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04 necto analytics_basics_ready


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Necto TrainingModule 4: NectoBasic Analytics
  • 2. Objectives By the end of this lesson you will be able to perform basic analytics by: Adjusting the workboard display Selecting which data will be displayed Locating exceptional values
  • 3. Agenda Working with grids Adjusting the layout Calculating totals Focusing on specific data Slicing Selecting specific members Finding exceptions and using automated insight Working with charts
  • 4. Case Study How can this view help me prepare the drinks inventory for the summer months?
  • 5. Grids and Charts Click to configure layoutChart Drag to adjust displayGrid
  • 6. Working with Grids
  • 7. Grid Layout X axis X axis dimension dimensionY axis name membersdimension/sname/sY axis Measuresdimension Operations are revealed by mousemembers hovering. • Dimension operations • Member operations • Grid operations
  • 8. Rotating the Grid Axes (Pivoting)
  • 9. Drilling Up or DownUse UseTo drill up To drill down
  • 10. Dimensions Menu Click to access dimensions menuAdd (nest) /removedimensionsfrom chart Use to open hierarchy in a single click
  • 11. Dimension Layout Shows the Sets all parent value members into one level
  • 12. Showing Totals and Sub Totals Total of ALL members of the dimension Total of selected (displayed) members only See how it works when I have more than one dimension on the Y axis
  • 13. Sum of Individual Members I need to know the sales in the summer months: 6, 7, 8. They are not in the same Quarter. How can I calculate their sum?
  • 14. Members Menu
  • 15. Member’s Menu - Formulas1. Select member toapply the formula to.Use CTRL for 3. Enter a name formultiple selection the formula 2. From the members 4. Formula results are menu – select formula added to the grid type
  • 16. Defining the grid size
  • 17. Saving Your Work Don’t forget to save your changes!
  • 18. Exercise 1– Working with Grids Rotating the axis (pivoting) Drilling up and down Adding and removing dimensions Dimension layout options Don’t forget to save Grand total and sub total your changes! Using formulas
  • 19. Focusing on Specific Data
  • 20. Focusing on Specific Data I only need to know how many Slicing units of drinks have been sold in Q3. Selecting specific Can I see only part of the data? members Hiding specific members
  • 21. Selecting Members – Using theMember MenuClick members to select. Use Click arrow to openCTRL for multiple selection. members menu Can choose to hide or show only selected members Select adds a filter sign, that can be clicked to reveal hidden members Hide has no indication Use Hide menu to reveal members
  • 22. Selecting Members – Using the Dimensions Menu Now only Q2 of 1997 will appear on the gridA filter indicator will appear.Click it to remove filter.
  • 23. Selecting Members – Using theDimensions Menu When unchecked, Allows drill down shows parents: option Year.1997.Q2 to be available
  • 24. Slicing - Filtering data by DimensionMembers Click to slice data When maximized,Move the mouse over a filter only relevant filtersname - relevant views will be will be displayedhighlighted
  • 25. Slicing Selected filters You can select multiple members from are displayed here different dimensionsClick to slicedataSelected filtersare displayed inthe parenthesis Search for a member within the dimensionSelect adimension anda member tofilter by Click to Apply
  • 26. Exercise 2 – Concentrating on SpecificData Select Dimension members Select values Slice (filter) the data
  • 27. Sorting and Ranking
  • 28. Examining Values In what months do we sell the most? Sorting Ranking values
  • 29. Member’s Menu – Sort by Sort by selected Switch sort order member ascending or descending Remove sort and return to original order
  • 30. Member’s Menu – Rank by Indication that grid has been filtered and sorted Sort – sorts all values Rank –sorts and filters
  • 31. Member’s Menu – Rank by – Filter byValue… Dimension level to apply filter to
  • 32. Exercise 3 – Sorting, Ranking andUsing automated Insights Sort Rank
  • 33. Working with Charts
  • 34. Charts How can I visualize my data? Now I can clearly see that food is the major contributor to my store sales
  • 35. What does the Chart Display?Chartlegend Move mouse over bar to see details The Chart displays selected values Select using drag and CTRL Selection can include only members of the same hierarchy level
  • 36. Chart Component Types External Chart. In this case data isView Component. based on selection inPart of same view as grid grid
  • 37. View Component Chart-Types Stacked Area Pareto
  • 38. View Component Chart – Drilling Upor Down Double click to drill down Shift - Double click to drill up
  • 39. View Component Chart - Actions
  • 40. View Component Chart- Second Y Axis Second Y axis
  • 41. View Component Chart- Display as Line or BarFor each member,you can select todisplay as bar or line
  • 42. Chart Component More chart types 3d Mode
  • 43. Exercise 4 – Working with Charts Selecting Data to display in Chart Changing Chart Types Changing Chart Properties Drilling, Slicing, and Dicing a Chart
  • 44. Additional Exercise Save Your Own Copy of the Workboard Find Out What Product Category is the Best Seller Use the Chart to Find the Product That is The Best Seller this Year Find Exceptions
  • 45. Summary Working with grids Adjusting the layout Calculating totals of values Focusing on specific data Slicing Selecting specific members Working with charts
  • 46. Thank youAny Questions?