and analytics.” Accenture survey “Competing Through Analytics”
  14. 14. Business Intelligence 3.0 Revolution
  15. 15. “In corporations with more than 500 employees, thenumber of information workers using social networkingplatforms will almost double between 2009 and 2014.” Unisys and IDC study
  16. 16. 67% of CIO’s said that improving employeeproductivity would be a major focus in 2011. CIO magazine, survey determining CIO priorities in 2011
  17. 17. TM Panorama Necto“Social BI has been taken to another levelwith the introduction of Panorama Necto from BI solutions provider Panorama Software. The new solution takes the social aspect of collaborative analytics farther than any other product on the market.”
  18. 18. #1 - Bringing RELEVANCY to BI
  19. 19. Automatically deliver relevant, contextual insights
  20. 20. In one click identify a problem, in another - find the root cause of that problem
  21. 21. # 2 - DrivingSOCIAL INTELLIGENCE in BI
  22. 22. Collaborate where the data is
  23. 23. All discussions, notes & threads arecontextually recorded around the data for future reference & analysis.
  24. 24. Making History
  25. 25. Enable automated mentoring by giving users the ability to subscribe and follow their colleagues inside the BI application
  26. 26. #3 - Making it truly SELF-SERVICE
  27. 27. Make powerful analysis simple:No training or IT involvement is needed
  28. 28. Easily connect structured data from thedatabase & unstructured data from twitter, wikipedia, search engines, etc.
  29. 29. Necto Demonstration
  30. 30. Redesigning The Corporate Culture
  31. 31. Engaging Business Users into the Process of Fast Decision Making
  32. 32. BI is a core in a Social Transformation of the Corporate Culture
  33. 33. BI 3.0 to Unite Teams giving them a real weapon for the Competitive War
  34. 34. User Scenarios
  35. 35. Empowering field organizations Challenge “As a VP Sales, most of my team are remote and in the field, I need them to have tools for discovery and collaboration between themselves and HQ.” Solution • Collaborative decision making platform to find the right insight and people quickly Benefits • Increased customer satisfaction James Madden – • Increased revenue per customer VP Sales • Decreased idle time and operational costs
  36. 36. Empowering Sales & Operations planning Challenge “As a VP Operation, my task is to synchronize the key stakeholders in the sales and operation planning process, ensuring an efficient supply chain and delivery .” Solution • Social intelligence helps us align the relevant members & engage in cross functional discussions Benefits • Efficient supply chain processGarry Jones – • On time delivery according to planVP Ops • Learning from past mistakes, improving our process after each collaborative meeting
  37. 37. Empowering Ad-hoc project teams Challenge “We are tasked to deal with a key integration project, consolidating data from the enterprise, analyzing it and making decisions on the best path forward.” Solution • We sit in different offices, homes, and different time zones, social intelligence increased our productivity. Benefits • We successfully used the power of collectiveGail Sanders – Team LeaderBen Spencer – Team Member intelligence to make better decisions.Julie Cohen – Team member • All the data, context and process is kept in theSandy Gibson – Team member system helping the enterprise grow it’s corporate intelligence.
  38. 38. Necto End-to-End BI Suite Intuitive & Interactive for Business Users Social Automated WorkBoardsAnalytics Intelligence InsightsReporting KPI’s Visuals Office (i.e treemaps) Integration Complete Web-based experience
  39. 39. “The top 10 vendors accounted for 72% of the overall market in 2010, with four vendors - MicroStrategy, Oracle, Panorama Software, and QlikTech - outperforming the market in terms of year-over-year growth. ”
  40. 40. Over 1,600 customers worldwideFinancial Services Manufacturing Healthcare Retail & Distribution Telecom, Media & Entertainment
  41. 41. Live Q & A Get in touch: Follow us on Twitter: Panorama Software on Facebook: Panorama Software on Linkedin: BI Industry News: